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Dancing In The Moonlight Cowboys of Cold Creek #2 I really really liked this romance Magdalena Cruz is a gutsy heroine returned from war in Afghanistan with an amputated leg and an attitude Jake Dalton is a small town country doctor who grew up in the town and is now looking after the townspeople He had a thing for Magdalena Cruz growing up but she wouldn't give him the time of day Not only that but she blamed his family for her father's deathThe characters are believable and three dimensional Magadalena or Maggie is trying to get over her past and move on with her life She doesn't believe anyone could love her with a stump for a leg while Jake sees beyond that and loves her for everything she is She'd have nothing to do with him but she ends up being forced to work with him in his clinic as a translater for the Mexican patients As the story develops she's forced to realize mistakes were made on both sides and it was her father's stubborness which caused him to push himself to exhaustion causing him to be killed in a car accident She's also forced to realize Jake is an amazing man and to admit both to him and to herself that she loves himThis is a contemporary romance with wonderful characters I'll be looking for books by RaeAnne Thayne What I liked the theme of a female soldier injured in Afghanistan is very contemporary add the love of the fellow who became a doctor but always loved her from afar well they were neighbours growing up so not so far He never did anything about it because she had a long standing animosity for his family which indiscriminately included himNow here is what I didn't like the fact that the heroine held onto this dislike bordering on hatred for years without ever uestioning the facts she based her ire on She knew her mother did not share her feeling but apparently never explored why At every turn she shallowly judged the hero's actions with this old old history and it got to be trite very uickly The heroine in spite of a sympathetic conditions war injury just irritated me with all her carpy and unjustified criticism of the hero The last chapter had a lot of issues to resolve therefore some were left to the reader to fill in the blank I would be willing to give this author a better rating but the character development just didn`t happen I hope her next book evolves this aspect of the author`s story telling as she has the potential to tell a great story My research into What's New and Hot in Category Romance continues This is Book #4 and this is what I'm talkin' about This is my favourite of the free e books thus far This one is a Silhouette Special Edition What sets this one apart from the previous three strong heroine struggling with wounds both emotional and physical lost part of a leg while serving in Afghanistan and her fiancé and her confidence as a result with real relationships with other people including family members strong hero slightly reserved who treats the heroine with respect and kindness as he does his patients he's a doctor realism war is hell injuries hurt and take time to heal and in the meantime you suffer people labour under misconceptions people keep secrets good characterization even to the walk ons good story The end is always a foregone conclusion so story is crucial good writing for the most partThere were a few turns of phrase that made me either laugh put on your big girl panties or cringe drew a deep breath into her lungs as opposed to 'on a sheet of paper'?; it pained him like a bad abscess or just roll my eyes thunderburst of emotion; fisted her hands 'to fist' doesn't mean 'to make a fist' okay? Jeez This one? I might even re read Even though the title sucks and is kind of meaningless as far as the story goes More realism and less drama than I usually go for in category romance but I liked it for being a little different featuring a heroine who is a wounded handicapped and traumatized soldier Magdelana Cruz returns home after losing part of her leg and her fiance afraid of resuming anything like a normal life yet bitterly resenting any attempts to help her Nonetheless Jake a warm and dedicated doctor can't seem to resist trying to take care of Maggie despite the hatred she's felt towards his family for yearsDespite a number of ongoing plot threads and themes the book felt a bit thin and repetitive and Maggie's hatred for the Daltons didn't make much sense But it was a pleasant read and I appreciated the touch of diversity The issues involving Maggie's leg and prosthesis were well drawn I've never read a book uite like this one before and I was very touched by the pain love and growth that both Jake Dalton and Magdalena Maggie Cruz went through For 5 months First Lieutenant Maggie Cruz has been in the best Army hospital under going rehabilitation for her prosthetic leg she lost during an explosion Now she's attempting to surprise her mom by coming home but her plan was side swept when her tire blew out Which is where Jake Dalton comes into the picture On the way home from a long day at the office being the only doctor in the area is a busy job he finds her car pulled over He doesn't at first recognize the woman in need as Maggie once he does he's knows in for a fight in order to help her True to his thoughts she fights tooth and nail before finally allowing him to change her tire Back on her way he follows her home There her mother breaks into tears at seeing her only child back home Making it to her room upstairs she calls it a night but is plagued with continuous nightmares It seems from that first bit of help onward Jacob is always near wanting to ease her pain and tries to caution her to take it easy Her anger at his father and thus the Dalton family for what she believes caused the death of her father keeps her from graciously accepting his help Despite her attempts to force him away Jake stays and keeps an eye of her Something he realizes he's been doing for many years It hits Jake before it does her that he's always had feelings for the one person who's always hated him Yet acts of kindness in the past gives him strength for hope With the help and support of her mother and his they throw her a welcome home party where the whole town show their support for her Yet she's constantly struggling for the life she's lost and the one she's been given The pain of her restrictions and the lost of dear friends and the ugliness from the guy she was to marry before the accident keep her walls tight around her But the feelings for Jake are real for her and the struggle to believe he loves her as she is is another step she must accept Until then they have nothing Luckily this Lieutenant is brave and takes one last risk on Jake and watches as he catches her and all her fears vanish Now they look into the future together I did not like this book at all This book is by far my worst harleuin read It was a fast read but the characters are so shallow Disclaimer Snark gifs bad languageI don't think contemporary romances are for me I was annoyed by the hero He was patronizing To the point where I was like fuck off seriously dude He was also the nice guy schtick You know the nice guy who feels entitled because he's nice Yeahhh not coolThis is how I feelI think that there should be realistic people romances especially a handicapped person Hey that's cool I'm down for that What I'm not here for is the feeling that these two would have never gotten together at all even in a as friends way is if she wasn't injured to that severity I mean you don't just go from hating someone to loving them in like no time unless she has some form of personality disorder I'm thinking Borderline but I could be wrong realistically I think even being friends in real life is a stretch it would take years for an actual healthy and functional relationship to developI try so hard not to read contemporary romances from a feminist and psychological view but it's hard not to I mean yes heterosexual women date men but they feel less empowered and like slaves to their desire or most likely a man's desire your kink is not my kink and I'm cool with that which feels odd to me I mean if they are going to submit to someone I guess don't make it feel like they are being so emotionally manipulated It starts to feel kinda creepy like restraining order time I mean I like a little spitfire in a heroine but so far in what I read in contemporaries something seems to be missing in themThis is kinda how I see sex in contemporaries It disturbs me a little I'm over thinking this Lieutenant Magdalena Cruz had come home but it wasn't the way she'd envisioned her return And though all she wanted was to be alone infuriatingly handsome Dr Jake Dalton of the enemy Daltons wouldn't cooperate And she needed him to because the walls around her heart were dangerously close to crumbling every time he came near This isn't a great book but it isn't an awful book either Let me start by listing what I liked about the book Magdalena Cruz the heroine is a former army nurse who lost part of a leg in Afghanistan I liked the concept of a strong female character and I liked the fact that she isn't magically healed She struggles with her amputation both emotionally and physically Jake Dalton the hero Oh how I loved him He's the only doctor for a 30 mile radius and his compassion and kindness with his patients and everyone else in his life is wonderful to read I love that he isn't an over the top alpha asshole like so many Harleuin lead male charactersWhat I didn't like The heroine has a stupid long held grudge against the hero's family because of a debt her father had to his father that she believes led to her father's death Now Jake and his brothers were children when this happened so it is beyond stupid for her to hold them responsible for something that they had no part of This aspect almost made me stop reading the book Sweet I read this a few years ago and thought it was good I re read it because I wanted to read the whole series What amazes me is that even though this book was written about a decade ago it still rings true and could happen today There are so many coming home broken from war I wish all could heal as Maggie did with Jake's love

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