Absolute Essentials of Islam Faith Prayer the Path of

Absolute Essentials of Islam Faith Prayer the Path of Salvation According to the Hanafi School This is a short but excellent work by Shaykh Faraz Fareed Rabbani It primarily explains how one makes his worship valid and sound according to the Ḥanafī School This makes it a fundamental work for all Muslims who want to ensure their wuḍūʼ purification and salāt prayer is validIt begins with the six pillars of faith and what each one of these beliefs entails1 Belief in Allāh2 Belief in the Angles3 Belief in the Books4 Belief in Allāh's Messengers5 Belief in the Last Day6 Belief in DestinyIt is very short in explaining each pillar and covers the bare bones as is its intention It is perfect for someone wanting to know the very basics of these beliefs After covering the six pillars of faith the Shaykh explains what is meant by obligatory farḍ necessary wājib recommended mustaḥabb and other such terms covering eight different rulings It is a good brief explanation of these expressions in an Islamic context Again detailing just the basic meaning so as not to complicate matters or confuse readersThe bulk of this work is dedicated to wuḍūʼ and salāt It gives you a detailed explanation from beginning to end of how to carry out your wuḍūʼ in the correct manner It also expounds the obligatory parts of purification as well as what would nullify ones ritual ablution For example if you end up sleeping lying down or reclining on your side according to the Ḥanafī School then your ablution is nullified and you would need to do your wuḍūʼ again all four imāms agree that sleep nullifies your wuḍūʼ but differ on posture and other such details Imām Abū Ḥanīfah d150767 based this on the ḥadīth Ablution is obligatory on one who sleeps reclining on one side The book does not aim to give you the reasons behind the ruling or the authority in terms of how this was established It is for anyone wanting to know the basics of what is obligatory in the wuḍūʼ as well as the salāt covered in the subseuent chapter and what would invalidate each of themThe Shaykh goes on to explain that the obligatory actions in the prayer are twelve Seven are outside the prayer and are called conditions eg you must be in state of ritual purity facing the ibla; five are inside the prayer eg standing bowing and are called integrals The Shaykh lists the necessary actions in prayer as well as the actions that are disliked in the prayer in addition to the actions that would invalidate your prayer Most importantly he provides a complete description of the prayer from beginning to end so you can follow it and correct or ensure you're praying according to a valid method It is important to learn the obligatory matters in Islam and prayer is high up on that listThe notes provide a transliteration of the Arabic to help English speakers correct their pronunciation of reciting for the prayer but it is not a substitute for a teacher However it is immensely beneficial and if you are worried that you may not be performing your prayer correctly but you're too afraid to ask then I advise you to purchase this work so that you may be able to learn and then take the next step to let one ualified listen to your recitation or observe your prayer That of course is entirely your choice but I highly recommend you purchase this as it helped me correct my prayer and I can only hope it would do the same for you This is the supplementary text which is made accessible when taking the Hanafi Track with seekersguidanceorg and I found it to be very helpful in summarizing the lectures The lectures can be uite long but this book reinforces the core of the knowledge the student is supposed to take away very well A Basic Hanafi Primer on Faith Prayer the Path of Salvation God has commanded us to worship and obey Him with sincerity out of reverence love and thankfulness He says in the ur'an And they are ordered only to serve God keeping religion pure for Him to remain upright and to establish worship and to pay the poor due That is true religion ur'an 985 This worship is not possible without knowledge This short work outlines the absolute essentials of this knowledge in faith prayer and key points related to one's life and dealings It is based on the methodology of traditional Sunni Islam according to the Hanafi school the largest school of Islamic law and its purpose is to make one's worship valid sound and proper in a short amount of time • Learn the basics essentials of Islamic beliefs • Make your purification and prayer proper sound valid • Learn key issues on the path to Paradise The Absolute Essentials of Islam by Shaykh Faraz Rabanni is absolutely essential for those taking the Hanafi school under their purview It's a very short primer that contains what you need to go from curious newcomer to an on track beginner It's also useful for intermediate readers as it's filled with little details of basic concepts one at times may forget You can finish this primer in a little bit over an hour or if careful Knowing the concepts in this book is crucial to all Muslims because it is what you'll be doing each and every day as a practicing Muslim So take this short work to heart and besides it's straightforward The accomplishments of right faith accurate prayer and realizing the path of salvation is an excellent start to those seeking to expand their Islamic knowledge and to get closer to their Lord A really uick on the go book covering the essentials you reuire Really good book to sometimes look through for basic essentials and is a very uick read This is a must read for English speaking followers of the Hanafi school of Islamic jurisprudence It is probably the best primer available in the English language The book went along with a course that I followed on SeekersGuidance Amazing May Allah ﷻ be pleased with Shaykh Faraz Rabbani Amin Very good book describing very basic aspects of Islam according to Hanafi Fih He details what the core beliefs a Muslim should have how one should clean themselves and how one should pray It's only 64 pages long and can easily be read in one sitting Essential reading for any Muslim non Muslim curious about the faith Concise instructions on proper prayer washing and sunnah Has all the essentials Great for practical use Faraz Rabbani writes this book as a very good manual for Muslims following the Hanafi School of Madhab Shaykh Faraz Rabbani has approached this text in very simple terms with the goal – to educate in the basics and essentials we need to follow for Islam Through the following excerpt in his book he establishes this goal by further proving it with a verse from the ur’anShaykh Faraz Rabbani writes “God has commanded us to worship and obey Him with sincerity out of reverence love and thankfulness He says in the ur'an And they are ordered only to serve God keeping religion pure for Him to remain upright and to establish worship and to pay the poor due That is true religion ur'an 985”I really enjoyed how Shaykh Faraz Rabbani wrote out these chapters Each chapter begins with verses of the ur’an speaking of its’ characteristics He then coupled this with listing basics and obligatory acts for each of these essentials The fact that this book was written just including these basics it is a very good manual a Muslim can refer to ongoingly Every time I do Ablution or Wudu I can look up the handy list of obligatory acts as a refresher and make sure I’m not missing anything whilst I perform this act I recommend everyone to have this copy on hand and refer to this book from time to time to ensure our basics are being covered accurately and soundly

About the Author: Faraz Rabbani

Faraz Rabbani was born in Karachi Pakistan and raised in Toronto Canada He entered the University of Toronto with a full scholarship and completed his Bachelor's in Economics & Commerce in May 1997 While in Canada Shaykh Faraz was involved with various organizations and projects including founding and running the monthly The Muslim Voice and acting as the Vice President of the University of

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