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Return to Avalon From Arthurian tales with a twist to stories of pre Roman Britain's pagan Goddess to epic struggles between Christianity and Celtic gods these 20 tales capture the essence of Marion Zimmer BradleyContentsIntroduction Diana L Paxson Foreword Andre Norton To light such a candle Eluki Bes Shahar The grail of heart's desire Judith Tarr Lady of Avalon Diana L Paxson With God to guard her Kate Elliott Appreciation CJ Cherryh Sing to me of love and shadows Deborah Wheeler The wellspring Katharine Kerr Knives Dave Smeds A refuge of firedrakes Susan Shwartz Appreciation Charles de Lint The hag Lawrence Schimel Salve Regina Melanie Rawn Tress of Avalon Elisabeth Waters Sparrow Esther Friesner The spell between worlds Karen Haber The stone mother's curse Dave Wolverton Appreciation Paul Edwin Zimmer Iontioren's tale Paul Edwin Zimmer Winter tales Adrienne Martine Barnes Dark lady Jane M Lindskold The lily maid of Astolat Laura Resnick Appreciation Jennifer Roberson Guinevere's truth Jennifer Roberson

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    710This collection of short stories loosely connected to the sagas of Avalon and Camelot is a tribute of sorts to Marion Zimmer Bradley author of The Mists of Avalon Several of the authors are familiar favorites of mine and several of the stories are enjoyable A few seemed did not seem to fit the overall theme of the book and some were just plain boring to meI am not a fan of short stories; if they are well executed they just make me want a fuller and expansive story and if they are not then I am disappointed and dissatisfied So it is difficult for me to review this book other than to say if you like short stories and the tales of Avalon and Camelot you would probably enjoy many of the stories in this collection

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    Return to Avalon edited by Jennifer Roberson is an anthology of Arthurian short stories With the exception of Lady of Avalonnot to be confused with the novel by the same name none of these stories have anything to do with Marion Zimmer Bradley's Avalon Lady of Avalon is set some time after the events of T

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    I started reading MZB books back in jr high and while I can't say I always enjoyed the experiences I had in her books they stuck with me and shaped much of the way I saw the legends and myths she expanded upon This tribute to her work felt very true to her spirit Not every story was enjoyable Not every sto

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    I suppose some stories as sad as they are need to be told as well This is one of them As sad as it is to go up against the forces of evil in this case the priest and be taken as a witch a heretic just for speaking the truth it is still necessary for people to do this Stories like this rally us forth to go a

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    Many excellent stories but the book as a collection is marred by a few not up to that standard Also there are uite a few stories which while interesting have nothing to do with Avalon let alone MZB's version of the Avalon mythos

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    It was finally a follow up to my faorite childhood book The Midst of Avalon

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    Ok It didn't have the wow I was hoping for

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