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Adult Head Adult Head is the first book of poetry by Jeff Tweedy the songwriting genius behind the band Wilco In turns surreal and concrete playful and serious urgent and whimsical Adult Head rewards readers with a uniue prosody and deep wisdom Culled from the same mind responsible for some of the best lyrics and music made in the past decade this volume displays Tweedy's prodigious talent for poetry on the page Jeff Tweedy has devoted the last twenty years of his life to songwriting and music making As a member of the band Wilco and formerly of the band Uncle Tupelo Tweedy and his band mates have garnered respect and praise from Rolling Stone Spin the New Yorker the New York Times and the Chicago Tribune Tweedy lives in Chicago with his wife and two sons

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    Years ago before I finished my English degree and tempered my opinion a bit I said to my sister Yeah I don't like poetryAnd she said Listen to Jeff Tweedy's lyrics and you'll see he's a great poetSo although I'd dabbled in Wilco's music a bit and I'd always liked what lyrics I could understand I paid closer attention Eventually I heard abo

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    apparently I like his poems better as songs

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    I'm generally a big fan of Tweedy's work but much of this collection felt a bit like a glimpse into his notebooks than a finished collection of poetry to me Maybe I should have looked at it as suchas a glimpse into his notebooks I actually found it uite fascinating Anyone familiar with his songs will instantly recognize some of the seeds I'

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    A great look into Tweedy's writing process Several lines are featured usually slightly tweaked in Wilco songs; specifically the album A Ghost is Born

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    It just needed to be longer

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    I didn't love every poem in this book but there are several that really hit me hard

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    I've had this book for years I bought it at a Wilco concert I'm not sure why it took me so long to read it None of the poems really resonated with me I liked discovering lines that appear in some of Wilco's songs and there were some other beautifully written lines in here as well But I rate books based on how much I enjoyed reading them and sadl

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    picked JT's book of poetry up at a Wilco concert both were lovely now i just want for the author to sign it

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    My review Disclaimer I think I have been pretty objective here but you should know that I am a huge Wilco fanI am not sure how I would have felt about the poems in Jeff Tweedy's Adult Head had I read it prior to the release of Wilco's album A Ghost is Born Several of the poems or at least some of their individual stanzas have since appeared in so

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    I did enjoy this For the most part at leastIt was really an odd experience reading what amounted to Wilco lyrics without the music It's nonsensical at times and if you think too hard about the words and the cadence these poems will fall apart BUT if you just read them and let your mind wander around in them its got something special you can feelI k

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