Tous les animaux ne sont pas bleus Le grand livre des

Sharing simple concepts Not All Animals Are Blue prompts discussion about colors movement attitude and even accessories It is an interactive book for adults and children to enjoy together reading listening discussing and laughing Full color Tous les animaux ne sont pas bleus Le grand livre des petites différences

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    Between Il Sung Na Nicholas Oldland Karla Gudeon and now Béatrice Boutignon I feel as if I need to start keeping a list of promising new picture book artists to keep an eye on Originally published in France as Tous les animaux ne sont pas bleus Boutignon's debut title is a delightfully interactive animal extravaganza sure to please young readers who like to take some time with their booksEach two page spread in Not All Animals Are Blue features five animals adorably depicted by

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    I absolutely love this book of differences This is one that is meant to be looked at individually with parent andor child as the illustrations and the things the reader needs to hunt for are uite small Each page features an illustration in which the reader must find the differences between the animals pictured The illustrations are just beautiful and the things we are hunting for are whimsical and not always easy to spot Sometimes it's up to interpretation This is a perfect book fo

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    A good lapsit book share because the kid would want to really look at the page to figure out which sentence each animal went with

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    Read this cute little book to Jack a short while ago He was able to figure out which clue in the story went with which animal picture pretty easily It was written very descriptively and in easy to understand language for my four year old He sat still and enjoyed it all the way through even though it has pages than he's used to reading Will definitely read it to the kids again as I'm sure Emmie will want a turn as well

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    This book is great for a 3 4 year old who likes to talk about the picture and ask uestions On each page are 5 animals that are similar but are doing different things like wearing a hat taking a nap facing backwards etc The facing page gives 'clues' to match with one of the animals such as She likes to stretch out They are easy clues for school age kids but I'll revisit this one for the inuisitive youngster when he's just a bit older

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    A fun book to share with a little one You read the descriptions and they pick out which animal in the illustrations matches

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    What a fun basis for discussion

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    The illustrations are really cute but I didn't find the rhythm or word choice all thatgreat Kinda clunky and lame IMO Important idea for a children's book but wasn'timpressed with this effort

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    Such a cute bookLots of different animals and each sentence goes along with a different animal Not a lot of character development Lots of rich language describing the different animals

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    Useful for differentiation practice

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