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Love Kills Criminal Delights 35 stars Two storylines coming together with a bang Archer with Clint and HollandOne lusting over bloodplay one artist lusting over murder scenes one trying to do right with crimeArcher wants to find a third in his relationship After finding a stunning and intriguing guy he thinks he found him Little did he know this man wants to use his knifeWhen they come together some extreme kink fantasy comes true A bloody and creepy story Awful confessions terrifying angst and through this all was lust kink and even a kind of romance wovenTheir sinister characters are splendid exposed Their interactions are than strange and bizarre Their sexual moments extreme It’s not a bad thing not to like themThe way of writing was good the plot was extraordinary It was a captivating read and it made me feel even a bit uncomfortable ha I have a good time reading the book It have some ups and downs but then things that I liked were enough to keep my attention the whole time It is a bit different that I was expecting and at some point darker and disturbing that I would hope for but still got me hook What I liked the most was the love hate emotion that a character made me feel Archer was interesting He was such an unlikable character but at the same time he was so fascinating It was like something you know you shouldn’t like but you like it anyway or at least can’t get your eyes off it He was arrogant extremely selfish and somehow still manage to be charming I didn’t liked him though he was way too selfish to make me actually love him or believe he love someone other than himself It was a big problem in the romantic aspect because it didn’t seem anything but lust or what he could get from his lovers and I guess that was an important part of his personality but exactly what make him be unlikable even to me who generally like such characters The other characters were fine but they lack certain charm I seek in a main character I don’t think they have a good chemistry and it all seem like an obsession from Clint and Holland’s side I did liked those two but they weren’t as captivating and emotion inducing as Archer The plot was fine maybe promising than it deliver but entertaining enough It was a bit slow paced to my taste but I end up having a good time reading it It have some graphic description of murders which can be a bit disturbing but since it was the main subject I guess whoever choose to read the book might be aware of that ¸•´¨¸•´ ★I am keeping my 35 rating all the same I didn't want to post until I got my thoughts together I am not one for dark reads despite my need for horrorthriller and the paranormal Just knowing that one of the MCs is a serial killer another fosters his needs off of it and a cop who gets caught up in the mess of it all I took a chance on reuesting this book and boy did I get a eyeful Thisthese books are not for everyone and I cannot give a definite that I will revisit the Criminal Delights world again; it took my breath You're my lover he's my supplier ArcherThe blood splatter captured my attention then it was all on I needed to know what all the woo rah was about Having got some premise of the series I expected some Law and Order meets NCIS meets Criminal Minds deep dark story This is what I got A selfish manipulative all about me and my needs Archie who got off on death Archer didn't know how he'd find out the answers but something told him to play along just to keep himself alive Holland a killer who fell for Archie's charm and found himself caught between a rock and a hard place I want to create lifelike art with you babe Knowing what we could accomplish excites me I want you to feel the same A man with a instinct Short of seeking out the cop and getting rid of him Holland had to do what he could to make Archer's man a distant memory And Clint a police officer who gave up everything for Archie who could care less for him He knew with that opening scene how the man he'd spent the past three years felt about him and yet he could not uit him Followed by Archie's insistence of bringing a third into their already shaking relationshipI could not believe what I was reading or the depth of the author's descriptions Gore blood and fascination played a part of this deep dark story and I feel I now need a vat of bleach to scrub my brain of the horror Interesting and disturbing all at the same time It's like seeing a train accident about to happen knowing you should look away but can'tI voluntarily and honestly reviewed this book without bias or persuasion from the author Deranged Birds the first two words in the blurb say it all Love Kills is one of those stories that will mess with your head Two of the characters especially are messed up one than the other We have three main characters in this story and each gets to tell us their point of view It kinda started with two different stories that eventually came together This book has many triggers so make sure you heed them Personally I loved it The story and the characters messed with my head Although the epilogue tied the story up I would love a book two Hey I’m greedy lol This is part of the Criminal Delights series Each book can be read as a standalone but in all honestly I’ve read a few of them and they are so so good First and foremost If any of you have triggers please for the love of all that's holy READ THE WARNINGS AND POSSIBLE TRIGGERS This is one hell of a damn good book but it is also one f’ed up book My only complaint is there is some grammatical issues that need to be fixed but other than that what A BookClint is a cop who switched to homicide But lately he's having a hard time His issues with his boyfriend Archer are not helping Clint is ready to settle down with Archer but Archer doesn't want to He's not ready Plus he's a complete dick to Clint most of the time and no one understands why he's with Archer Or vice versa With Archer’s line of work Clint doesn't relate to Archer's dark side either Especially being a cop and seeing all day long But Archer loves the stories Clint tells him from his work and Clint is suspecting that's all Archer wants him for Even uestions Archer So Archer decides he needs to blow off steam And meets a sexy man who fulfills all of Archer's kinks Until Archer finds out the real truth But fear turns in to lust and into a dangerous game One Clint doesn't know Clint suspects especially after seeing Holland's old rap sheet but he's getting into Holland and the dynamic the three play Maybe the old adage of what you don't know won't hurt you is trueWhat a twist I don't want to give it away but it's truly a twisted set up It's not just an 'open’ relationship It's what all parties of the relationship are With Clint being a cop he has suspicions about some things bit all he wants is to keep Archer happy And since Archer found Holland to first fulfill his darker side kinks he's realized how badly he's treated Clint and how much he really loves him With the joining of Clint and Holland together with Archer Archer is in hog heaven And Clint is getting into things he never was before because of how Archer looks with Holland during the play It's all justwell twisted lol But so interesting I'm weird but it kind of makes me wonder if there's relationships really like this Knowing this world probably lol Makes for some great reading though I'm so glad these authors did this series It's been very interesting to see where each author’s mind goes It's been amazinghttplovebytesreviewscom Love is blind375 stars 4 starsMorbid gory and kinky I'm down with kink like the next girl winks BUT blood play or edge play isn't one that is for me The blurb doesn't really go into the trigger warnings BEWARE The story of three very different men is uniue and interesting but Archer is a manipulative little st I really felt bad for Clint and even Holland even though Holland himself is a murderer Archer has them wrapped around his little finger I would love a follow up novella about these three crazy guys A Joyfully Jay review 375 starsThis is not a book for the faint of heart or the sueamish This is book eight in the Criminal Delights series a set of standalone stories by different authors that involve dark and disturbing content where killers murderers and heroes if there are any live in the shades of grey between black and white There is no justice for anyone in this book no morally sanitized ending This is a story about two deranged and depraved men pulling their lover down with them One of the three POV characters is a serial rapist and murderer who enjoys beating and killing men and that scene is lovingly written out The mentions of traumatic death are offhand and casual and the main characters in this book enjoy gore and blood play and get off on the voyeuristic stories of people being attacked and killedHolland is a killer He enjoys beating men raping them and then killing them Though he’s only killed two so far he’s beaten and assaulted far His therapist is afraid of him which pleases Holland Not that he’d hurt her though he fantasizes about it because he’d never hurt a woman Or a child But men men are a different matter He’s been good for a while now but Holland is getting the itch again and needs to find the perfect victim for his next night outRead Elizabeth’s review in its entirety here This was interesting and fast pacedkept me on the edge of my seatvery good and creepy Very good story Deranged birds of a feather flock together leaving trails of blood in their wakeHolland has fantasies most can’t accept When potential mates discover Holland’s bloodlust it’s too late for them to refuse Determined to get what he wants Holland continues to seek a man to fulfill his deepest desire and he won’t stop at anythingArcher is inspired and aroused by the tales he’s heard from his boyfriend Still he’s greedy for something that pushes him over the edge Although this might drive him and his partner apart Archer’s dark want won’t disappear Clint’s love for his job has slipped for years and he’s pondered change These days he’s cared about how to please his man than the rigorous position of solving murder cases Clint thinks his attitude will eventually get better thus prompting him to stay aboard Still the constant worry of Archer finding someone new niggles at him Putting sketchy characters behind bars had always been Clint’s forte but when new feelings arise Clint’s conscience is tested Further what will happen if Clint is forced to choose between the love of his life his career and his morality Warning This dark romance contains themes some readers might find objectionable Possible Triggers Murder death edgeplay angst gore blood I adore the Criminal Delights series and how it delves into the dark dirty twisted side of love and lust Love Kills is a perfect addition to the series and it is just as delightfully twisted as the book summary promises Archer is a self centered narcissist who wants to eat his cake and have it too He doesn’t care who he hurts as long as he gets his way And he’s so so so good at getting his way Clint is a mess He’s burnt out as a detective and just wants to settle down and love Archer He allows himself to be manipulated and played by Archer because he’s unwilling to peel back the glossy façade and take a real look at his relationship with Archer Instead Clint spends his time feeling hurt and then eating up Archer’s lies Worse Clint somehow justifies all the crazy turn of events to himself and remains willfully blind to what is truly going on Hollandwell Holland is a serial killer with an obsession Holland is a great character and I enjoyed his interactions with Archer and Clint Overall Rating 35 Stars The writing was good although there were some mistakes the sex was steamy and delicious and the characters were intriguing I just wished Holland spent time interacting with Clint and Archer together At times the book felt like a dip in Archer’s mind than a twisted romance and while I enjoyed getting to know Archer I wanted action I hope there’s a seuel that will feature all three of the characters I would read that in heartbeat especially if Archer and Holland can drag Clint even further down into their darkness

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