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Amberville What does it mean to be bad Eric Bear has it all a successful career a beautiful wife a blissful home He knows he's been lucky; a while back his life revolved around drugs gambling a gang of stuffed animal thugs and notorious crime boss Nicholas Dove But the past isn't as far away as Eric had hoped Rumors are swirling that Dove is on the Death List and that he wants Eric to save him If Eric fails to act his beloved wife Emma Rabbit will be torn apart limb by limb With a nod to the best of noir and the wisest of allegories and interlaced with greed and gangsters Amberville depicts an alternate world that mirrors our own realities and moral concerns and reminds us of the inextricable link between good and evil

About the Author: Tim Davys

Tim Davys is the pseudonym for a well known Swedish public figure and Amberville is his or her first novelA dark and stormy nightI was born in a country far far away Before the age of 20 I never read a book Comic books magazines and movies taught me how to tell a story I studied literature got a job found a wife and bought a dog I studied psychology got another job held on to the w

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    This novel reminded of the tale of the emperor's clothes Not because of a similar story but because some people will see wondrous things while others will see nothing I'm in the latter categoryA Raymond Chandler style pot boiler with stuffed animal characters? Well it's differentDon't waste your money In fact if it's free don't waste your time

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    This is one of the top five weirdest books I have ever read It takes place in a world of stuffed animals but that has both almost no bearing on the story and is key to the main plot What I mean is that it's never revealed that actually they're toys in a toystore or a messed up version of the 100 Acre Woods The fact that they are stuffed animals is not part of some plot twist The th

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    Eric now an adult and a successful advertising executive has been successful in putting his reckless and somewhat criminal youthful indiscretions behind him At least that's what he thought But then the local kingpin he once worked for shows up with a non negotiable proposition Find the hit list that his name is rud to be on and remove it from the list Otherwise he will kill Eric's girlfr

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    Well this is uite an oddity – a noir thriller with a cast of stuffed animals The story goes like this Eric Bear has a happy life married to the beautiful Emma Rabbit and with a good job in advertising But in his past Eric was involved with some shady characters one of whom now comes calling – Nicholas Dove who has heard that his name is on the Death List which means if the tales are to be

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    I was a little disappointed in this oneIt has a great concept a really neat conceit to use the phrase I like to use A sordid city full of stuffies come to life a noir vision of love and betrayal where Eric a tough talking teddy bear and Emma the bunny who is his sometimes disturbingly aloof lady love can make a life together in Amberville one of the four color coded uadrants of Mollisan Town at leas

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    Amberville tries to be a lot of things It is a gritty gangster drama a fantasy world of stuffed animals living human like lives and a allegory about good and evil For the most part it is entertaining in a dark Animal Farm way Yet the author is simply doing too much in one tale It is even uestionable whether this particular story benefits at all from placing it in a fantasy setting I liked it but eventual

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    Someone claimed that this book maybe a mixture of The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler and Animal Farm by George Orwell I really doubt

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    A fictional book about fur animals that have a life of their own they live in a big city divided into four uarters animals are married workers and do all kinds of things that we humans do The story intertwined with tension and mostly told from a pair of bears twins It's strange when it comes from me writing this but this book highly recommended

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    I came to this book in a unusual way My first novel The Terror and the Tortoiseshell about a world which has been taken over by mutated animals was reviewed by Publishers Weekly and in its summation mentioned that my book bore superficial similarities to Amberville a book about stuffed toy animals The review also said my book was the better of the two To say I was intrigued is putting it mildlySo what kind of book is Amber

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    Amberville part 3 of Tim Davys' Mollisan Town uartet is a slightly offbeat mildly disturbing thought provoking entertaining read It touches on the nature of life and death mistaken identity law and order and good and evil all viewed through the perspective of stuffed animalsYes you read that right Stuffed animals Mollisan Town is populated with stuffed animals of varying moral alignments from the holy penguin Archdeacon Odenkirk

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