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Jewels of the Sun In her new trilogy New York Times #1 Best Selling author Nora Roberts returns to the lush green hills of Ireland where love is forever touched by magic And where the Gallagher siblings explore the depth of their fiery hearts Determining to reevaluate her life Jude Murray flees America to take refugee in Faerie Hill Cottage immersing herself in the study of Irish Folk and discovers hope for the future of the magical pastFinally back home in Ireland after years of traveling Aidan Gallagher possesses an uncommon understanding of his country's haunting myths Although he's devoted to managing the family pub a hint of wildness still glints in his stormy eyes and in Jude he sees a woman who can both soothe his heart and stir his blood And he begins to share the legends of the land with her while they create a passionate history of their own

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    This is my very first Nora Roberts book and I enjoyed it I love the concept of it having Celtic folklore in it and fairy princes I also really liked the main character Jude she had such great character development throughout the novel The way she thought was so much fun to read and I relate to her in many waysAiden the romantic interest I liked him at first but w

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    35 stars

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    Talk about rose tinted glasses This woman can't weave a decent plot to save her life she just keeps spewing out this tired old read on an airplane then bin it while feeling slightly dirty formula This series really takes the biscuit the cake and hogs all the crisps when it comes to ridiculous over romanticising of Ireland Ard is a nice place to visit but the airy fairy Oh

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    Yeah as a Brit I'm going to say this I am ambivalent when American writers write about Europe especially the lands of their blessed ancestors Nora Roberts is probably one of the reasons why because her romanticism blatant sentiment of Ireland gives me the heebie jeebies The musical uality of the accents check the supposed magic that lies 'neath every knoll the air charged with

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    I read this trilogy for the first a few years ago and fell in love with all the characters and their stories Nora Roberts has a magical touch that draws the reader in and makes them feel involved with the lives of the characters in her stories I waited to read these after they were all out and read them one right after the other When I was done with the third book I was slightly sad

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    Actually 334 pages with preview of book two afterNora Roberts does it again beautiful almost musical language weaving everything into a picture you can't help fall in love with I laughed cried a bit and raged with them I really felt at home with these people and this setting I want to fly to Ireland now and sit in Gallagher's pub and have a pintchat with everyone watch the occasional fig

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    “I’m lost in love with you I think I was the moment I saw you maybe somehow before I ever did You’re it for me There was never one before there’ll never be another after” Jewels of the Sun is the story of Jude and Aiden I LOVED THIS SO MUCH What a GREAT book I need to laugh and cry and sing all at once So full of emotionsDeep breathIn this book a lost heroine gives up everything sh

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    Should explain why I read this While pursuing my Library Science degree I took a reader's advisory class where we sampled books from across various genres I was assigned this novel for the romance section This novel was objectively horrible The worst novel I have ever read from cover to cover Main character is supposed to be empowered heroine but is actually a ninny Use of metaphor akin to high sc

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    For these books we are in an adorable wee town in Ireland Three hundred years ago a fairy prince fell in love with a beautiful woman Now three couples have to break the curse on them by finding their own true love

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    And this is why I don't read adult romance This was just lame The whole story made no sense the characters oh boy the charactersI can't believe how different Nora's writing style is when she writes under the JD Robb penname I'm telling you I don't like Nora I'll just remain faithfull to JD's novels

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