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The Cruelest Stranger The First Time I Saw Him Was At A Bar Called Ophelia S On A Misty Thursday Night I Was There To Drown My Sorrows After A Trying Day, He Was There To Escape The Storm After A Brief Yet Incredibly Cruel Exchange, The Handsome Stranger Bolted Before I Had A Chance To Tell Him Off Incensed And Two Cocktails Deep, I Followed Him Out The Door, Determined To Give The Audacious Adonis A Piece Of My Mind Tearing After Him In Heels And Barely Able To Keep Up In The Freezing Rain, I Ended My Chase When I Realized Where He Was Going They Say Never To Judge Someone Unless You Know Their Story I Never Could Have Anticipated His And I Never Could Have Anticipated The Way Our Paths Would Cross Again Or That I Would One Day Find Myself Falling For A Man With A Hollow Cavity Where His Heart Should Be, A Man As Callous As He Was Beautiful, As Complicated As He Was Mesmeric They Say Never To Judge Someone Unless You Know Their Story This One S Ours [ PDF / Epub ] ★ Longbow Girl Author Linda Davies – Lavons.co.uk He Was There To Escape The Storm After A Brief Yet Incredibly Cruel Exchange [EPUB] ✸ On His Naughty List Author Jessica Jarman – Lavons.co.uk The Handsome Stranger Bolted Before I Had A Chance To Tell Him Off Incensed And Two Cocktails Deep [PDF / Epub] ✩ Fire Colour One ☉ Jenny Valentine – Lavons.co.uk I Followed Him Out The Door !!> Download ➺ Invisible Wounds ✤ Author Kay Douglas – Lavons.co.uk Determined To Give The Audacious Adonis A Piece Of My Mind Tearing After Him In Heels And Barely Able To Keep Up In The Freezing Rain [Download] ✤ A City Possessed By Lynley Hood – Lavons.co.uk I Ended My Chase When I Realized Where He Was Going They Say Never To Judge Someone Unless You Know Their Story I Never Could Have Anticipated His And I Never Could Have Anticipated The Way Our Paths Would Cross Again Or That I Would One Day Find Myself Falling For A Man With A Hollow Cavity Where His Heart Should Be [Reading] ➶ Her Husbands Mistake ➽ Sheila O& – Lavons.co.uk A Man As Callous As He Was Beautiful ✺ Mr Dove Über Den Wassern Epub ✽ Author Maurice Shadbolt – Lavons.co.uk As Complicated As He Was Mesmeric They Say Never To Judge Someone Unless You Know Their Story This One S Ours Anyone who knows me knows that fictional mean boys make the world go round THE MEANER THE BETTER There is something about the spirited banter and the back and forth that has made me an addict For that reason I loved Bennett Schoenback from the get go He was cruel and heartless oh the ironywith a huge dose of cynical charm that I could not get enough of At first his connection with Astaire was tumultuous at best but after getting to know one another, a love story was born I thought this story was sexy, heartfelt, full of drama and emotional gut punches and I loved every minute of it What I especially loved about this story was the twists and surprises that added an edge to the story While some were obvious, others knocked me flat out I enjoyed The Cruelest Stranger so much because of these twist and turns Renshaw s story wouldn t be complete without the hot fiery chemistry between Bennett and Astaire and the nerve wracking climax This story was a win and I am so onboard for her next one Bravo 5 stars Ratula Rain Brings New BeginningsA heart wrenching and heartwarming enemies to lovers romance that will make you believe in fated soul mates.One night in a random bar and both their lives change forever He s the biggest jerk she s ever met She s sunshine and all the good things about life He s a pessimist but sees it as being a realist She always gives everyone the benefit of the doubt and looks at the bright side of life She s the light to his dark.You never know the pain that someone else is going through Astaire knew that better than anyone Even after the all she has lost, she still believes in love and kindness So when she sees a stranger that she believes is suffering, she reaches out And so their story begins.Bennett is a man who lashes out first because he expects the worst, which is exactly what he does when he meets Astaire Coming from the family he has you can understand Astaire is not deterred and refuses to be cruel like him However, as much as he doesn t want her in his life, he can t stop thinking about her.He s a very wealthy business owner dealing with his own baggage She s a kindergarten teacher trying to make the most of life An unexpected meeting changes everything Their lives are intersected in ways than they realize Sometimes fate knows better than we do.This is an emotional enemies to lovers, fated love story Bennett doesn t believe in that stuff or even marriage, but Astaire is about to change his life for the better He is about to be schooled on all matters of the heart They have amazing chemistry and a connection that s unavoidable He never expected her, but he s never letting her go Love is messy, but it s worth it Together they ll both find the family they deserve. In my opinion, this is my favorite WR book Bennett and Astaire had the worst accidental meet up She thought there was a possibility that he was her blind date, but Bennett is angry, exasperating, infuriating, standoffish, a big ole meanie to her, just by her trying to ask a question GAHHHHH, I felt my anger rise when that happened to her This guy, really But, when someone is that angry, there is a backstory there Astaire is wanting to find out, she always looks on the bright side of things There is something about Bennett where she just wants find out She s just intrigued, and there is something about her that he s curious about.These two somewhat become friends as they slowly tread lightly on their new fragile friendship Bennett grew up filthy rich, a family with mountains of baggage He is going through some rough times internally, but a surprise hits him, and he s going to do anything and everything to make it work I love seeing Bennett slowly break down his barriers to allow Astaire to help him and show him what real love is I love seeing this guy fall completely in love with people who are important to him This is definitely a book to be read I could not put this one down The writing was great, it flowed very seamlessly, and I really wanted epilogues Love Love Love Bennett All the angst I expect from a Winter book, some steam, some drama, and a HEAOn a dark, rainy night, Astaire goes to meet a blind date She was set up by a co worker After a stop to make herself presentable after the rain, she sits at the bar waiting for her date All she knows is his name, he has dark hair, and is over 6 ft Not altogether down with this after a long day, but she tries anyway And a case of mistaken identity leads to Bennett and Astaire s first encounter And it is far from pleasant Their chemistry sizzles Except Bennett is a cold, cold man He trusts no one And prefers no one know he s actually a decent guy Although he doesn t think so He just secretly tries to make up for the karmic evil he feels his family has imparted upon the world Astaire on the other hand is a kindergarten teacher And, despite the tragedies and experiences in her life, she still tries to be a good person Even to a cold, rude stranger.No one expects the twists and turns their lives take They certainly don t expect to discover all the things that link them to each other I loved this one All the angst I expect from a Winter book, some steam, some drama, and a HEA at the end of bumpy road I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. The Cruelest Stranger is the first book by Winter Renshaw that I read, although I ve added some of her older books in my TBR list that I will read in the future because I really liked this one It didn t just have a hot guy on the cover, it also had a nice story that was my cup of tea because it s an enemies to lovers romance.The book tells the story of Astaire and Bennett, two people who couldn t be different if they tried Astaire is in a bar waiting for her blind date Thanks to the heavy rain, her clothes and everything is ruined, so she tries to fix her attire in the bathroom and misses the guy she has to meet But she does meet another man, that she mistakes for her blind date Bennett doesn t want anybody to bother him while he s drinking, and when Astaire is about to ask him if he s the man she s supposed to be meeting that night, he cuts her off with a venomous tone that chills her to the bone After he walks away and forgets his umbrella, Astaire, like the good woman she is, follows him to give it back despite his treatment She could have ignored the stranger that was cruel to her, but she didn t And this will change everything for both of them.Astaire was a special woman She s a kindergarten teacher and she is a simple and mature person who always tries to see the good in people and in life Speaking of which, life wasn t kind to her The blind date was a way for her to try to move on from the death of her fianc e who died a year before in an accident Nobody knows when it s the best moment to go on with their life after such a tragedy, but Astaire felt like it was time she tried to get in touch with people again, to try to find love again, despite she will always be attached to the fond memory of her boyfriend When Bennett treats her like crap, Astaire doesn t get mad because she assumes he s had a bad day and since she follows him to give him back the umbrella, she reinforces her assumptions and forgives him for replying her as if she did something bad to him in the bar It s what Astaire does later that starts a series of exchanges with Bennett and that keeps the line alive between them I liked that despite Bennett was truly an ass whenever he met Astaire because he also assumed something about her from their encounter , she stood her ground with kindness and always tried to be sincere with him despite he didn t believe her at first Like I said a while ago, Bennett was an ass ever since the first encounter with Astaire He basically assumes the worst scenario possible as the reason why she approached him at the bar, which is terrible, but at the same time I get where he s coming from Bennett is a private person and he grew up in a family of wolves his mother only cares about appearances and his older brother envies his success with women and with the family business he s managing This is why Bennett never shows his true feelings to anybody and questions everything and everyone In his life he s only dealt with greedy people who stopped at nothing to steal what he liked Bennett makes assumptions before even knowing people better because he wants to save himself from rejection and delusion Plus, he doesn t think he s worthy of being loved, since his so called family never showed affection towards him In the end, people will always want money and nobody wants to stick around to be with him He is annoyed by Astaire s messages and casual meetings because he thinks she s a fraud, but in the end he ll see that it was just a defense mechanism and that he just imagined that she could be doing that, but he realizes that Astaire is really like that and she s being honest with him Basically, Astaire will make him see that not everyone is bad and that if he wants, he can be happy.I would consider this story a slow burn, because the feelings between Astaire and Bennett grow chapter after chapter but not too soon There isn t insta love nor insta lust in this book, on the other hand, the thoughts of the characters are realistic and natural I don t know how to explain this unlike some books of this genre where both characters think omg he she is hot all the time, and say the usual lines during sex, this one showed that life isn t only made of sexual thoughts I mean, it didn t revolve everything around the budding romance between Astaire and Bennett but also around other aspects of daily life Their life was normal I mean, their actions and thoughts were normal in the way that seemed believable, not like those stories where it seems the characters only have one thing on their mind and it all comes down to that in the end.There isn t only romance in this book, but many other things that you ll discover chapter after chapter So my suggestion is read it and found out for yourself. After being fortunate enough to receive an ARC of this book, I was so excited to delve in and see where this story would take me Right from the get go, I wanted to dislike Bennett No matter how bad your circumstances, there is no excuses for taking it out on a stranger Astair has had a tough up bringing, but still sees that there is to Bennett even after the way he treated her the first time they met.Bennett had built up a wall and was not really living, just existing He really started to second guess his life choices after a number of coincidental run ins with Astair She saw beneath the surface with Bennett and did not want to judge his nasty and cruel behaviour without getting to know him better She is the bright spark he needed without ever realising A new development and twist of fate also changes his life and gives him the second chance he didn t think he wanted or needed.This was a very heartfelt emotional story There was a lot of family drama and at the core, a beautiful look at two opposites attracting and getting a second chance at life to do things better, love better and just be better I received an ARC and this is my honest review. I received a review copy of this book in exchange for an honest voluntary review All opinions are my own and not influenced by my source Winter Renshaw s novels always surprise me with their trajectory and this one was no exception While I was able to put together the pieces fairly quickly, that didn t stop me from becoming engrossed in this couple s story From their hostile first meeting to the crazy coincidences that happen afterwards, there was something captivating about these two.The communication between our leads was great Their ability to patiently react to situations and Astaire s ability to opt and see the best in Bennett was great to read about It isn t always sunshine and roses in relationships and this book reminds us that things take work and time And I loved how that relationship added depth to their individual characters As we peel back the layers, these characters evolve before your eyes and contribute even to the story.If you are looking for a contemporary romance that is unique from its peers, check this outCheck out spoiler free book and series reviews on my blog SERIESousBookReviews.com as well as read book series recaps Full Review Actual Rating 4.5 5 After having read just the first few pages, I was completely hooked I stayed up all night to finish this novel because I just couldn t put it down A heartwarming story wherein characters were believable and flawed and wonderful Astaire a pre school teacher who grew up in a not so ideal environment but it didn t make her hard or jaded She has this positive attitude and chooses to see the good in people So, meeting Bennett is really a challenge to her personality.Bennett the arrogant, dark and brooding businessman His attitude comes from how he was brought up by his so called family I really didn t like Bennett very much he s just so mean to Astaire But as the author expertly added depth and dimension to his character, Bennett really grew on me.I thoroughly enjoy how it all started with Astaire and Bennett Scenes are funny, sweet, romantic, sexy and infuriating when they are together As the story progresses, there s a twist that will make the plot captivating The Cruelest Stranger is everything I want in an enemy to lovers trope Ms Renshaw nailed this book, in my opinion Note ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review Thank you I was hooked from the first chapter I loved getting to know Bennett and Astaire What they ve had to go through in life and how they ve come out the other side, happier Astaire and relaxed Bennett Astaire is forever the optimist and well what can I say about Bennett He was just downright cynical Until one Thursday night that was pouring with rain that changed the trajectory of his life for the better As the saying goes kill them with kindness and I think it worked in this case with Bennett He s never truly know kindness and he needed to Astaire to show him that not everyone wants something when they show kindness and offer friendship It didn t start out that way Oh no, he was as cruel as they came and I have to say Astaire held her own in regards to his cruelty She also got up in his face and demanded he be a nicer person, just by being there for him I felt sorry for Bennett and never having love in his life, until Astaire and Honor came into it Astaire may have been dealt a terrible hand in life but it never distinguished her kind and generous spirit I thoroughly enjoyed this book and couldn t have been happier for Bennett to get his happily ever after with someone who saw who he really was and Astaire is that perfect person for him.

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