Intuitive Living MOBI ↠ Kindle Edition

Intuitive Living This was a regurgitation of so many other self help books but so much duller I did not resonate with it at all In fact I found it so dull I couldn't even finish it I gave it 2 stars instead of 1 as while I found it terrible it did make me realise I never want to read a self help book againso for that I am thankful Enjoyed the book found it very informative as I'm a great believer in listening to my gut instinct “Is getting the perfect body really what you were put on this earth to do?” It's time to throw away the diet book and start living intuitively In our increasingly busy world how to be healthy has become and confusing and our relationship with food is ever changing and often complex We're bombarded with so many messages that it's causing a disconnect between us and what true health really is a connection to our body's innate wisdom In other words our intuitionThis six week guide introduces the concept that by using our intuition we can become experts on ourselves and in turn learn how to best navigate our own health and happiness Each week is broken down into steps giving you the tools and techniues to make the right food and health choices for you Through celebrating food encouraging kindness and embracing a positive body image Holistic Nutritionist and Life Coach Pandora Paloma takes you on a journey to reconnect with your body and transform your life

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