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Imagine Leaving your house in the middle of the night Knowing your mother is doing her best but she's just as scared as youImagine Starting a new school making friends Seeing how happy it makes your mother Hearing a voice calling out to youImagine Following the signs into the woods Going missing for six days Remembering nothing about what happenedImagine Something that will change everything And having to save everyone you love Imaginary Friend

About the Author: Stephen Chbosky

Stephen Chbosky grew up in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and graduated from the University of Southern California's Filmic Writing Program His first film The Four Corners of Nowhere premiered at the 1995 Sundance Film Festival and went on to win Best Narrative Feature honors at the Chicago Underground Film Festival He is the recipient of the Abraham Polonsky Screenwriting Award for his screenplay

10 thoughts on “Imaginary Friend

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    This started off really strong but I gotta be honest with you all I completely stopped giving a shit about this at about the 65% mark This book was just way too long with not enough pay off The biggest meh

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    I was so afraid of my contact lens numbers were going to be bigger than my irises after I finished this book Give me a biggest Chardonnay break my dear friends this month I read “Institution” “Gold Finch” and still working on “Priory of Or

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    Not to self stop reading horror books with kids

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    Now available as a BOTM add on starting in OctoberLong ago books stopped terrifying me in the way that people search out from the likes of gory graphic horror films Somewhere upon entering adulthood the paranormal took a backseat to the chills provided by

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    This morning I FINALLY managed to finish Imaginary Friend I started this book and was immediately hooked It was uber creepy really well written I was loving itSadly it was all downhill from there 700 pages of which maybe half ended up being relevantadding to

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    how in the world did stephen chbosky go from writing 'we accept the love we think we deserve' to an entire book dedicated to a child haunted by horrifying imaginary people? i guess 20 years between books is enough time for an author to change and in this case 2

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    We can swallow our fear or let our fear swallow us Imaginary Friend feels very much like a classic horror novel which is both a good and a bad thing To begin with we have a group of young kids an unknown evil that fills them with fear and despair a small town on

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    Wow I’ll tell you now this won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but it was 100% up my street Mind bending so incredibly clever with such beautiful and heartfelt language and messages I’m astonished and reviewing this is gonna be bloody hard He knew how he found th

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    Y’all are foolsThis 354 star rating? It’s all a lie 5 BIG ASS STARS If A Nightmare on Elm Street and Coraline had a baby together Imaginary Friend

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    I'll be first to admit that I never read horror nor do I have the interest but I wanted to give Stephen Chbosky a try just because he was an iconic author of my teenage years But this wasn't it Even from the objective perspective of someone not into horror especially paran

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