A Shadow of Treason Chronicles of the Spanish Civil War

A Shadow of Treason Chronicles of the Spanish Civil War American Sophie Grace is caught up in a nightmare She’d originally journeyed to Spain in search of her fiancé Michael She’d found him but lost him later to a sniper’s bullet another victim of the Spanish Civil War After his death she learns another woman is pregnant with his child forcing her to battle grief and betrayal But war doesn’t stop to allow one woman to grapple with her pain for it is too busy inflicting pain and terror on anyone it chooses Yesterday it chose the Spanish town of Guernica First came the bombs that blew apart the buildings Next were the firebombs burning those trapped in the buildings The last waves were the fighter planes that strafed the villagers fleeing the fires Sophie had seen it all and intended to use her painting skills to put to canvas what she had seen in order to let the world know the carnage that had occurred The only bright spot in this violent world is Philip a fellow American Sophie has fallen in love with But even that small bit of happiness is denied her A skilled photographer as well as a painter Sophie has photos of the German planes raining devastation from the skies It is evidence that becomes crucial when Spanish President Aguirre announces on the radio that the Germans deny bombing Guernica for centuries the “shrine to the Basue spirit of freedom and independence” Before she can solidify plans to deliver the photos the conflict spins her in another direction Walt Block an American newspaper reporter draws her deeper into the intrigue that is the undercurrent of war He has news that she doesn’t want to hear but must Michael is alive and as Walt continues is a man of many identities Walt’s job for the past two years has been to track Michael and his associates keeping track of his every move Walt is sure Michael is involved in the theft of a large amount of Spanish gold reserves the government is using to pay the Russians for help She promises Walt she will find Michael and do her best to get close to him again even though her heart now belongs to Philip The American artist who came to Spain in search of her fiancé has now entered the dangerous world of espionageAre her feelings for Philip strong enough? When she sees Michael will her emotions reassert themselves placing her in greater jeopardy? Following Walt’s advice she slashes her paintings of the bombing and gives him her photos because he’s promised to deliver them into the right hands But the “right hands” will be determined by Walt as much of a chameleon as Michael As country descends further into chaos and anarchy others struggle with this new world they find themselves in Subplots further add to the suspense as new characters appear and revelations continue about characters from the previous book A Shadow of Treason is Tricia Goyer’s second book in the Chronicles of the Spanish Civil War A Valley of Betrayal was the first As with her previous World War II books she has brought to life a little known era through her use of meticulous but not over bearing historical detail She’s also ratcheted up the suspense in this novel leaving me not sure at all where this is all going to go But I’m going to find out by reading her next novel A Whisper of Freedom coming in February 2008first posted at infuzemagcom Sophie discovers that nothing is as she first imagined When Walt the reporter who helped her over the border shows up again after Guernica is bombed Sophie is given an impossible mission She must leave behind the man she's fallen in love with and return to the person who betrayed herAnother layer of the war in Spain is revealed as Sophie is drawn into the international espionage schemes that could turn the tide of the war and help protect the soldiers from the International Brigadeshe must find a way to get a critical peice of information to Walt in time I think I loved this book even than the first one As I started to read I realized one of the things that makes me love this book so much Tricia Goyer's prose is breath taking It sweeps you along through this majestic fast paced complex and compelling story The prose matches the subject matter A hint of spy work threads its way through the plot and the prose mimics that with a fluid give and take of information Even on a seconds read through I still do not understand everything yet it's almost like I'm not supposed to I dove right into the third book and with great reluctance had to put it down I cannot wait to pick it up again I did not enjoy this book as much as the first The historical aspects were still great I just felt that the story didn't grip me as much There were some things including the very in depth landing of a plane and the letters Sophie receives that I found unnecessary for the story as a whole and frankly a bit boring With the characters well set in the first chronicle this book was an easier read It is a good thing that most of my uestions were brought to a satisfactory conclusion because A Whisper of Freedom the third chronicle to be published in 2008 is not available through the library system Loved it

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