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War and Our World John Keegan widely considered the greatest military historian of our time and the author of acclaimed volumes on ancient and modern warfare including most recently The First World War a national bestseller distills what he knows about the why’s and how’s of armed conflict into a series of brilliantly concise essaysIs war a natural condition of humankind What are the origins of war Is the modern state dependent on warfare How does war affect the individual combatant or noncombatant Can there be an end to war Keegan addresses these uestions with a breathtaking knowledge of history and the many other disciplines that have attempted to explain the phenomenon The themes Keegan concentrates on in this short volume are essential to our understanding of why war remains the single greatest affliction of humanity in the twenty first century surpassing famine and disease its traditional companions

About the Author: John Keegan

Sir John Desmond Patrick Keegan OBE FRSL was a British military historian lecturer and journalist He published many works on the nature of combat between the 14th and 21st centuries concerning land air maritime and intelligence warfare as well as the psychology of battle

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    War and Our World is uite a nice little book on an ugly subject written with British charm and understatement balancing the huge loss of lives and money with personal feelings of anguish and despair Keegan uses not just a great eye toward history but involves sciences poetry and stories from the most regular people The scope is vast for a small lecture series covering t

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    This short 74 page volume was originally presented as a series of lectures on the BBC Ultimately disappointing perhaps because the transcript of a series of lectures written to be heard cannot serve as well as a series of essays written to be readKeegan is an esteemed writer of military history I was awed by his history of World War One Here he tries with some success to discuss

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    Lectures are silly in book form

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    One of better WWII and war generally writers This is Reith lecture series BBC and thus pithy and taken with a view from much research and writing on warThe wounds of war are always self inflicted p 3The Terror by day' as the wartime telegram has been called p 4 killed in what he calls 'the lottery of active service' p 7 soldiers know when and why they have reason to be in fear which typically i

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    I wish I haven't read this book I really doI have read so much by John Keegan the greatest military historian of the 20th century that I was surprised when I found one I didn't Unlike his The Face of Battle which was a decisive book in describing the viewpoint of the soldier in battle at different points of history or his History of Warfare where he came up with a whole reasonably credible theory on th

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    Keegan recently retired as professor of History from Yale is a historian in the classical sense Not an ideologue Keegan looks at history through a larger narrative ranges across a variety of subjects to explore in great depth the topic of his book and can distill a rather complex topic into four lectures for this short but important book I think we overlook the value of shorter books on history in which a mast

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    This work is actually from a lecture series Keegan delivered in 1998 The content of these lectures was the topic of war and as far as Keegan's purpose for delivering a lecture within the stated time frame Keegan did an excellent job If this work had unlimited space the rating would have been lower but working within a lecture time frame excellent work

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    It is refreshing to read an open discussion about war Keegan speaks 'about' war instead of getting into the nitty gritty of warfare His worldwide perspective and deep understanding of history is very helpful His views are thoughtful and worth internalising

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    it is a nice introductory books for the subject of war how it changes and how it is connected to the social world Though short and some of the issues lack depth it ignites interest in the subject; hence good point of departure for further research

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