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The Homing Karen a young widow and her daughters are returning to her hometown where Karen plans to marry her high school sweetheart But her bliss soon turns to terror because something has gone horribly wrong with Mother Nature in peaceful Pleasant Valley An unearthly swarm is possessing the bodies and minds of youngsters From the author of Guardian HC Fawcett

About the Author: John Saul

John Saul grew up in Whittier California where he graduated from Whittier High School in 1959 He attended several colleges—Antioch in Ohio Cerritos in Norwalk California Montana State University and San Francisco State College variously majoring in anthropology liberal arts and theater but never obtaining a degree After leaving college he decided the best thing for a college dropout to

10 thoughts on “The Homing

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    I wanted desperately to scream Oh God This book sucks This book really really sucks but the only words I could find were It's fine It's totally fine And then I finished it As I closed in on 10 pages I thought to myself How the hell is John Saul going to end this story with 10 pages He did Which was a giant reli

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    This book is very special to me because John Saul was my first experience with a horror novel The Homing is one of the first John Saul books I read which I found when the bookmobile would visit my town once a month I would stay up late reading these books and then be so scared that it was hard to sleep I have had fond m

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    It was okay I felt like it left a lot of uestions unanswered though For example What happened to the infected coyote? Why did Julie get all distended and disgusting? Was it just because she was the ueen and all ueens of insects are bigger than the others? Why was she the ueen? Was it bc she was infected first? Why were the infec

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    A change of genre is always AGoodThingIf bugs bug you then this read is not for youI have a few other Saul's in my goodie bag however he does seem to teeter on the high 2 low 3 mark for me#51 TBR Busting 20133 Perfect Nightmare2 The Homing3 Sleepwalk

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    I read this when I was younger well a few chapters of it I ended up getting scared I threw it across the room vowing to never read it again a vow I have kept Then I started having nightmares about turning into a bee and being one of the only horror books to scare me so bad it earns the five stars Though now at my age I doubt it will be as good or

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    this book is hard to put down

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    Not Saul's best work but not his worst either Single mom and her two daughters move from LA to mom's home town to marry an old flame Some strange hybridengineered bees start causing trouble along with the company rep in town Definitely not for the sueamish this one has lots of bugs doing nasty things plus a brutal killer of young women

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    Dumb but entertaining Read for the 2019 Pop Sugar Challenge could count for 2 word title about a family features a wedding told from 2 points of view may take advantage of that later in the year if I get behind on the challenge

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    What to even say about this book This is a book that brings the worst nightmares to life The beginning of the book started out great and slowly it got darker and darker and down right disturbing I am the type of person that can't start something and not finish it so I had to continue but it was tough as I had no interest in reading This may be someone else's cup of tea but not min

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    The purpose of The Homing is to entertain This is evident in telling of a fictional story John Saul presents all the classical components including setting plot and conflict This book was written as a narration It is told from a third person omniscient perspective The theme is not to let personal trauma turn towards others If the antagonist had sought a way to properly handle their emotiona

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