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Transformation This was very unusual The author had a lot of guts to start with a character so powerfully unlikable that the reader wants to kill him on the spot and then try to redeem him in our eyes despite her giving us in detail his most hateful and despicable features of his character It was good having a main character in whom we could give over our trust and that held the reader above water in the most difficult circumstances I had never heard of this author but now she is on my radar and I will definitely get to know her writing better I was truly shocked to read the other reviews and realize that many perceived this as the ueer book that didn't I write gay fiction myself and read tons of it It never even occurred to me in reading this that they might be gay or should be for that matterI think what makes this one of The Best CharacterRelationship books I've ever read is that it doesn't muddle the issue with lust and sex Bravo to Ms Berg for accomplishing it because it's harder to pen such a poignant relationship when you don't have the catalyst and commonality of physical desire That these two men could come from such different realities and the worst kind of power imbalance and forge such a deep meaningful friendship is what I find so moving about them and the book I had no complaints about the plot or worldbuilding They could be better I don't doubt impressive Honestly I'm glad they weren't When I need a dose of sheer emotional connection I come back to this book and read only the parts that show their developing relationship I'd be sorry if that weren't so well developed if there was less of it to enjoy I think a physical relationship would have cheapened it And removed some of the character depth that came from their relationships with others specifically Aleksander's with the woman his father picked for himThis book is so very satisfying both as a fantasy and as a picture of what matters so much in life Re posted from Alright let's get this out the way straight up That first cover is ridiculous And not in a good way I mean who looked at that image of a scantily glad gentlemen with enormous green wings on a cliff top and thought yup perfect I mean the covers for Revelation and Restoration aren't exactly awesome either but compared to 'Transformation' YikesWhich sucks Because I suspect that that cover is bad enough to stop people from reading this book Lord knows it came within an inch of stopping me Which would have been my loss because crap tastic packaging aside these books are surprisingly goodAleksander is the heir to an aggressive conuering empire Seyonne is a once proud warrior turned slave Together they fight crime Ha not really Well actuallyOk so Seyonne's people were this tiny insular culture who have spent centuries waging a secret war against demon kind They were the one thing holding back the hoard until whoops Aleksander's people come along to butcher and enslave them all Good going guysBerg is skilled at presenting complicated things simply She doesn't borrow any established mythology for her demons and demon hunters everything is original to the books And yet I never had any trouble following it or keeping things straight in my head Plus it was very cool which always helps I also felt that the various races in the books didn't model real cultures too heavily which was a refreshing change from most fantasy novels I readThe premise is what grabbed me first though As a slave Seyonne who used to be the best demon killer focuses solely on the present as a way of surviving his slavery Then he ends up being purchased by Aleksander and noticing against his better judgement that Aleksander has some seriously bad ass demon out to get himDoes Seyonne remain true to the precepts he grew up following or will his hate get in the way?The main thing that kept striking me over and over as I read these books is how well done the friendship between Aleksander and Seyonne is All too often in books if a relationship between two characters is focused on it will inevitably become romantic in nature True friendship is a rarer best and I think one harder to pull off But Carol Berg does it in this trilogy and I was mightily impressedBoth characters change considerably over the course of three books and for the most part Berg does not take any easy routes It's not until we reach the very end of the trilogy that I felt things got a little too neat and rainbows but I probably only noticed it because she'd been so unflinchingly realistic up until then I mean odds are a man enslaved for sixteen years is not going to able to fit neatly back into his old home Odds are childhood sweethearts are not going to live happily ever after There are certain things we're used to seeing in fantasy novels certain ways that things tend to play out but Berg rarely follows convention Although please note that while she didn't pull any punches these books by no means fall into the category of dark fantasy I don't know how she pulled it off but all those dark because dark euals reality yo authors might benefit from checking these books outAnd there's one last things I want to give Berg props for You might think as I've only mentioned Seyonne and Aleksander that these are dude heavy books Not so The supporting cast is large and populated with fleshed out three dimensional people and demons and her female characters in particular were very well doneNow all props aside I will say that as enjoyable as I found this trilogy I felt there was a lot of potential that wasn't realised as well By the end I felt there were just too many things going on at once and some story lines were seriously neglected or too hastily wrapped upBut despite that as embarrassing as it might be to be seen reading a book with such an awful cover I really think you should give this trilogy a try Don't think Don't wonder Just go Just do What comes comes and you will survive it or not I read Song of the Beast by Carol Berg a while back and fell in love So I decided to give of her books a try starting with Transformation I wasn't disappointed This book is F A B U L O U SThe plot is deceptively simple DECEPTIVELY being the key word here because this is one of those authors who will make you sure of what's coming and give you the exact opposite in return So don't bet you'll guess how it will all unfold unless you're not fond of your moneyBefore we begin please take note that this book is not a romance You won't find any bromance either in between its pages What you will find however is one of the most intricate and profound human relationships that were ever written Seyonne has been a slave for sixteen years and has lost everything of meaning to him his dignity the people and homeland he loves even the power he once wielded as a Warden of souls to defend an unsuspecting world from the ravages of demons He has made peace with his fate and with strict self discipline he forces himself to exist only in the present moment and to avoid the pain of hope or caringThrough Seyonne you will get to experience the very worst of slavery Pinterest Slave 5e Background DD WikiThrough him you will get to witness and perhaps even feel the degradation of being paraded unclothed before strangers; the humiliation as those strangers touched and probed and joked of things they had no right to; the torment of the Rites of Balthar an unimaginably cruel ritual to strip an Ezzarian of his power; as well as the pain that comes with the destruction of faith hope ideals and honorThrough a first person narrative that reaches straight into your soul you will get to know Seyonne's greatest fears Every moment of my existence carries such a burden of terror you could not imagine it I fear I have no soul I fear there are no gods I fear there is no meaning to the pain I have known I fear I have lost the capacity to love another human being or ever to see goodness in oneAs well as his means of survival We can always bear than we believe possible Don't think Don't wonder Just go Just do What comes comes and you will survive it or not Because in an existence such as his there's little room left for the fear of dying; and absolutely no room left for hopeAfter spending almost half his life in chains Seyonne must now bend his knee to a Derzhi Prince heir to the empire that wiped out his people and destroyed his lifePrince Aleksander This is how he would look to me Pinterest character art in 2019Lean tall handsome and sexy as hell and an absolute bonafide SOB It was astounding how proficiently Aleksander could destroy a friend insult a reputable merchant and cheat an influential baron in a short five minutes And this is just a hint of what our lovely hero can do He would remorselessly punch and kick a defenseless slave to an inch of his death just because of a foul mood; or he will destroy the life of a free man just because he was bored He is a pampered overindulged prissy prick that I really would have liked to see roasted on a spit from the very first chaptersAnd here is where our tale starts to unfold Seyonne will have to make a choice Because there are demons lurking in the Derzhi castle and no one but him is aware of the danger His Warden’s oath for so long forgotten in the ruin that was his soul just another scrap in the rubble of honor and dignity love and friendship and purpose his last principle and core of his existence urges Seyonne to raise his voice in warning But will he be able to ignore his years of subservience put his hatred aside and actually help the selfish spiteful prince who holds the end of his chain? If he does he will risk his life but it may save his soul True to its title this book tell us a tale of transformation Of not one but two souls Polar opposites these two characters and one in particular will slowly and very very subtly transform In bearing thought and deed And the shift will be so masterfully done that you will find yourself suddenly wondering how that really came to happenI've got to hand it to Mrs Berg the way she wrote Aleksander is a brilliant stroke of genius KUDOS for the only character I have ever both hated and then rooted for You cannot help but admire her craft in writing himIf you love dark and gritty epic fantasy that tends to be a little high at times and if you look for books that make you feel you have got to give this a tryYou might just end up loving it uite as much as I didHappy reading Find this review and on my book review and cover art blog The Magic Book Corner Carol Berg has not yet written a book I didn't love Her books are full of cruelly treated souls with ultimate deliverance Although her books rarely end in tragedy at least not universal tragedy you cannot count on an entirely happy ending either You can be reasonably sure your favorite people will survive but they may sustain significant damage mental and physical on the way The common denominator of her heroes and heroines is that they've suffered Sometimes they know why sometimes not Sometimes the real reason is cloaked and only discovered very late in the story All of her primary male characters are unjustly persecuted Injustice is a dominant part of the plot of the Rai Kirah trilogy and also Ms Berg's other series In brief there is a great wrong that must be made right and her heroes is are the man men to do it Who must do itIn this series the hero and his persecutor evolve Each must learn to trust and forgive the other In the process both transform They save each others' lives multiple times and their lives are intricately interwoven The developing relationship is often deeply touching Two people of the same sex who love one another are not necessarily homosexual In my world we call it friendship The kind of friendship that lasts a lifetime and on which you can always depend I know there are reviewers who seem to have a problem with this concept so I advise them to cultivate some new and deeper relationships with members of their own sex Drinking beer and watching a game is not necessarily the highest form of friendshipIn this series hatred bigotry ambition politics greed the traditional pantheon of human evils are the forces that destroys lives and nations Characters endure the unendurable without explanation or comfort; one could easily draw an analogy to Job Carol Berg never sets her stories in our real world and no one belongs to any modern religion But they are all believers; no atheists in her books They believe in their Gods and within the limits of their devastating sufferings they never uestion their deity's existence only why they have been abandoned A Carol Berg hero or heroine has suffered terribly lost everything but survived somehow and he she or they will nonetheless against all odds save the world This trilogy has two main characters who save each other as well as the world Transformation turns a selfish cruel monarchs into a compassionate human being Fortunes reverse The slave rises the king falls but all is redeemed More or lessThere's plenty of action The writing is intelligent and the author doesn't take the cheap way out of situations Plots are not afflicted by deus ex machina issues While there is magic in the world magic is not the all powerful force it is in other fantasy worlds Carol Berg's magic is powerful but limited It works but so do weapons The ability to wield magic never confers invulnerability As often as not whoever wields the magic pays dearly for itI hope Ms Berg will publish very soon I don't know why her books are not popular They are beautifully written full of action romance think Dumas rather than Harleuin nobility set in fantastical realms that have a surprisingly realistic feel Note that if you are an audiobook reader only Collegia Magica is available on Audible You will have to read all of Berg's other books on paper or Kindle I loved this story It’s intriguing and compelling yet at first it was difficult to relate to the protagonists I’m not sure I fully managed by the end of the book but the depth of their tale the original world building the incredible characterization and the emotional ramifications to different decisions worked so well for me that I immersed with ease in the narrative and was always eager to turn the pagesAs I’ve come to appreciate from Carol Berg her storytelling is ingenious deceptively light She shows rather than tell the story which is voiced in first person and only in retrospect I can see the meticulous work behind the structure of the book what makes all the ingredients of a tale –writing style characters settings situations emotions and plot – merge into something uniueHere Berg’s narrative talent truly shines the plot itself is not terribly original and there are some clichés but it flows very smoothly and beautifully if there were incongruences or loose ends or even typos I failed to notice so focused I was on the meat of the matter I didn’t notice strokes of genius either but that’s not the point considering the linear plot and the small cast of characters However you don’t need a multi POV or a many layered tale to make a mess of things books focused on a few storylines and depth need a successful recipe and the right cook to achieve a truly harmonic result tooThe main characters and most of the secondary ones are well rounded the top notch prose reels off scene after scene with endless abandon and I was glued to the story The rhythm is impeccable with a slower start and then a skillfully structured denouement full of action and twists straight reading delightThe title of the book is very clever and there are several meanings to it although I don’t like the cover and I don’t think it is representative of the story either Yes it features a powerful hero who can grow wings under the right circumstances but the picture made me think about paranormal fantasy andor romance and it’s far off the mark I wonder why some reviewers speak of mm romance in this novel there is little or none romance of any kind outspoken or pent up; I’m not paramount but I wouldn’t even speak of a bromance subtheme I think instead there is a main focus about a far difficult relationship to portray view spoiler friendship hide spoiler Seyonne is a man waiting to die He has been a slave for sixteen years almost half his life and has lost everything of meaning to him his dignity the people and homeland he loves and the Warden's power he used to defend an unsuspecting world from the ravages of demons Seyonne has made peace with his fate With strict self discipline he forces himself to exist only in the present moment and to avoid the pain of hope or caring about anyone But from the moment he is sold to the arrogant careless Prince Aleksander the heir to the Derzhi Empire Seyonne's uneasy peace begins to crumble And when he discovers a demon lurking in the Derzhi court he must find hope and strength in a most unlikely place Don't think Don't wonder Just go Just do What comes comes and you will survive it or not This was my first book by Carol Berg and it's a perfect example of not judging a book by its cover Seriously just overlook the cheesy cover and dive into this book There are memorable characters unlikely journeys both physical and emotional and plenty of feels along the way This book had me from the very first paragraph and never let go Although it's the first book in a trilogy it's almost presented as a self contained story meaning readers can choose to stop here since there is no cliffhanger ending But why would anyone want to do that? I personally plan to follow Seyonne and Aleksander wherever they may lead Ten years ago I would have liked Transformation a lot Back when I used to enjoy high fantasy this book would have been memorable Now? Now I'm trying to get back to the genre but not doing very well mostly because I'm tired of reading about the same things over and over again Medieval setting a conuering empire on the rise boring court life boring court intrigue boring political maneuverings ridiculously exacerbating nobles tiresome royalty etc etc One exception is I still find intuitive dog and horse characters fascinating Credit goes to Carol Berg's writing for keeping this book engaging I wouldn't have abandoned it but it would have been an uphill battle if not for Ms Berg's handle on prose and world building Review moved to 40 stars This is a well written original epic fantasy story with well drawn three dimensional characters and a very intricate plot Some pacing problems and a few slow parts keep this from getting a five star rating but I will certainly read the next book in the series Recommended

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