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Stir Fry Exhilaratingirreverent and extremely funny MsSeventeen and sure of nothing Maria has left her parents' small town grocery for university life in Dublin An ad in the Student Union 2 ♀ seek flatmate No bigots leads Maria to a home with warm Ruth and wickedly funny Jael students who are older and fascinating than she'd expectedA poignant funny and sharply insightful coming of age story Stir Fry is a lesbian novel that explores the conundrum of desire arising in the midst of friendship and probes feminist ideas of sisterhood and non possessivenessEmma Donoghue is the author of Room Slammerkin Hood and Kissing the Witch Born in Dublin she now lives in Ontario Canada Stir Fry is her first novel

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    Stir Fry is Emma Donoghue's first novel from before she became Slammerkin Emma Donoghue and certainly well before she became Emma Donoghue of Room fame It was reviewed in Sassy magazine u

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    i am such a sucker for a good lesbian story and i think this is one of the best i remember finishing it over some depressing stint at home and walking around for the rest of the day with a doo

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    Two stars might be a little harsh; maybe three would be fair But the fact is I didn't like reading Stir fry It's not for the characters or the plot or the theme which I'll get into in a moment bu

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    I love this one Someone once called it a comfort book which I thought was a good description Real likeable characters I sympathize with Maria's awkwardness but am impressed by how self assured she is

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    i liked the writing but didn't like how for a long while it sounds like the pov person is a straight gawping at her lesbian flatmates it's not that in the end but it still got on my nerves a bit also woul

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    35 A gently written coming of age story with a bit depth than appears at first glance and a bit of a reminder just how short a time ago that Dublin along with so many other places was such a hostile place fo

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    Geez this is tough I'm a seasoned fan of Emma Donoghue fic and non fic and thought I'd love everything she's written Alas I can find little to admire and even less to like in thisThe ingredients for Stir Fry soun

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    I've been wanting to read this since I first discovered Emma Donoghue My response to it is as a writer There's nothing like reading an author's entire body of work almost in this case It's not bad for a first novel b

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    I like this coming to yourself story I wish I had found Emma Donoghue's books when I was struggling with the same things back at college in Dublin But over 10 years later I enjoyed being transported back to the that time

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    A slow start but a fantastic heart warming finish The book was published in 2005 but the view on LGB matters including Maria's own feelings on this was archaic really shocked depressed me It felt like it was set in the mid

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About the Author: Emma Donoghue

Grew up in Ireland 20s in England doing a PhD in eighteenth century literature since then in Canada Best known for my novel film and play ROOM also other contemporary and historical novels and short stories non fiction theatre and middle grade novels