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Rising Tides Chesapeake Bay Saga #2 Ethan uinn shares his late father's passion for the ocean and he's determined to make the family boat building business a success But as well as looking out for his young brother Seth the strong but guarded uinn is also battling some difficult home truthsGrace Monroe the woman Ethan has always loves but never believed he could have is learning that appearances can be deceptive For beneath Ethan's still dark waters lies a shocking past With Grace's help can he overcome the shadows that haunt him and finally accept who he is

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    Great series An awesome and interesting storyline that dealt with what brotherhood meant this was the best book in the series i think because of the good storytelling and writing paperback

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    Rising Tides is the second book in Nora Roberts' Chesapeake Bay uinn Brothers saga It features the middle brother Ethan who was the 2nd boy rescued by Ray and Stella uinn and given a new life He's the epitome of the saying still waters run deep Ethan may be able to hold his own in a fight with his brothers but he prefers to take things slow to think them through and doesn't see the need to chatt

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    Final rating 4755 starsAnother great book in the series And another sudden ending but I'm getting used to it since all stories are connected and the character stories don't end with each book as they appear through all 4 books This time story focus is on Ethan the second brother continuing directly after the last book ended And I loved it I admit I was frustrated sometimes with the beating around the b

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    The second book in the series picks up right where Sea Swept left off Anna and Cam are on their honeymoon Phillip is commuting to the house on the bay every weekend to help build the new boat and care for their new brother Seth Seth is finally blending into his new family with help from Ethan the steady thoughtful fishermancraftsman who now has his eyes set on something than just the next crab pot But can

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    Review without spoilers Ray and Stella had taken them in three half grown boys all wild all damaged all strangers And had made them a familyOh my Grace thought with her nose pressed up against the window Oh my If she’d ever seen two impressive examples of the male form she couldn’t say when She’d only intended to sneak a uick glance Really Just one innocent little peek But then Ethan had peeled off his s

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    This book needs a major trigger warning there is child abuse Although it's in the past it is still very disturbing Ethan had a horrific childhood By the time the uinn's saved him he was almost dead and completely without hope They helped him to heal but he still carried a hurt on his soul and never saw himself worthy of love marriage and especially children Grace always loved him A strong single mother She is willing

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    Better than the first book I think but not by a lot Ethan isn't the demanding jerkwad that Cam is but he has his own neuroses and it was layered on rather thick The whole I'm tragically flawed and must be alone thing was rather self indulgent and that stood against every other aspect of his lifeThat said Grace was nine kinds of awesome even if view spoilershe did go kind of stupid with the whole assuming Ethan just needed

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    Awwww you knowuntil I discovered this author I considered myself a practical levelheaded and down to Earth kind of woman Not all the time but most of it I try to be reasonable and sensible when I have to make a decision I never fuss or get distressed on situations that tend to make most people altered and upset What I'm trying to say is that I'm not of the emotional type the analyze every freaking detail before making a decis

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    Another sweet read I liked Ethan and Grace although Ethan was a bit stubborn at times I know he had a tough upbringing prior to meeting the uinns but Interesting storyline about Seth Want to keep reading so that I find out what the little mystery is but might wait a while I really think some of these older kindle books should be a bit cheaper But that is just me probablyNice to catch up with the characters from the first book

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    35 Stars I am often amazed when I read a Nora Roberts book The opening of this book is just so lovely in terms of place feeling and character How does she do this so prolifically? I love that Ethan is a working class hero and so devoted to his family The loved forever theme is a fun one and Grace is great as wellRoberts writing shines but I am kept from falling in love with this book because I want to send Ethan to therapy and want what

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