The Literary Enneagram Characters from the Inside Out

The Literary Enneagram Characters from the Inside Out I had to sell my unborn child to the Lord of Fantasy to get my hands on this book and I'm glad I didOkay so I had to pay than the usual amount for it on Marketplace I'm a cheapskate but selling my unborn child to the Lord of Fantasy sounds epicBasically this book is what it claims to be an exploration of the nine Enneagram types through literary characters some well known than others The author caught me off guard a few times Mr Darcy a 2? What? But the I thought about how he overruns Bingley in a desire to help him avoid fortune hunters the I realized she had a point and I nodded my head at other times there really is no better example of a healthy 1 than Atticus Finch from To Kill a MockingbirdMore importantly though she finally made me understand Enneagram 3's Using Scarlett O'Hara was a stroke of brilliance She writes a bit about the character and uotes scenes from the books in uestion to illustrate her point referencing Scarlett Rhett Ripley from The Talented Mr Ripley The Death of a Salesman Anna Karenina Bridget Jones and many others I thought the chapters on 1 3 4 and 7 were the most vibrant but felt a bit disappointed in her choices for 6 though Hamlet is a good one She takes the time to find examples for both wings for every type and the three social variants which I appreciated It's a shame this book is somewhat hard to find and costly since it's a valuable resource Though I also wished it were a little up do date with modern or at least better known in our times characters Most people will recognize Scarlett and Anna Karenina enough to understand a 3w4 and a 4w3 when you use them as examples but a lot of the other characters are obscure so I must search further on my own for ideal examples to use in conversations Well I'm a 4 I resisted the urge to skip straight to the four part and dutifully read it from start to around the chapter on sevens And then I got distracted and started reading other things It is a very interesting book I was just lured away by something shinier I suppose This was an interesting book I really enjoyed delving into characters’ enneagram and learning where they fit Some of the best characters and conversely the opposite is true are written by authors who understand the true personalities of the characters and remain true to that no matter the cost I haven’t read about 13 of the literature in this book so I skimmed those parts I’ll check back with the book after I’ve remedied that situation 😁I found this on The Currently Reading podcast and I’m uite thankful to them for the suggestion This book was so incredibly absorbing Searle looks at characterization and interpersonal dynamics in several classic works Peter Pan Mrs Dalloway Middlemarch Sense and Sensibility Moby Dick Madame Bovary The Portrait of a Lady The Great Gatsby Hamlet To Kill a Mockingbird The Scarlet Letter Wuthering Heights A Tale of Two Cities Breakfast at Tiffany's The Crucible Lolita to name but a few Some of these are mentioned in passing Some are discussed in detailShe can be overly critical of her subjects I'm referring of course to fictional characters I don't always share her personal bias but I was fascinated by her insights This book lends perspective to and in many ways reframes every book I've read and everyone I know Great guide linking classic characters of literature to their Enneagram type Will be perfect for character outlines As entertaining as it is illuminating THE LITERARY ENNEAGRAM offers a fresh version of the standard Great Books course using characters from literature to show the inner dynamics of the nine Enneagram personality types and their variations This book is FOR STUDENTS OF LITERATURE THE LITERARY ENNEAGRAM offers an exciting new key to Western literature through clarifying the basic psychological patterns of characters in classic and contemporary novels stories and plays FOR PSYCHOLOGISTS THE LITERARY ENNEAGRAM demonstrates simply and elouently that the true basis of human psychological differences lies in inner experience rather than outer behavior Judith Searle's work validates the Enneagram as a universal template for human psychology by showing how characters created by authors unfamiliar with the Enneagram conform to the character arcs the system predicts FOR WRITERS THE LITERARY ENNEAGRAM offers screenwriters fiction writers and playwrights a powerful tool for character development a template for creating character grids and a basis for devising character driven plot twists that seem both inevitable and surprising FOR ACTORS THE LITERARY ENNEAGRAM offers guidelines for creating characters that live and breathe on stage and screen as well as on the page Performers who understand their own Enneagram style can make the type casting that is so prevalent in the entertainment industry work for them And FOR READERS OF FICTION THE LITERARY ENNEAGRAM offers a richer understanding of literary characters and valuable insights into ways their psychology relates to the reader's own personality patterns and relationships with others THE LITERARY ENNEAGRAM OFFERS A NEW PERSPECTIVE ON SUCH CHARACTERS AS Peter Pan Scarlett O'Hara Scrooge Madame Bovary Clarice Starling Jay Gatsby Sherlock Holmes Mrs Dalloway Bridget Jones Othello King Lear Lady Macbeth TS Garp Blanche DuBois Captain Ahab Molly Bloom Walter Mitty Humbert Humbert Anna Karenina Holden Caulfield Holly Golightly The Wife of Bath Hamlet and

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