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Willie Nelson The Outlaw In this intimate and engaging biography Graeme Thomson interviews Nelson himself his band and those who knew him best en route to discovering the real Willie Nelson The Outlaw brilliantly describes a complex and compelling man whose life and music reflect something fundamental at the heart of twentieth century America Thomson's revealing portrait is a timely reminder of the stature and achievements of a true living legendCovering everything from dirt poor beginnings in Texas global fame in the 70s four marriages the death of a son and affairs with Amy Irving and Candice Bergen up to his current position as a 73 year old pot smoking man of the road Thomson's account emerges as the first detailed clear eyed account of Nelson's fascinating life I've read a Willie bio or two in my time so I'm pretty familiar with the story Willie Nelson The Outlaw stands apart or less because it avoids mythologizing its subject Thompson is not afraid to uestion the morality of Nelson's choices the poor judgement in many of his decisions Although the tone is somewhat gossipy at times the end result is a far human portrait of Willie Nelson than I've seen put forth elsewhere He's an amazing songwriter with a whole mess of mediocre albums a pothead who used to be a mean drunk a man full of love and an semi absentee father Thompson pays Nelson no disrespect in being honest about his story but he doesn't pull a lot of punchesThere were little things minor errors that could have been avoided through research Like Yakima Washington is not right on the Pacific coast it's hours away page 7 Chicago is in Illinois not Michigan page 45 Smokin' In The Boys Room was a Brownsville Station song not an Aerosmith song page 189 I can't help but uestion the veracity of other information presented in a book with even these small errorsAll the same I came away from this book with what I feel is a better sense of who Willie Nelson is As I said the portrait is human and it's easier to relate to a man than a legend Willie may be both but it's the man that made the legend with a little help from his friends The music of Willie Nelson has never been up high on my playlist Country music had a definite lack of cool back in the days of my musical youth Only comparatively recently has the sound of Lucinda Williams tempted me to join the good ole boys with the exception of short sojourns into Gram Parsons Dead and Byrds fayreSo the life and career of Nelson was largely a blank prior to reading Graeme Thomson's 2006 publication of 'The Outlaw' Perhaps Nelson is as close as anyone can get to the shape shifting and never ending tours of Bob Dylan Through six decades 'the outlaw' red necked Texan cowboy part native American dope smokin' hippie has rode his own trail With a rebel yell four marriages seven children a son's suicide whisky grass than the Ponderosa an IRS tax bust the size of a small country Farm Aid and perhaps the only person in the world to have smoked a big one on the roof of the White HouseThomson has written a good biography The text is interspersed with contributions from the man himself family members fellow musicians band members etc so much so the author almost vanishes at times but this is still a definitive and well written account Along with his battered old Martin 'Trigger' Nelson looks like he should have retired way back but with various substances added he's got it flowing in the blood Judge the artist or the art ? He's written great songs Hello Walls Crazy had a bunch of marriages a bunch of kids and some high old timesHe's been a pretty poor husband but then a musician who spends most of his time on the road and puts his career first is rarely going to be an ideal husband Best anecdote from the wild bunch in Nashville Roger Miller famous for King Of The Road amongst others advises the rest of the party to make sure they keep their pills in a different pocket from their change because I just swallowed a uarterThe art is sublime and Willie is still ramblin' on This is a reasonable book on a great artist with an awkward recurring undertow of how badly he has treated his ex wives and children I would rather have had road anecdotes

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