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Dark Video A minibus taxi flipping spectacularly on its head; two teenagers engaged in illicit sex in a shopping mall rest room; a raunchy table dance in a Cape Town strip club What have these scenes got to do with a beautiful young woman running through Newlands Forest early on a Sunday morningAlistair Morgan is the key A gifted law student with a glittering career in the offing Alistair seems to have it all looks charm and money – and the attention of the hottest girls on campus But his privileged lifestyle is about to be turned upside down as he is lured deeper and deeper into the sinister online world of Dark Video where reality blurs and morals unravelFrom the ominous slopes of Table Mountain and the murky depths of False Bay to a dusty Karoo farm and the limestone cliffs of Arniston Dark Video is an intense thriller that will keep you spellbound from the word go

About the Author: Peter Church

Dark Video in 2008 Dark Video was published by Random Struik in South Africa and New Holland Publishers in Australia Reviewed as 'one of the best debuts in a long time' by Lindsay Slogrove of The Natal Mercury Dark Video was a Sunday Times 'Book of the Week'In 2011 Church followed up with the 'drink spiking' book

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    I really wanted to enjoy this novel as I got a sense of how hard the author had worked whist writing it The good points were it was clearly a page turner as I read it in 5 days the underlying idea for the plot was an interesting one and relevant in this age of YouTube and people with a 2 minute attention span gorging on any random rubbish that gets posted there was a great twist at the end that I didn't see coming after the one that I did and it did a decent job of examining how it feels to

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    First book I read on a Kindle sisters's and what a surprise I couldn't turn it off now I'm hooked and contemplating buying one There's a graphic scene of partner swapping in this book ala Roald Dahl's The Great Switcheroo and the film Consenting Adults but told 3D graphic One of the best South African thrillers I've read

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    It took me less than 24 hours to read had to create opportunities to do so in fact It was hectic thrilling and a chase from beginning to end What a twist When's his next one?

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    This mystery thriller is simply an amazing read If you enjoy reading themes on brotherhood drug abuse sexual abuse young love corruption murder betrayal and the dark web then definitely give this one a try I particularly enjoyed how the author included minority groups without it overshadowing the storyline and without it being another “tick” on the minority inclusion box The plot and character interactions were not glossed over and were genuinely believable So much that you find yourself disliking some of

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    I won't be finishing this book I've seen enough in the first 100 pages Two stars for what could have been a deeply interesting story in another's hands The writing is clunky seemingly from one interested in demonstrating how much he knows than crafting enjoyable prose Sexual assaults abound among of far too many unlikeable men I can't imagine how this could possibly redeem itself and I'm not interested in finding out how it tries

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    First book I've read by this author Wow hectic and set in Cape Town Hard hitting gruesome graphic very current subject a thriller with uite a few twists some I never saw coming at the end Definitely going to read by this author

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    Check back for my review on the New York Journal of BooksNot for cozy readers

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    Check back for my review on the New York Journal of BooksNot for cozy readers

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    The cover design is slick and interesting Combined with the back cover blurb it promises good thingsButIt's laboured and though on occasion reads easily trips itself up on romance novel cliches and often than I'd like stuns with some terrible prose she felt the tingle race through her bodyIf you persist you'll numb to the hackneyed writing but may still be disturbed by stilted and unnatural dialogue entirely stereotypical characters who don't develop beyond caricatures of themselves or by far fetched situations each new one seems to be c

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    Dark Video get's off to a good start as Terri is jogging through the forest Cue videoThis crime thriller was written in 2008 and I purchased the 437 KB Kindle ebook It is set in South Africa and is a blokey tale of young men's aspirations Dark Video is entertaining and shows the darker side of video production hence the title but nothing is offensive It is exciting as you wonder what next? This novel keeps you second guessing as the plot developsDark Video described very well the thrill of video and the joy had by the voyeur This book has a go

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