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Heaven and Earth When you're out of town visiting your mom and you get stung by something and your leg blows up so you have to go to the ER and then you're allergic to the meds they give you you're pretty desperate for books When your mom brings this home you don't want to hurt her feelings because it is after all better than no books But not much better Ripley Todd just wants to live a uiet peaceful kind of life Her job as a sheriff's deputy keeps her busy and happy and she has no trouble finding men when she wants them which lately isn't all that often She's perfectly content except for one thing she has special powers that both frighten and confuse her and though she tries hard to hide them she can't get them under control Distraction soon arrives in the handsome form of Mac Allister Booke a researcher who's come to investigate the rumours of witchcraft that haunt Three Sisters Island Right from the start he knows there's something extraordinary about Ripley Todd It's not just her blazing green eyes and her sultry smile There's something else Something he can detect but she'll never admit Fascinated by her struggle with her amazing abilities he becomes determined to help her accept who she is and find the courage to open her heart But before Ripley and Mac can dream of what lies in the future they must confront the pain of the past For the island shelters centuries of secrets and a legacy of danger that plagues them still 375 starsI wanted to give this 3 stars because I was so annoyed with the heroine and wanted to slap her couple of times Luckily I love the sweet and nerdy hero he save the story for meAlso in book #3 I found out why this heroine behaving like she was and I can understand her But why we got the answer in the next book instead of in her book here Sigh I want to really give it than two stars but I can't It is not the story that brings it down but the main character Ripley is annoying childish egotistical constantly jumps to conclusions crude and really not likable If you don't agree then I would suggest reading her actions when she played Mac in the gym after she thought but didn't bother to ask he had been snuggling up with Mia That insults both Mac and Mia especially since no matter how bad Ripley has treated Mia Mia has never done anything like that to hurt her It is not even in Mia to be THAT kind of cruel but since Ripley is the kind to do that she thinks people will do it to her Then I would suggest to read the part where Nell had invited Mac to dinner and Mac was just asking uestions about the island which is the reason for him being there and Ripley blows up because Mac is using Nell to get to her and blah blah blah I find it so hard to enjoy the story most of the time because the main character can't stop being a whiny self centered idiot It is even a idiotic that she gets all stupid and thinks that ignoringdenying that she is a witch is going to make it so She can't always control it so pretend that she doesn't have it which then makes it so when she gets all hot headed which is damn often she does something like accidentally burning Mac Yeah bright idea She might as well just keep her gun out leave the safety off and keep her finger on the trigger At least that way people will know what hit themThen there is the time where she does the astral projection to see Nell's ex in the loony bin For someone who doesn't practice and knows can't she can't always control her powers to do something like that is above and beyond stupid pig headed and idiotic You can also clearly see just how little she thinks of Mac sometimes and how childish she is What else would you call her actions when she tried to dump Mac to make him leave the island for his own safety How can you not ask yourself why does she always believe his work centers only around just her She constantly believes that if she doesn't cooperate he can't work just like before when she though if she didn't cooperate everything he did was just to get to her As he has pointed out many times she is part of it but it's not all about her Anyway going back to what I was saying How stupid did she think Mac was for him not to know what she was doing by being flippant and belittling their relationship About 75% of their time together in the book she is pretty much being a jerk to him when she first meets him both times at the gym the interview he won from her at the gym the dinner Nell invited Mac when Mac was working with Nell to monitor her when using her magic It makes me wonder where in there did he have a chance to fall in love with her I know she has her good points in loyalty and her sense of justice but she is too much of a jerk to even like her for that For as much as she protects Mia she is constantly rude and an jerk to Mia Another great book by Roberts Overall I enjoy the theme and plot of this series But my favorite thing about this book in particular is the character of Mac absentminded professor with a side of hunk He's just so adorable the way he's always forgetting things and getting sidetracked And him hooking up with Ripley was an interesting combinationThe book had an interesting storyline that fit well with the first book in the series They complement each other well If there was one thing I could gripe a little bit about it's that Ripley's attitude does get irritating occasionally Her reasons for being that way make sense for the most part but there are times when it's a little over the top and annoying But it doesn't ruin the book at allSo good book For those that like Dance Upon the Air you'll most likely enjoy this one as well Ripley wasn't my favourite but I'd still been looking forward to her book Unfortunately instead of my growing to like her through her own book it turned out to have an opposite effect She's the type of character that I have trouble warming up to and by the end I almost disliked her I did love the early banter between her and Mac of that always please Though his name made me snicker because Mac Bookereally I was charmed by Mac and his nerdy forgetfulness and absentmindedness but it wasn't enough to win me over completely to these two I've been waiting impatiently for Mia's book but now I have a feeling I'm going to be left disappointed if I don't significantly lower my expectations To end on a completely different note I am amused by the number of women who always conveniently seem to be wearing a bra with a front clasp in romance novels Is this an American thing I am genuinely curious Particularly because I've never in my life even seen one of those I know they exist but I don't know anyone over here who actually wears them A decent follow up from the first Like most trilogies reading the first tells you what you need to know about whether you'll like the rest and you're way better off starting with the first so you know read it first This one is Riley's story and I really liked her guy Mac Roberts does studly geek guy very well and Mac was all kinds of highly focused nerd I'm less enad of Riley but I knew that going in as I don't really like the rash tough chick driven by a deep seated fear and vulnerabilityAnd again I hated the bits from the antagonists viewpoint UghAnyway a solid three stars with some to love and some to not like so muchA note about Steamy On the low end of Roberts' standard One largeish scene and scattered lead ins or aftermaths of varying intensity but short duration 375 stars I didn't enjoy this as much as the first book in the series Dance Upon the Air Riley just wasn't a very relatable protagonist and Mac didn't seem to suit her as a love interest and was a bit weak for a Nora Roberts hero I probably wouldn't recommend this as an example of Nora's best workThe plot was not as tight as Dance Upon the Air but it did move the story on further and I'm invested enough in the characters and overarching plot to want to read the final book in the trilogy Face the FireI listened to his on audible and the narration by Sandra Burr was too sickly sweetly her tone just didn't match Riley's dialogue making her sound like an annoyingly cutesy in love girl or temperamental teen It rather took me out of the story and further diminished my enjoyment Still even with all that it's not a bad read but I only recommend reading it if you are planning to read the whole trilogy and it does contain spoilers for and heavily references key plot points from Dance Upon the Air Really enjoying this series Another great installment Ripley Todd and Mac Booke She is SO abrasive so abrupt so given to jumping to conclusions He is the ultimate absent minded professor; how would anyone leave their keys in the medicine cabinet But the little romance between them carries this story along from the first book and points to the third Nora Roberts used to write such good paranormal lite romantic trilogies; wish she had of those to come

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