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This Is Going to Hurt 4.5 stars I have a newfound respect for doctors and my mom, who is a nurse I remember when I was a teenager, I would call her at her work to ask if she could get so and so from the store and sometimes she would respond with, I can t today, love, I m too tired I can barely keep my eyes open I ll go tomorrow I would be so annoyed when she would say that, not understanding the kind of pressure she was under at work and just being a selfish brat I m so sorry, mom I loved this In part funny and heartwarming, yet also utterly heartbreaking and disillusioned I think this strikes a particular cord with me at the moment as the author was an obs gynae doctor, and I ve recently spent time myself as an inpatient on such a ward This is the first book in a while where I ve read passages out to my husband while laughing out loud one minute and then had to hold back tears the next It s a full on rollercoaster of emotions that also seems to very accurately describe what it s like to work as front line staff for the NHS I should know, I do it everyday too, and we all have our stories to tell that encompass the best and worst of British medical care It s one of my favourite things about the job, hearing stories from everyone about that time a patient shoved a remote control up their rectum or remember that night shift a woman faked passing out I think it s what binds and bonds you all together The camaraderie Told with a liberal dose sarcasm and self deprecating humour, the author manages to walk that tightrope between friend, colleague and reliable narrator to a finely tuned T My admiration for other healthcare professionals is limitless, and will continue to be so It s really the awful and gut wrenching stories interspersed throughout especially the last chapters that make you realise how much pressure and guilt our doctors are under And for little pay might I add Day after day, night after night they fight to provide the best level of care they can without succumbing to sleep deprivation, depression or worse There s a lot of emotion here, a lot of anger and sadness that s so hard to see, yet is oh so common in the increasingly frequent demoralised NHS worker.It s a very bittersweet read, that I devoured in one day, and I m sorry it s over It s one of the best memoirs of this kind I ve read in a long time and I loved following Adam Kay on his journey through life as a junior doctor. SUCH an important book Anyone who does not work in the NHS should be obliged to read this. A genuinely funny collection of stories from a former doctor some so horrifying, surprising, or amusing that I had those hard to breathe while laughing moments, immediately making Audible clips and sending them to all my friends It s not for the squeamish, be prepared for lots of blood, births, bad language, and assorted implements stuck in places they really shouldn t be Rarely have I been so impressed if that s the right word by the willingness of individuals to achieve a memorable sex life by inserting objects into orifices and then having to go to AE to have them removed There are, of course, also very sad stories, including the one that led the author to decide he had to leave It would have been wrong to focus solely on the laughs, denying the inevitable traumas, near misses, and deaths, some of which may have been prevented by having a properly run, well staffed, less overworked team of doctors If nothing else, you leave the book with the understanding that the NHS is barely getting by This is the very reason Kay wrote the book, as rebuttal of the politicians portrayal of junior doctors as money grabbing and lazy, but only in the final section does he address this directly Instead, he shows you a doctor and other staff worked to the very edge of their ability to cope It s eye opening and I left it feeling even grateful for this amazing resource we have One we need to protect In mixing comedy and reality, Kay has found an effective way to show us some truths while making us laugh so hard we have to hold back tears It s the best kind of learning. This book had me laughing hysterically one minute and desperately trying not to cry the next It was heart warming, hilarious and devastating all at once.Easy 5 s 4 Today crossed the line from everyday patient idiocy to me checking around the room for hidden cameras After a lengthy discussion with a patient s husband about how absolutely no condoms fit him, I establish he s pulling them right down over his balls. Extremely witty and funny I fully appreciated the use of Harry Potter aliases.This gives a realistic picture of what it is like to work for the NHS as a junior doctor and jut trying to make your way up the ranks It is a sad state the way these doctors and nurses are treated by those who employ them, and of course how they are treated by politicians no breaks, back to back shifts, being under immense pressure, not going home, not getting a proper salary etc The reality of their job is painful as well as the consequences of their job examples no social life, difficulty maintaining relationships, increased mental health issues among hospital staff.Adam Kay worked in the obs and gyn department so had many a funny story to tell, but also had the sadder stories to tell as well While he is no longer a doctor due to a case he had that completely changed the person he was, he has also found that those still in the profession were also desperately wanting to get out of it at times due to the treatment they receive While many stay in the profession to reach the level of consultant and enjoy the helping of others, the continuous cuts to NHS services and the treatment of those who maintain this service is completely unfair It is another call to rally that the doctors in the NHS are under funded, under immense pressure, suffer from unfair treatment see above with regards to salary, rest, etc which leads to mishaps when dealing with patients this can lead to many mistakes and negligence and suing when dealing with patients and severe mental health problems Adam Kay also reveals the immense stress he was under and how this causes him to have a really high increase in heart pressure when working The British Journal of Psychiatry, 2009, showed that young female doctors in the UK are two and a half times likely than other women to kill themselves. I am going to be in so much trouble when my sister finds out I gave this book to my niece as this is probably not a very appropriate book for a 17 year old But she is determined to become a doctor and she needs to know it s not just about rockstar surgeries and making buckets of money It is the most insane working hours, thankless work with crap pay.The diary entries follow Adam s ascend through the ranks, from a junior doctor to becoming a consultant, specialising in gynaecology or brats and twats I learned about giving birth than I ever EVER wanted to The writing style is not geared towards making you feel a deep connection with Adam however towards the end my heart really went out to him and is the reason I rounded up to a full 4 stars.The format took a while to get used to as some diary entries were so short they felt like Doctor Doctor jokes, but once I got used to it I could not stop reading.This was really entertaining, in fact at times I had to literally wipe away tears of laughter But there were a few stories where I felt the author went over the line, where someone should have told him to leave it out of this collection These made up only about 10% of the book so it was easy to forgive I also found the footnotes explaining medical procedures very interesting and not as intrusive as footnotes normally tend to be.But this was not just all laughs, there were quite a few very touching stories that brought me back to reality, this is not a book full of fictitious jokes, it s a book full of real people with serious medical problems The overall impression I was left with was how utterly grueling the process of becoming a doctor really is, how the NHS is setup to grind the doctors down even further, getting to know the human warts and all behind the white coat and how much a thank you from a patient means.If you have an interest in medical memoirs and want a good laugh, then give this a try. Bestselling Author Adam Kay Tells Us The Hilarious And Sometimes Horrifying Truth About Life And Work In A HospitalWelcome To Hour Weeks Welcome To Life And Death Decisions Welcome To A Constant Tsunami Of Bodily Fluids Welcome To Earning Less Than The Hospital Parking Meter Wave Goodbye To Your Friends And Relationships Welcome To The Life Of A First Year DoctorScribbled In Secret After Endless Days, Sleepless Nights And Missed Weekends, Comedian And Former Medical Resident Adam Kay S This Is Going To Hurt Provides A No Holds Barred Account Of His Time On The Front Lines Of MedicineHilarious, Horrifying And Heartbreaking By Turns, This Is Everything You Wanted To Know And Than A Few Things You Didn T About Life On And Off The Hospital Ward And Yes, It May Leave A Scar !!> Reading ➵ Gender in Psychoanalytic Space ➭ Author Muriel Dimen – Lavons.co.uk Sleepless Nights And Missed Weekends ★ Insight and Interpretation PDF / Epub ✪ Author Roy Schafer – Lavons.co.uk Comedian And Former Medical Resident Adam Kay S This Is Going To Hurt Provides A No Holds Barred Account Of His Time On The Front Lines Of MedicineHilarious [[ Reading ]] ➷ Good People in an Evil Time Author Svetlana Broz – Lavons.co.uk Horrifying And Heartbreaking By Turns [ EPUB ] ✰ On a Day Like This Author Peter Stamm – Lavons.co.uk This Is Everything You Wanted To Know And Than A Few Things You Didn T About Life On And Off The Hospital Ward And Yes [PDF] ↠ Heart to Start Author Derek Handley – Lavons.co.uk It May Leave A Scar This review and other non spoilery reviews can be found The Book PrescriptionActual Rating 3.5 starsA great doctor must have a huge heart and a distended aorta through which pumps a vast lake of compassion and human kindnessYet another non fiction I am reviewing at my blog Who am I This book is special since it is an insight to the medical field I read this as a medical student but I am reviewing it as a doctor now The book had a shaky start and I was not impressed which I actually foresaw I just didn t expect that the author s style is for me from the start but things were going in the right direction and I was intrigued so I continued to give it a chance I didn t know that the author was a Gynecologist and funny coincidence is that I read this one while preparing for my Gyne exam I am mentioning this because I want to point out that Adam was apparently an excellent doctor and that the book was scientifically very accurate The humor may have made a difficult topic easier to approach but it was not always funny nor it was always appropriate I just wish that the book had a serious tone at some points I like that this showed how doctors and the medical workers in general suffer, it showed how there is a problem with the system What I am going to say is that we doctors are human It may sound stupid but really people do think of doctors as robots who should function on 100% all the time, not have any negative emotions When I got really sick earlier this year, the first response I was getting from like 99% of the people around me is You are a doctor, you should not get sick I am pretty sure it is all in good spirits and meant as a kind of a joke but people really want that from us I am ending with a quote that I loved and that sums our mission in life as doctors I think Adam said it perfectlySo I told them the truth the hours are terrible, the pay is terrible, the conditions are terrible you re underappreciated, unsupported, disrespected and frequently physically endangered But there s no better job in the worldPrescription For all people in general and for medical workers specially I already recommended this to my close friends colleagues This book was just fine.Adam Kay tells us some stories about being a doctor in a hospital, some are really funny, some are tragic He tackles some NHS problems as well and how they can make a difference between a good or a bad treatment.Some context My girlfriend is a nurse so some of the stories or situations were not new to me and for me, it s normal that I felt bored reading some of the stories.That being said this book is important It shows how working in a hospital is like, the stress they go through, the patience they need, the hard work they do Don t dismiss them or don t dismiss when they fight for better work conditions

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