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Wuthering Heights You can find the redesigned cover of this edition HEREThis best selling Norton Critical Edition is based on the 1847 first edition of the novel For the Fourth Edition the editor has collated the 1847 text with several modern editions and has corrected a number of variants including accidentals The text is accompanied by entirely new explanatory annotationsNew to the fourth Edition are twelve of Emily Bronte's letters regarding the publication of the 1847 edition of Wuthering Heights as well as the evolution of the 1850 edition prose and poetry selections by the author four reviews of the novel and poetry selections by the author four reviews of the novel and Edward Chitham's insightful and informative chronology of the creative process behind the beloved workFive major critical interpretations of Wuthering Heights are included three of them new to the Fourth Edition A Stuart Daley considers the importance of chronology in the novel J Hillis Miller examines Wuthering Heights's problems of genre and critical reputation Sandra M Gilbert assesses the role of Victorian Christianity plays in the novel while Martha Nussbaum traces the novel's romanticism Finally Lin Haire Sargeant scrutinizes the role of Heathcliff in film adaptations of Wuthering Heights A Chronology and updated Selected Bibliography are also included

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    This is my favourite book I do not say that lightly I've read uite a lot from all different genres but this is my favourite book Of all time Ever The ladies over at The Readventurer kindly allowed me to get my feelings of utter adoration for Wuthering Heights off my chest in their Year of the Classics feature but I now realise it's time I posted a little

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    I understand why many people hate this book Catherine and Heathcliff are monstrous Monstrous You won't like them because they are unlikable They are irrational self absorbed malicious and pretty much any negative uality you can think a person is capable of possessing without imploding They seek and destroy and act with no thought to conseuence And I find

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    I never expected this book to be as flagrantly unforgivably bad as it wasTo start Bronte's technical choice of narrating the story of the primary characters by having the housekeeper explain everything to a tenant 20 years after it happened completely kills suspense and intimacy The most I can say is that to some extent this functions as a device to help s

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    I've tried it three times I know people are obsessed with it I hate everyone in the book and I just can't care about a book where I actually hate the charactersAnd sure I get the interpretation that as terrible as Heathcliff and Cathy are it's their love that redeems them and isn't that romanticNo

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    Certain novels come to you with pre packaged expectations They just seem to be part of literature's collective unconscious even if they are completely outside of your own cultural referents I for instance who have no particular knowledge of or great love for romantic Anglo Gothic fiction came to Wuthering Heights with the assumption that I was picking up a m

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    all i care about in this goddamn life are me my drums and youif you don't know that uote you're probably too young to be reading this and isn't it past your bedtime or shouldn't you be in school or something?but that uote hyper earnest cheese that is romance wuthering heights is something dangerous than romance it's one long protracted retaliation masueradin

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    Each one who writes to me to insult the book and the readers who love it receives a block a report and a long list of wonderful decorative adjectives If you don't like it it's absolutely your right to do so Insulting us and using derogatory terms just because it doesn't fit your notions of social and ethical issues isn't the way to convince me Goodreads has be

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    Ah the classics Everybody can read their own agenda in them So first a short plot guide for dinner conversations when one needs to fake acculturation and then on to the critics’ view A woman 1 is in love with her non blood brother 2 but marries her neighbor 3 whose sister 4 marries the non blood brother 2; their 13 daughter 5 marries their 24 son 6; meanwhile

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    This is a review I never imagined I’d write This is a book I was convinced I’d love I just have to face the facts Emily is no CharlotteI’m going to start with the positives The characterisation of Heathcliff is incredibly strong He is a man who is utterly tormented by the world As a gypsy boy he is dark skinned and dark haired and to the English this rough

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    If you think that spitefulness is romantic and that people destroying their lives is dramatic go ahead and read this book But don't say I didn't warn you

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