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Homeport After an assault at her family home in Maine Dr Miranda Jones is determined to put the experience behind her Distraction comes when she is summoned to Italy—to verify the authenticity of a Renaissance bronze of a Medici courtesan known as The Dark LadyBut instead of cementing Miranda’s reputation as the leading expert in the field the job nearly destroys it when her professional judgment is called into uestion Emotionally estranged from her mother with a brother immersed in his own troubles Miranda has no one to turn toexcept Ryan Boldari a seductive art thief whose own agenda forces them into a reluctant allianceNow it becomes clear that the incident in Maine was not a simple mugging—and that The Dark Lady may possess as many secrets as its beautiful namesake once did For Miranda forced to rely on herself—and a partner who offers her both unnerving suspicion and intoxicating passion—the only way home is filled with deception treachery and a danger that threatens them all

About the Author: Nora Roberts

JD Robb There are than 500 million copies of her books in print

10 thoughts on “Homeport

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    This book takes forever to get to the good stuff and once it gets there the stuff is only so so It doesn't help that Ryan the main guy is a jerk nor that I figured out the main villain from the first time we meet himherSo a thin plot and a main guy I didn't like coupled with a heroine who was than a little bland but with moments of truly stupid naiveté So yeah not my favoriteThat sai

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    It's hard to believe this book is 20 years old Sometimes the oldies are the besties There are simply no others who can craft a story like Nora Roberts and her older Romantic Suspense titles are simply the best in the genre Homeport draws you in from the first page and holds you through the heroine and hero and how they discover each other and their hidden motives I think Nora has a special love

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    I haven't read a Nora Roberts book that I’ve disliked as much as Homeport Okay that’s not true Daring to Dream was awful too Well as awful as a book by Nora Roberts can be Readers with better taste than me love it but I thought Josh was spoiled and Margo was whiny and spoiled Together they were insufferable But this sort of thing is atypical of a Nora Roberts book She almost always excels at creatin

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    Style and LanguageNora Roberts wrote with Homeport an enthralling and very absorbing novel that I count to one of her best works ever Miranda is an expert of art and has the once in a lifetime opportunity to examine a bronze nobody thought would really exist The family´s institute is famous and her mother very demanding when it comes to the institutes reputation Mother feelings aren´t on her list and so Miran

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    A suspense by Nora Gotta tell ya not among my favs Although it's Nora so it's still great I stumbled a few times over the characters Miranda is a very complicated woman To the world she is a brilliant ice ueen But Ryan sees through her icy exterior to the troubled warm soulwhen he robs her Yep he's an art thief and a con man His is the character I had problems with He lies to her continuously I hate that His inner dialog

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    I feel like I need to keep checking the book and the book page to make absolutely sure this was Nora Roberts I've never disliked one of her books as much as I disliked this one The plot itself was intriguing and for the most part done well outside of my major issue with the book I liked the unusual view into the art world and the build up of the central mystery I mostly liked the reveal of who was behind everything I thought I ha

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    I am not a romance fan but loved my first Nora Roberts novel that delved into the mystical Although “Homeport” turned out to be a crime mystery it kept planted in romance and like “The Reef”; demonstrates why I would rather stick to her ethereal fare You would also think a romance authoress would weave inspiring liaisons I was disgusted in both these 1998 novels that anyone would depict a woman accepting physical or verbal aggress

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    The new year brought with it a dreaded reading slump and even Nora Roberts wasn't much help this time aroundThis is the story of Miranda art expert and part of a prestigious wealthy family with history and Ryan art gallery owner and thief The two meet when Ryan is casing Miranda's family's art institute for his very last job and sparks fly between them Then life gets complicated when view spoilerhis score turns out to be a fake as is the new find

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    35 starsRyan keeps reminding me of Roarke getting rich with his sticky fingers and with an IrishItalian background Miranda on the other hand is a very controlled New England blueblood It's an interesting pairing although I didn't like the way Ryan blew hot and cold especially since we are given to understand he can see Miranda's vulnerabilitiesThe mystery was uite well done Although when the number of suspects keeps dwindling it wasn't hard to figure out w

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    In the grand Nora read Homeport ranks in at just okay The characters never really popped and I didn't like the romances but I was totally into the art history mystery Mostly this completely pushed past believability No way would rule follower Miranda agree to work with an art thief and omg everything was so incredibly highly illegal but somehow the cops weren't upset at the end? SuuuuuuuuuuuuuureTwo stars because while I liked a fair amount of it there just was not

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