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Landing A delightful old fashioned love story with a uniuely twenty first century twist Landing is a romantic comedy that explores the pleasures and sorrows of long distance relationships the kind millions of us now maintain mostly by plane phone and Internet Síle is a stylish citizen of the new Dublin a veteran flight attendant who's traveled the world Jude is a twenty five year old archivist stubbornly attached to the tiny town of Ireland Ontario in which she was born and raised On her first plane trip Jude's and Síle's worlds touch and snag at Heathrow Airport In the course of the next year their lives and those of their friends and families will be drawn into a new shaky orbit This sparkling lively story explores age old uestions Does where you live matter than who you live with What would you give up for love and would you be a fool to do so I stopped reading when it became clear there was going to be a happy sappy ending The two main characters were each boring annoying and drama prone in their own special way and I couldn't stand either one of them They had absolutely nothing in common except their reciprocal disdain for the other's lifestyle They whined their way through 9 months and 15 nights of excruciating long distance relationship until I was honestly hoping Ms Donoghue would do them both and me a kindness and have them go their separate ways Really Everyone would be much happier that wayBeyond that was there ever a time when people started every paragraph of an email with re? Does a woman with an I that allows bipedalism ride on the back of a motorcycle with her long enough to sit on hair streaming out behind her? Has she never heard of Isadora Duncan? There were one or two other screaming bits of stupidity but I've blocked them out now thank goodness A book about two ladies who meet overseas after a surprising incident on a plane and how their feelings intertwine through the many miles between them It was a decent read that I blew through in a day or two mostly because I found myself skimming many a page The two MCs were interesting and different than other couples I have read about one young uaker archivist in a small town in Ontario yay who is set in her luddite ways and not willingwanting to move and one 14 years older a jet setting extroverted air attendant never wanting to be idle for longI had to reflect on this one for a few days before reviewing My initial thoughts were that this was somewhat bland The story was slow moving and definitely could have been shorter I did not connect with any of the secondary characters and these were the parts I happily skimmed over I get that these friendships were there for us to see how difficult it would be to leave one's home and community but I honestly didn't care for any of them and at times wanted to shout what have you got to lose??? to both Sile and Jude Start fresh Get new friends lolBut I keep thinking about it It was different I have often thought of couples from different countries who have to navigate a sea of complications in order to be together and the author highlighted some of the important ones It's not so simple as to just move This was not a hot and heavy novel by any means there is barely mention of sex and intimacy but rather how to join two lives together when they are such different people So I upped my original rating to 375 It has its flaws but I love anything set in Canada and parts were uirky and uaint  I started reading London ON based Irish author Emma Donoghue’s 2007 novel Landing at about eleven o’clock at night thinking I would read a chapter or two and then drop off to sleep At two o’clock in the morning eyes barely still open but mind racing I had to force myself to put the book down It’s not that there’s anything explicitly extraordinary about Landing; in fact it’s a realist novel that’s uite ordinary and down to earth It’s a book about the kinds of people you know in situations you can relate to in places you recognize even if you’ve never been there Landing is essentially lesbian comfort food in book form But it’s perhaps those very ualities combined with Donoghue’s exceptional talents for dialogue characterization and old fashioned storytelling that make Landing the kind of book that keeps you up at night Landing doesn’t pretend to be anything other than a love storySee the rest of my review at my website I wrote this a while ago So I pick up this book on CD at the library First of all it is by the author of Room which I enjoyed Secondly the jacket blurb is intriguing Sile pronounced Sheila BTW is a sophisticated 39 year old Indian Irish flight attendant living in Dublin Ireland; Jude is a 25 year old British Canadian historian from rural Ireland Ontario who has never flown before When their paths cross over the Atlantic their lives are changed in ways they never expected OK what would you think? I am thinking maybe terrorist plot maybe some sort of family relationship; maybe sort sort of criminal activity one of them is engaged in; even maybe that they are both married to the same man oh wait that's The Pilot's Wife But it is certainly intriguing so anyway I start listening and find what I am listening to is actually a lesbian romance Did not see that coming Now what intrigues me is that I am at the beginning of Disk 4 of nine disks and since they have already consummated the relationship and it is clear that they are a completely mismatched pair I cannot fathom where the author is planning on taking the book plot wise will I be faced with a break up and a reunion that lasts 5 12 disks? Arrrghhh Or will we finally get to the terrorist plot criminal activity or family relationship? Okay I finished it No terrorist plot no criminal activity no surprise long long family relationship Just an extremely long and detailed narrative of a long distance romance Sigh Two things I learned from listening to this book 1 It does not matter if the couple is gay or straight a book about a long distance romance between a couple who has nothing in common except LOVE is excruciating Pages of longing with short bursts of weekend visits and subseuent arguments about why the lovers cannot be together forever I hate cities I hate the country I like gourmet coffee I like Jack Daniels I like designer shoes I like flannel shirts Sigh Really this could be anyone's miserable LDR it doesn't matter gay or straight 2 Evidently if you are gay you do not smile or beam you 'grin' If I had a dollar for every time the author used the word 'grin' or 'grinned' or 'grinning' I would have enough money to make up for the time spent listening to this book By the way I don't believe it is a spoiler to say that the resolution of this book was so obvious that it is completely amazing that these two supposedly bright women could not think of it sooner

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