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Trekking On Second book by Reitz is interesting but a little less so than Van mannen en peerden on the Boer WarThe first part was intriguing because of its description of the political situation in South Africa after the Second Anglo Boer War up till 1914 The almost civil war like situation in SA was unknown to me and the fact that part of SA wanted to side with Germany in WW1 too Reitz then joins the efforts of the British Empire to defeat Germany in both Namibia and German South East Africa with all the peculiarities of fighting in the arid deserts of Namibia and in the jungles of East Africa with the deadly tse tse flies and malariaFinally Reitz moves to Britain and fights the remainder of WW1 in the trenches in France incidentally in a regiment earlies commanded by Winston Churchill His descriptions of the war in France are not as strong as those in Africa where he was probably at home Just didn't grab me in the same way that commando did I was struck by the passive way he viewed war neither glorifying or criticizing the seemingly unfeeling descriptions of mens lives being obliterated in an instant and just getting on with the job The second memoir by Deneys Reitz and as good as the the first Commando Covering his role in the First World War he intriguingly mentions a few specific incidents which featured in my grandfather's diary of his 1916 East African campaign I was fascinated by it all Excellent Book A cracking autobiography of an exceptional man A Well written interesting wee book Brilliant third read and enjoy it every time From a time when we walked tall now we crawl An autobiographical book the story picks up where Commando left off After the Boer war Reitz travels to Europe and then Madagascar He is persuaded to return to South Africa by Jan Smuts' wife During WW1 he fights for the British in Africa and eventually ends up in the trenches in France An another fantastic peek into the life of this lucky young man

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