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The Gamble Only the Gift of Love Could Free Their Lonely HeartsAGATHA was the picture of primness and propriety although her green eyes could blaze with anger or sparkle with humorSCOTT was the picture of lazy charm and happy indifference to what others thought was right and wrongThey were enemies, then friends Then the sweet innocence of a child opened their eyes and their hearts And in each other s arms they were reborn by the soft, wondrous gift of love ✻ [BOOKS] ✯ Snowbound with the Sheriff By Lauri Robinson ❅ – Lavons.co.uk then friends Then the sweet innocence of a child opened their eyes and their hearts And in each other s arms they were reborn by the soft [PDF / Epub] ☆ Storybook Dad Author Laura Bradford – Lavons.co.uk wondrous gift of love

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    This is my fourth book by this author I fell in love with her work after reading Morning Glory and Hummingbird She has a wonderful way of expressing her character s emotions so that you feel a part of their lives Their happiness, pain and sorrow, their hopes and dreams become yours And with each book I become completely immersed hating wh

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    I should review this I have some strong opinions on it Especially disliked her facile treatment of the post slavery South The whole slavery wasn t so bad if your owner was a swell guy and the whole Mammy thing with the old housekeeper made me angry Add in a bizarre three page long scene involving horses mating and the brilliance of the precedi

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    3 1 2 Stars The Gamble is a book full of richly developed and endearing characters with an engaging and fleshed out plot This book overflowed with heart and soul The ending was beautiful and left me feeling like a hopeless romantic That said, I would not classify this book as a romance novel It feltlike general historical fiction with a splash of r

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    My second spin with LaVryle Spencer has again been a pleasing experience THE GAMBLE grabbed my attention quickly and I found the characters unusual and well developed.I thought I was heading for a higher rating because Scott and Gussie Agatha were wonderful enemies, then friends These two were from different sides of the tracks in terms of moral code an

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    4.5 stars Before she retired, LaVyrle Spencer was probably my favorite author I thought I d read read every one of her books, but found a reference to The Gamble, which was unfamiliar to me The style of the book is different than what s selling today But I was just as caught up as I was 30 years ago.The Gamble is a friends to lovers story An oh, it takes for

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    3.5 to 4 stars A long book with two distinct sections The first two thirds or so takes place in a rough and dusty cattle town Saloon owner Scott Gandy and spinster prohibitionist Agatha Downing live and work right next door to each other It s an enemies to lovers story as these two very different people gradually grow to respect and like each other, then slowly s

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    When Scott Gandy opens the Gilded Cage Saloon in Proffitt, Kansas, the ladies of the Temperance Committee are not happy Led by Agatha Downing, the committee visits each saloon, handing out pamphlets, carrying a petition, and praying for the souls of the inhabitants Scott tries to charm the ladies When that doesn t work, he tries to outsmart them by bringing in dancing

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    This was ok But I wasn t excited to keep reading.The author writes well, but the underlying story just wasn t as interesting as some of her other stories.Agatha is a 35 year old spinster who sews and makes hats She was injured as a child and has a limp Gandy s wife and daughter were killed at the end of the Civil War He has been wandering since, and recently opened a bar w

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    I recently found a copy of this book on a clearance rack at my local Half Price Books I remembered reading it, uh, a couple of decades ago how can I be this old and thought I would re read it to see if it was as good as I remembered It was though as is true in most paperback romances set in a particular historical period, the reader is asked to tolerate a GREAT deal of dramatic

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    This is my very favorite of all LaVyrle Spencer books I read when I was younger The story is so touching, the romance very believable It is set in 1880 around Kansas becoming a Dry state, and the war that is waged in the streets of a small town Agatha and Scott are on opposite sides of the war, but a series of events brings them together to the point where they fall in love with one

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