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The Iron Tower Dennis L McKiernan s Mithgar books are among the most beloved in all of fantasy fiction The Iron Tower includes the first three novels set in the world of Mithgar collected in a single volume for the first time with an all new introduction by the author

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    I ve read some widely mixed reviews of this series What strikes me is that many of the bad reviews readlike rants than anything else I suspect these reviewers are so angry that the books exist, they feel the need to spew For some time now in our s

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    This is one of those series that I consider a fun read After reading so many dark tales lately with deep issues, unique magic systems and blurred lines between good and evil, I was in the mood for some traditional fantasy where the bad people are pure

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    How this book gets so high a rating amazes me McKiernan has put tracing paper over Lord of the Rings and made a copy Nearly everything can be recognized as a pale shadow of Tolkiens races and story and just as you think McKiernan is done with the copying an

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    I admit I didn t make it all the way through this one Some books copy the Lord of the Rings trilogy s overall tone or characters This one actually copies specific plot details The imitation was so painfully obvious I felt insulted Terrible.

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    The Iron Tower trilogy is continually derided by many Lord of the Rings partisans due to being very similar to that trilogy deliberately, since it was conceived as a sequel Such readers are making a mistake, because despite the similarity, there are enough difference

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    There are many critical flaws that keep The Iron Tower from being a good fantasy book its pacing is out of whack, the dialogue and characterizations are flaccid the defining features of a major character really shouldn t be that they wear a particular color armor and play

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    This is The Iron Tower Trilogy in one volume I read this first as a boy And later when I discovered the Lord of the Rings I thought, Hmmm.maybe Tolkein stole some ideas from Dennis McKiernan Of course, the opposite is true The Iron Tower is roughly patterned after LOTR, with d

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    Dropped this book after 50 pages Terrible prose and a blatant rewrite of The Lord of the Rings While I have enjoyed many LoTR inspired books Sword of Shannara, et al , the downright mimicry here is beyond the pale Just awful.

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    This is actually a 3 1 2 star rating.Dennis L McKiernan s The Iron Tower trilogy contains The Dark Tide, Shadows of Doom, and The Darkest Day As I finished each book, I composed a short review of it, as follows The Dark Tide, the first book in Dennis L McKiernan s Iron Tower trilogy is

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    2 1 2 stars I guess.I read these in third or fourth grade, and while I haven t read them since, this series was fundamental in my early reading It was big, epic, and relatively accessible for a precocious kid The Iron Tower s impact on my reading cannot likely not be overstated For one thing

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