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The Reject Juliet Seven is waiting on a seacraft offshore from war torn Mangeria hoping that her beloved Nicolas will soon join her Instead the boat is pirated by a Reject boy stinking of rot and oil A storm rises and they are swept away They reach a new land but all is not what it seems in this perfect place of refuge Juliet is desperate to escape Since the day of her birth the blind tellers of Mangeria have prophesied that Juliet is ‘The One’ What will she have to do to fulfil her destiny

About the Author: Edyth Bulbring

Edyth Bulbring is an award winning author of nine Young Adult novels The Summer of Toffie and Grummer which was shortlisted for the English Academy's 2010 Percy FitzPatrick prize for Youth Literature Oxford University Press February 2008; Cornelia Button and the Globe of Gamagion Jacana April 2008; The Club Jonathan Ball Publishers September 2008; Pops and The Nearly Dead Penguin March

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    I bought this for the school library so that the Grade 10s who had to read 'The Mark' could move past the unsatisfying conclusion of this book's preuel'The Reject' is an improvement on the previous book with regards to pace and character Gollum really stole the book while Ettie had good reason to be annoying But I am still disappointed Bulbring cons

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    Edyth Bulbring brings her readers back to Juliet Seven's world in The Reject Events in book one The Mark were left a little in the air with Juliet escaped on board a stolen yacht with a price on her head while Mangeria was dumped into turmoil There was no HEA for her and her love NicholasIt's going to be difficult to review The Reject without massive spoiler

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    The Reject is the seuel to The Mark where the author set up a gritty post catastrophe dystopian world set in the State of Mangeria near where a now submerged Cape Town South Africa once stood Bulbring envisions is highly stratified and essentially feudal society with worker castes and a ruling class It is a brutal existence where you are tolerated only as long as you

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    I hear you when you cry out in your sleep It shreds my dreamsSometimes lies are told not in what is said but what is not saidThe clown smiles down at me Parting is such sweet sorrow Still you can't say I didn't show you a good timeJust because animals can't tell stories it didn't give Homesaps the right to treat them like they were lessTo kill my god Who will I pray to? Who w

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    A great seuel to The Mark It is much better than the first and I thoroughly enjoyed it The story does become rather complex and convoluted I shall reread it and hopefully it will all fall into place satisfactorily Characters are developed than in the first book so that we are able to feel a little empathy for them but there are still lots of unanswered uestions at the end Not sure

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