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The Woman in the Park When Manhattanite Sarah Rock meets a mysterious and handsome stranger in the park she is drawn to him Sarah wants to get away from her daily routine her cheating husband and his crazy mistress her freuent sessions with her heartless therapist and her moody children But nothing is as it seems Her life begins to unravel when a woman from the park goes missing and Sarah becomes the prime suspect in the woman’s disappearance Her lover is nowhere to be found her husband is suspicious of her and her therapist is talking to the police With no one to trust Sarah must face her inner demons and uncover the truth to prove her innocenceA thriller that uestions what is real with its shocking twists secrets and lies―The Woman in the Park will leave readers breathless

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    This is the perfect psychological thriller Tight fast fraught with tension this one is consuming and short I always felt like I knew which breadcrumb trail I was on and I was always wrong Up is down down is up Help I smell blue

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    well well wellwhat do we have here????? A little gem of a book is whatThis was a pleasure from beginning to end Go in as blind as possible Seriously don't skip ahead avoid spoilers and dive into the pages of this riveting psychological thriller This is a fast page turner that keeps the tension high and had me trying to figure out what was going on I love putting on my super sleuth hat and try

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    Teresa Sorkin Tullan Holmvist joined us in The Behind the Pages Goodreads group for a A They shared some insight into their writing process and The Woman in the Park I love this story even now and highly recommend it I can't stop thinking about it So I am very excited about our upcoming A with them both on Jan 9 I can't stop thinking about itTo view the A you can find the thread here reviewHot

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    The Woman in the Park is one of those books which you start reading without any expectations and it simply blows you away This is one of those book where it’s best to dive straight in without reading any spoilers or even the synopsis uite simply this is a flawless psychological thriller Sarah Rock meets a mysterious and handsome stranger in the park she is drawn to him Sarah wants to get away from he

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    Holy Shooty Balls This was one riveting tense twisty psychological thrillerTHE WOMAN IN THE PARK by TERESA SORKIN and TULLAN HOLMVIST was such an awesome and unexpected treasure of a book that was so darn entertaining and thrilling to read I was immediately hooked and obsessed with what I was reading and couldn’t put this book downIt really consumed my thoughts and I loved how this book tapped into all of

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    Every once in awhile I crack open the cover of a book start reading and then think to myself Girl you've got this one figured out like the smart ass that I think I am Jokes on me though because I was completely wrong Well not completely but what I figured was just a small piece to a much bigger puzzle Sarah is a stay at home mom in an unhappy marriage because she is sure her husband is cheating on her He has to

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    A captivating debut mystery This was a rather short book about 250 pages with a uick paceThe mystery involves Sarah Rock who becomes infatuated by an attractive stranger in Central Park They are drawn to each other immediately There is just something about himShe thinks about this mystery man night and day until he goes missing Then the police show up at her doorThe story is layered intriguing and well written A deli

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    Sarah Rock's husband is cheating on hershe just knows itshe can feel it deep down and all the signs are there She even knows who it isit is that girl that he works late into the night with Sarah is absolutely devastated yet she keeps hoping it will get better Even her kids know that dad isn't going to show up for dinner dates or their school events Sarah just wants things to go back the way they used to bein the beginning

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    Oh my what a whirlwind of a read and so tense ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ Sarah Rock meets a stranger in the park She needs to get away from her life and all the overwhelming baggage she is juggling right now and this handsome fellow may be her ticket out Then a woman goes missing in the park and Sarah is a suspect Everyone turns on her including her husband and therapist and now her lover is also missing I was on the edge of

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    4 Solid StarsSarah and Eric are married with two kids One morning when they were having breakfast their doorbell rang and two detectives asked for Sarah They were looking into missing persons case and wanted to see if she could help them out with any details The missing person was a woman the woman in the park Now her husband and her therapist are suspicious of her With no one to trust Sarah must face her inner demons and uncover t

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