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Biggles and the Pirate Treasure This contains eleven short stories These are as follows BIGGLES AND THE PIRATE TREASUREThe descendant of a pirate has discovered a treasure map but greed ends in tragedy Dust cover THE CASE OF THE OBLIGING TOURISTA change encounter helps Biggles smash a jewellery smuggling racket NIGHT FLIGHTPlanes are disappearing over the Middle East Biggles and Co set up a trap to catch the culprits THE CASE OF THE IVORY IDOLBiggles is tricked into recovering a religious artefact that is much than it seems BIGGLES BUYS A WATCHA clever watch smuggling racket is uncovered when Biggles chances upon the method of disposal THE CASE OF THE POISONED CROPSCrops are dying in East Africa and this is causing native unrest Biggles has to find the culprits BIGGLES NETS A FISHScientific plans from an Atomic Sub Station are leaked and Biggles has to find the guilty party THE CASE OF THE LUNATIC AT LARGEA war hero goes mad after his twin brother is arrested and threatens to use a stolen bomber THE CASE OF THE FLYING CLOWNA disfigured armaments king is seeking revenge on the world that he thinks has wronged him THE CASE OF THE PHONE BOX MURDERA murder in a phone box leads to the discovery of a criminal transportation network THE UNKNOWN DIAMONDSDr Shultz who deals in Monkeys has discovered a novel way of using them to smuggle diamonds

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    Johns' heart wasn't in this one ETA It was almost worth it for the deformed flying clown

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    Biggles Co short stories Most enjoyable in this collection were Biggles and the Pirate Treasure; The Case of the Ivory Idol; and The Unknown Diamonds all set in exotic and far away places

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    Another Collection of Cool Biggles Stories9 March 2014This is another collection of short stories staring the ace World War I pilot in his post World War II role as the head of the Scotland Yard Air Police Yes that person is Bigglesworth otherwise known to his friends and many adoring readers throughout the western world as Biggles Howev

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    Dit is een verzameling korte na oorlogse verhalen van Biggles en vriendenIn deze verhalen krijgt Biggles te maken met een mismaakte clown een diamanten smokkelaar die apen gebruikt om de diamanten in te vervoeren een smokkel van staatsgeheimen en nog veel meer

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    Re read 1212 99

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