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Then I Met You Dream date or an absolute nightmare Lisa’s dated a series of disastrous men; Simon’s loved and lost the girl of his dreams She’s hoping fate might intervene in her love life; he’d prefer that it stopped meddling with hisToday they’re meeting courtesy of the local paper’s ‘Blind Date’ feature – but while Lisa’s looking for that elusive ‘spark’ Simon’s sure lightning doesn’t strike twice Will theirs be a love that’s written in the stars or merely another mismatch written up in the GazetteFrom the bestselling author of At the Wedding comes a story of two perfect strangers who might just be perfect for each other Matt Dunn has an amazing knack of being able to write a full length book about a certain event or day and be so wonderfully engaging you don't even realise until you are half way through that not huge amounts of time pass in the book In this instance we follow a blind date between Simon and Lisa who really don't hit it off initially in fact i could't help but laugh after their first encounterFrom there were are treated to both sides of the story with their best friends for moral support as we see what could be described as the longest blind date in history There are arguments awkward moments times when the pair hate each other and we are also given insight into their past relationships to build a fuller picture It is such a wonderfully engaging writing style that hooks you in and I found myself hoping for for a happy outcome of this date of many coincidences and moments where you wonder if either character may see what is in front of their eyesThank you to Lake Union Publishing and Netgalley for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily Simon is still grieving for his partner Alice who died a few years ago His best friend Will wants him to move on with his life rather than continue to mope around believing that no woman could ever live up to Alice Will offers to take Simon to a new restaurant but he’s actually not going he’s set him up on a blind dateLisa hasn’t had the best experience with men and her last partner has made her realise that she needs to change the type she goes for Her best friend Jess sets her up on a blind date at a fancy new restaurant as part of a newspaper column she runs in the GazetteThe date between Simon and Lisa doesn’t start well when Lisa walks out in front of Simon’s car and both won’t back down as to who was at fault Moving on to the restaurant and they soon realise that they have been paired with one another But with nothing in common Lisa likes tea Simon prefers coffee Lisa likes astrology and Simon thinks it’s childish to believe in your star sign the two part company and hope to put the experience behind them However forgetting about one another isn’t that simpleI adore Matt Dunn’s books They are full of funny moments and wonderful characters Then I Met You is no exception The book is totally predictable but isn’t all Rom Coms? If you want unpredictable I’d suggest reading a mystery or a thriller bookSimon was such a lovable character Yes he moaned a lot and thought little of himself but this was a man who was still grieving for the love of his life He knew in his heart that he needed to move on with his life but he also didn’t want to forget about Alice nor replace herLisa is a very headstrong woman she doesn’t like others doing things for her She wants to be an independent woman whilst at the same time be in a relationship trouble is she seems to go for bad boy after bad boy which causes her one heart ache after anotherThe plot was enjoyable there were plenty of humorous moments You know what the story is building up to yet I enjoyed the wait and watching these two people who seem to have an instant dislike for one another realise that they might actually be good for one anotherThe book is told in the third person and from dual POV so we get to see both sides of the story I’m not always a fan of dual POV or multiple but this worked well and I was never left confusedThe book is entertaining and satisfying and I read it in just two sittings as once I’d started reading I didn’t want to stop From my Updates This was rollicking on and I was thoroughly enjoying Simon and Lisa A delightfully frothy story until one word at the 16% mark which changed the whole tone of the story so far This promises to be WONDERFULpleasepleaseplease dont disappoint meAnd I'm delighted to say that it didn't disappoint apart from the fact that the story ended I would have loved to have read This is a truly lovely story funny tender honest romantic and heart wrenching in places There's only one thing wring with it in my opinion the cover gives the impression of a much 'frothy' story the sort that's touted as 'a laugh out loud comedy' which I usually avoid like the plague because often than not they are cringingly awful and full of 'lavatory humourThis is just a lovely lovely story with two wonderful believable characters I fell in love with Simon right from the start It was such a relief to read about a man who wasn't perfect who was nervous and uneasy and shy and yet who was genuinely decentI wish authors wrote books as lovely as this Lisa doesn't have the best track record with dating and seems to be attracted to all the wrong guys Despite her poor luck she still believes fate has someone wonderful in store for her and maintains hope Simon has found the love of his life and subseuently lost her He's just getting by and would prefer his friends didn't meddle in his life But of course his friend Will can't help himself and tricks Simon into meeting Lisa for a blind date courtesy of the local newspaper Will these two hit it off or be yet another failure in the column's mismatches?Firstly I may be a bit biased because I've read nearly everything Matt Dunn has written and always snag his new releases I adore his wit and humor and he's always been one of my favorite authors While this is not my favorite of his mostly because I really didn't care for Lisa I still really enjoyed it It was hilarious awkward and charming much like life itself Plus there were some very hopeful and also poignant overtones in this that I vastly appreciated I'd say Matt hasn't let me down yet and I'll keep dutifully reading his workI voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my own

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