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Butterfly in Frost From #1 New York Times bestselling phenomenon Sylvia Day comes a hotly anticipated and passionate new love storyOnce I would never have imagined myself here But I’m settled now In a place I love in a home I renovated spending time with new friends I adore and working a job that fulfills me I am reconciling the past and laying the groundwork for the futureThen Garrett Frost moves in next doorHe’s obstinate and too bold a raging force of nature that disrupts the careful order of my life I recognize the ghosts that haunt him the torment driving him Garrett would be risky in any form but wounded he’s far dangerous I fear I’m too fragile for the storm raging inside him too delicate to withstand the pain that buffets him But he’s too determinedand too temptingAnd sometimes hope soars above even the iciest desolationEmotional and heartrending Butterfly in Frost marks a brilliant return by global sensation Sylvia Day the #1 international multimillion bestselling author of the Crossfire saga

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    After Gideon Cross let's meet Garrett FrostNew book and new alpha male from Sylvia Day August 20195 “wait for the twist” stars “You’re broken I’m broken We don’t throw the pieces away We fit them together until they make something new” I always appreciate a good twist and this book has been such a treat for me I highly antic

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    What can I say the author’s CrossFire novels were some of my favorites 7 years ago I devoured book 1 3 and thought they were the best thing since sliced bread That’s now many years ago but I was still extremely interested and excited to get my hands on her latest release even if it’s only a novella But with 199 pages it’s a good length n

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    Well That was interesting AND NOT IN A GOOD WAY Lots of spoilers aheadI have lots of opinions but FUNDAMENTALLY if you would like to see how narrative choice can really fuck up a book here you go So Teagan is a grieving mother and presumably the first person present narration is a way of capturing how she's just soldiering through moment by moment Okay

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    3 STARS We don’t talk about next week We exist only in the now and tomorrow right here I've missed Sylvia Day's writing immensely So when I saw she has a book coming out I jumped on it uicker than you can blink I barely spared the blurb a glimpse if I'm being perfectly honest hereI was immediately enraptured in Day's words and the uick paced story line This

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    DNF This was by far the blandest book I've read this year I couldn't muster any interest in the two leads and their romance is as exciting as watching paint dry ARC provided by Montlake Romance

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    It’s the year 2013 I got my first taste of Bared to You I was hooked with Gideon and Eva story Crossfire series was one of those series that pushed my limit and gave me a taste of a genre that was completely different Though I have to say that Fifty Shades of Grey was also one such bookFast forward the year 2019When I found out that Sylvia Day was releasing a book I want

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    Teagan Ransom is reinventing herself She’s a plastic surgeon and former reality TV star now living in Seattle transplanted from New York She’s made new friends and is living in a butterfly roofed house with a view of Puget Sound and working from home developing skin care products Her tranuil existence is disrupted when her next door neighbors suddenly sell their home to Garre

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    Highly advertised book every where but why? I expected something out of the world but then I remembered that this is the author who wrote Gideon and Eva and we all know how that went Actual reviewI feel like I’ve read this book before You know the book where the MCs are married lost a kid hero instead of growing a pair and fight for his wife and marriage gives in and gives the heroine

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    Thank you Montlake Romance for providing an eARC in exchange for an honest review 💙 Butterfly in Frost is Sylvia Day's comeback novel Though it's a short book I'm excited to see what's in store for her since Crossfire seriesThe story is about Dr Teagan Ransom a cosmetic surgeon and she's divorced from her husband Being brokenhearted led her to depression and she isn't ready to fall in love

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