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Inner Harbor Third in the sweeping Chesapeake uartet about three brothers who come together in a time of need They honored their father's wish to raise young Seth as their own And with all of the brothers home again the uinn family has never been so strong But in the months to come their strength is tested once againPhillip uinn has done everything to make his life seem perfect With his career on the fast track and a condo overlooking the Harbor his life on the street is firmly in the past But one look at Seth and he's reminded of the boy he once wasPhillip intends to fulfill his father's dying reuest and considers Seth to be a duty But he never expected he would grow to love Seth and soon his promise to his father has become than just an obligation Seth's future as a uinn seems assured until a stranger arrives in town She claims to be researching St Christopher's for her new book but the true objects of study are the uinns Her cool reserve intrigues Phillip He is determined to uncover her motives but she is holding a secret that has the power to threaten the life the brothers have made for Seth A secret that could tear the family apart forever

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    Final rating 4755 starsSometimes it's really hard for me to write a review for a book But I really loved this one and I just don't have enough words to express it I'm starting to really love Nora's wr

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    This book finishes off the trilogy although Nora wrote an extension set almost twenty years later I love an author who knows how to take an encore Of the three this is my least favorite Although it had

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    Of the 4 Chesapeake Bay uinn books this one is my least favorite Not because it's a bad book It's really not But just because of a matter of personal tastes Inner Harbor features Phillip uinn the 3rd t

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    Now he was getting himself twisted up over a woman none of them knew they could trust if things got sticky He for one was going to keep a close eye on Sybill GriffinBook 3 in the Saga of the uinn brother

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    The main thing I object is cliché Am I that stupid? Yes I am I really enjoy romances uick light fix of alpha male and alpha female just it’s hard to find an intelligent romance But it is Most of them a

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    This one continued my steady progression of liking each slightly better than the last It also carries on the series tradition of having a uirk or two that was at least mildly off putting for my enjoymentI

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    I have become so familiar with the characters in this series and the books I read the I have fallen in love with these 4 amazing guys I have been along on the uinn brother’s journey to becoming a strong

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    I loved Chesapeake Bay Saga series and I was caught up with the overriding uestion How is Seth related to Ray uinn? Finally we get an answer to that uestion and Phillip uinn meets his match in Sybill It was

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    It was a satisfying conclusion to the big mystery about Ray uinn and Seth I'm just happy all our uestions were answeredAs for the romance in this book mehI relate to Sybill than to Anna or Grace but I found

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    I enjoyed this one mostly for the relationship of these foster brothers I adore Seth and can't wait to get to his book

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