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Billionaire's Proposition Billionaire s Proposition by Leanne Banks released on Jan ,is available now for purchase

10 thoughts on “Billionaire's Proposition

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    I needed a little breakand what a sweet little break this was I have forgotten how good these little books can make one feel No terribly difficult storylinejust a man, a woman and a love story What could be better

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    This book was very light reading and funny Couldn t put it down.

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    Ericka is a joy, a fighter, a take no prisoners, knows what she wants You go girl Gannon on he other hand thinks too much what others think When that backfires and he is losing the love of his life he does not know it yet , his uncle Daniel s words of wisdom wakes him up Ericka and Gannon compliment each other and are soul mates as well ask knowing what each othe

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    Excellent read I can hardly wait to read the other book The Elliotts are an interesting family, I m ready for book three

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    Since this is a Silhouette Desire book, there are not glaring edit mistakes The book was ok It was an average contemporary romance Here s the get down This is the first in a line of books about one very wealthy publishing family and their quest for love The first book involves the eldest son of the eldest son, Gannon Gannon is one of the editors at Pulse He had an affair w

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    well I am in love with this series Every book getting better and better, except you don t count where just wanted to strangle Gallon He acts like a boy, cant decide anything, so immature, in the end he finds the right way but so much pain for Erica.I just wanted to kill him Bloody Gallon is an editor like Erica they got involved sexually They keep it secret until gossips react

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    Gannon Elliott never expected to become a father just to hire an editor for his magazine But the billionaire had been bred to compete and win, like all in the Elliott dynasty, and now to win a challenge, he needed the best his ex lover Erika Layven.More than anything, Erika wanted a baby, and the way she saw it, Gannon, who d ruined her for any other man, owed her It didn t matter t

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    Te quiero, Erika repiti l Te quiero porque me haces re r, porque me haces pensar, porque me haces sentir cosas que nunca cre que pudiera llegar a sentir S que estas cosas no se me dan muy bien, pero t siempre has sido una mujer paciente, y estoy seguro de que puedo aprender a amar si t me ense as Como que le falta un poco para ser mejor historia Tiene buena base, pero todo pasa demasiado

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    Know what upset me about this book and the sixth book I read them out of order , the guys call all the shots When How Where If.It s disgustingly sexist I know most of these books are that way, it s probably PMS but I long for a book where the woman has the power for a change It is fiction afterall, right

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    3 x 1 le decian.Pienso que si hubiera sido el primer libro que leia de la serie probablemente no la hubiera seguido, bastante inconclusa la historia, lamentablemente.Pero algunos otros libros de la serie si valen la pena.

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