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The Gazebo Smalltown reporter Abby Reston is hungry for a good story when elderly but still hale and handsome Martin Rayfiel walks into her office Martin tells the young newspaperwoman of his lifelong romance with Claire Swift and how they have faithfully reunited once every year at the gazebo in the town suare When Abby goes to the gazebo to witness the annual meeting she finds a briefcase filled with photographs letters tape recordings and mementos It is a poignant and haunting chronicle of love and devotion that will profoundly affect the life of Abby Reston and touch the heart of everyone who experiences it

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    For the past fifty years on May 27th Martin and Claire have been meeting at the gazebo in the suare of their small town This year Martin has walked into the local newspaper office carrying a briefcase He asks the editor if she would like an interesting story for her paper As Martin begins to tell his story she realizes that it is not the newsworthy t

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    BEST BOOK IN THE WORLDDD it made me cry After I finished it I didn't know whether i should feel sad or happy; whether i should laugh or cry One of the best romance stories out there If this was made into a movie it would for sure be my favorite

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    My grandma recommended this book to me a few years ago and I finally got around to reading it The story of a rich boy meets poor girl and they instantly take a liking to it and cause a stir in town The story brings up the choices one has to make between family and career and although the it didn't have many surprises along the way and was uite predictabl

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    A beautiful love story that lives onMartin and Clair met at a Gazebo in their small town in up state New York They came from different backgrounds so they had to meet in secret every year for as long as they livedTheir families put unreasonable constraints on their childrenTheir love survived for Fifty years Martin gave the newspaper editor his briefcase w

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    35 stars So much promise I enjoyed the premise of the story

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    3 STARSOnce a year for half a century a man and a woman have been meeting at the gazebo in the suare of a small town in upstate New York Martin Rayfiel and Claire Swift long ago married other people yet they have remained faithful to their vow to love each other always When Martin now a handsome elderly man walks into the office of the town newspaper and tries

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    For those of you that are big fans of The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks or The Bridges of Madison County by Robert James Waller this is a book for youThis is not a romance novel This is just a story A story of 2 people Clair and Martin who fall in love as teenagers and love each other to the day they die How they live their lives in between is the real story I was

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    This book is my mother's favorite She was always telling me how emotional she felt every time she read it Given the how much she loves this bookI gave it a try I'm so glad I didEmily Grayson processed this true story amazingly She managed to capture the characters' feelings and personalities and present this epic love story in a few pages It was a small book but d

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    This is another easy read that is a compelling story I like that two characters come together although in love realize they must take different paths in life So is it real love or a women's recognition that after she ventured beyond what she thought she could do that the pull of home care of parents and life's real loves are not the same when we are teens as when we

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    Another lovely story told in retrospect but much less of a sobfest than The Notebook or A Walk to Remember and I mean that in a good way The Gazebo tells the tale of love loyalty and honor traits that do not necessarily go hand in hand As the details unfold it is not uite as we would expect but yet it is as any bittersweet story is expected to be And in the end we're

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