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Dirty Harry #5 Family Skeletons For Dirty Harry it's a homecoming in hell as he blazes through Boston's combat zone Dirty Harry Callahan stalks a mass murderer through Boston's infamous underworld where crooked cops are usually looking the other way Once it was the Boston Strangler now the killer's got a knife and is carving up college girls Dirty Harry will slice through the slime to find him

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    Dirty Harry #5 “Family Skeletons” Rick Meyers Harry’s cousin Linda Donovan asks him to come to Boston to help the family He takes a week’s leave to visit though he doesn’t want to In Boston he learns that a young girl that was raped and murdered was a close friend of Linda’s daughter and they’re afraid she’s next She’s involved in a religious cult

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    Interesting enough story for fans of the film series The main character isn't as fully realised as in the films however it is nice explore into Harry's family history with some neat pop culture references thrown in A different title could have be used The story was a bit violent in places

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    From the opening murder to the graphic rape at the end this is Dirty Harry meets '80s SplatterPunk Whichever of the 2 contract authors who wrote as Dane Hartman for this series really outdid themselves hereOh als we learn a bit about Harry's family but no one reads these books for that They're from the Men Of Action line We read them for the action

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    My least favorite of all the Dirty Harry books A muddled mystery that didn't work for me

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