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Absalom Absalom “Read read read Read everything—trash classics good and bad and see how they do it Just like a carpenter who works as an apprentice and studies the master Read You’ll absorb it Then write If it is good you’ll find out If it’s not throw it out the window” —William Faulkner  Absalom Absalom is Faulkner’s epic tale of Thomas Sutpen an enigmatic stranger who comes to Jefferson Mississippi in the early 1830s to wrest his mansion out of the muddy bottoms of the north Mississippi wilderness He was a man Faulkner said “who wanted sons and the sons destroyed him”

About the Author: William Faulkner

William Cuthbert Faulkner was a Nobel Prize winning American novelist and short story writer One of the most influential writers of the twentieth century his reputation is based mostly on his novels novellas and short stories He was also a published poet and an occasional screenwriterThe majority of his works are set in his native state of Mississippi Though his work was published as early

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    Apologies for previously having some snobbery in this review that I wrote 10 years ago which I have now edited In the interim 10 years I have had children and now have to read books about cat mermaids so karma has bit my ass aggressively Let’s just enjoy this“ and opposite uentin Miss Coldfield in the eternal black which she had worn for forty three years now whether for sister father or nothusband

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    The picture above was used on the first edition dust jacket published in 1936 by Random House It is the image I had in my mind of Sutpen's Hundred the plantation built by Thomas Sutpen The hundred stands for a 100 suare miles the geographic size of the plantation 100 suare miles of land is euivalent to 64000 acres In other words it is a BIG PLACE The gist of all this is that Thomas Sutpen built himself an empi

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    How am I to put all the pain of this novel into a review? The pain of the suffering characters? The pain of the reader suffering with them? There were moments when I felt I couldn't take it any when the carefully built puzzle added another piece to the beautifully decorated and carefully furnished hellscapeWhat makes you able to talk about that kind of pain then I could ask following the path of uentin and Shreve the

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    622 Absalom Absalom William Faulkner 1897 1962Absalom Absalom is a novel by the American author William Faulkner first published in 1936 Taking place before during and after the Civil War it is a story about three families of the American South with a focus on the life of Thomas Sutpenابشالوم، ابشالوم ویلیام فاکنر نیلوفرادبیات؛ تاریخ نخستین خوانش روز دهم ماه آوریل سال 2000 میلادیعنوان ابشالوم، ابشالوم؛ اثر ویلیم فاکنر؛ مترجم صالح حسینی؛ مشخصات نشر تهران، نیلوفر، 1378، در 414 ص، شابک 9644480864؛ چاپ دوم 1382، موضوع داستانهای نویسندگان آمریکایی سده 20 مکتاب از نظر موضوع و سرگذشت، به رمان دیگر «فاکنر»، با عنوان «خشم و هیاهو»، بستگی پیدا میکند زیرا «کوئنتین کامپسون»، در این داستان، نقش بازجوی اصلی را بازی میکند، در حالیکه در رمان پیشین، ایشان خودکشی میکند ابشالوم از شاهکار پیشین «فاکنر» فاصله میگیرد، و با روشنای دیگری، برخی از مسائل فلسفی را بازمیگوید چیزی که بهتر از هرچیز میتواند همین کتاب را معرفی کند، شکل مارپیچ آرامی است، که با ایست های ناگهانی کوتاه، در گذشته، اندک اندک فراختر میشود، و سرانجام به افسانه، و سپس به اساطیر افسانه های کهن میپیوندد کمتر رمان معاصری همدوره، این اندازه بازتاب متاقیزیکی داشته، و بی اغراق زیاده روی میتوان گفت، که قهرمان پهلوان واقعی راستین ابشالوم زمان است نبوغ هوش سرشار بیمانند نویسنده، از این جستجوی توأم همراه با تردید دودلی و ابهام پوشیده و گاه آزار دهنده، رمانی پلیسی به وجود آورده، که در آن همه چیز، از اندیشه تا حوادث رخدادها، از عواطف مهربانی تا احساسها دریافتنها، به گویش مورد پسند فاکنر، «مادی» شده اند پهلوان داستان، چهل سال پیشتر، در روزی از ماه سپتامبر 1909 میلادی مرده است کوئنتین طی دعای افتتاحیه گشایش، نخستین عناصر خبری را، از دهان «کولدفیلد» پیر، که از راویان چهارگانه است، دریافت میکند و ا شربیانی

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    A great writer William Faulkner was winner of the Nobel Prize yet not an easy readThis novel the name comes from the Bible could be his best shows this Seemingly just another southern Gothic book with erratic flashback after flashback revealing the truth layer by layer maybe set both before and after the American Civil War 1861 1865 North against South 620000 soldiers died with different characters narrating the confusing story of T

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    Absalom Absalom William Faulkner's Novel of the Death of the Old SouthConsidered by many Faulkner scholars to be his masterpiece Absalom Absalom was read by goodreads group On the Southern Literary Trail in April 2012 And the king was much moved and went up to the chamber over the gate and wept and as he went thus he said O my son Absalom my son my son Absalom would God I had died for thee O Absalom my son my son Second Samuel 1833 King Jame

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    Starting to read Absalom Absalom might feel at first like walking into your friends having an important conversation but because you missed the first half of it you can’t tell whom it’s about and why they sound so absorbed by it and they’re so concentrated that they can’t and won’t listen to you reuesting that they please start over All you can do is try to make sense of the clues and signs you’re able to grasp and try to figure out for

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    Have you ever looked at one of Picasso's abstract females? You know the ones I mean The woman has a head in which the prominently jutting nose splits the face into two sections with violently contrasting colours Other body parts hugely disproportionate seem to bulge and dangle everywhere You contemplate it for a while shake your perfectly symmetrical head put your elegantly tapered fingers pensively to your shapely chin and think There's a human being in th

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    All the human vices turn around an instinct of procreationAnd a male instinct of procreation turns around a womanthe other sex is separated into three sharp divisions separated two of them by a chasm which could be crossed but one time and in but one direction—ladies women females—the virgins whom gentlemen someday married the courtesans to whom they went while on sabbaticals to the cities the slave girls and women upon whom that first caste rested and to whom

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    I would marry this book if our proud nation didn't define marriage as being only between a man and a woman

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