The Duke's Boardroom Affair Silhouette Desire #1919 ePUB

How was Victoria Houghton supposed to work for Duke Charles Frederick Mead The gorgeous royal had never met a woman he couldn't seduce until now Victoria despised the duke and his family They had gained control of her family business in a hostile takeover then downgraded her to Charles's personal assistant Well there was very little she would personally assist Charles with She had to resist her burning attraction to himeven as he was kissing her into business meets pleasure submission The Duke's Boardroom Affair Silhouette Desire #1919

About the Author: Michelle Celmer

Michelle Celmer was born in Detroit Michigan USA where she grew up She wanted to be cosmetologist but after three months at cosmetology school she decided to left it She married at 19 and within five years had three kids She read voraciously and decided writing She signed up for a composition course at her local community college After various manuscripts her mother gave her Tell Me

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    The Royal Family took over Victoria Houghton's family business now The Royal Inn and although they provided her a top management position they are for the moment placing her as personal assistant to Duke Charles the one royal who thinks commitment is a dirty word and has dipped his wick in women than he can count O

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    I had read this one a few years ago but as it was part of this series I read againThis is my least favourite of the series so far and because of that I was skipping through it as fast as possible but because I remembered the story it didn't cause me any problems to do so I found it a little slow which is bad in that it

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    Ale ┼że mu to trvalo

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    A good story Victoria Houghton has lost her family business and home She is forced to work with Duke Charles Frederick Mead the playboy member of the Royal family that has bought her father out Dealling with his trying to seduce her she continues to say no until the sparks fly in a hot kiss Charles loves woman He loves them

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    The immense power difference between the Duke and Victoria is disturbing He's her boss financially secure and handsome She's his personal assistant paid an outrageous salary and somehow smartbut then jumps into his pants at the first opportunity And it ends well even though I've no idea what makes her different from the hoards

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    i have no interest in this book at all i just read to finish it at least there's still something worth reading in this one like sex and love and other hotel stuff than a lot of useless and rubbish books that i had to read in the office this one is for anyonw who wants to kill their time waiting at the airport and blah blah it has

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    This was expected but a thought Phillip would have been involved in putting them together Or instead was the whole family planning this?

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    Another great story about the royalty of Morgan Isle Interesting characters and development throughout the story I hope to see about this wonderful family

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    Love the series but this one gets 475 stars

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