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Outfox #1 New York Times bestselling author Sandra Brown combines heart stopping suspense and forbidden passion in this psychological thriller about an FBI agent's hunt for a ruthless conman turned serial killerSure to keep readers on the edge of their seats this new novel will feature Brown's signature combination of steamy romance and jaw dropping plot twistsFBI agent Drex Easton is relentlessly driven by a single goal to outmaneuver the conman once known as Weston Graham Over the past thirty years Weston has assumed many names and countless disguises enabling him to lure eight wealthy women out of their fortunes before they disappeared without a trace their families left without answers and the authorities without clues The only common trait among the victims a new man in their life who also vanished leaving behind no evidence of his existence except for one signature customDrex is convinced that these women have been murdered and that the man he knows as Weston Graham is the sociopath responsible But each time Drex gets close to catching him Weston trades one persona for another and disappears again Now for the first time in their long game of cat and mouse Drex has a suspect in sightAttractive and charming Jasper Ford is recently married to a successful businesswoman many years his junior Talia Shafer Drex insinuates himself into their lives posing as a new neighbor and setting up surveillance on their house The closer he gets to the couple the convinced he becomes that Jasper is the clever merciless predator he's sought and that his own attraction to Talia threatens to compromise his purpose and integrityThis is Drex's one chance to outfox his cunning nemesis before he murders again and eludes justice forever But first he must determine if the desirable Talia is a heartless accomplice or the next victim

About the Author: Sandra Brown

See this thread for information Sandra Brown is the author of than sixty New York Times bestsellers including STING 2016 FRICTION 2015 MEAN STREAK 2014 DEADLINE2013 LOW PRESSURE 2012 LETHAL 2011Brown began her writing career in 1981 and since then has published over seventy novels bringing the number of copies of her books in print worldwide to upwards of eighty million Her work has been translated into over thirty languagesIn 2009 Brown detoured from romantic suspense to write Rainwater a much acclaimed powerfully moving historical fiction story about honor and sacrifice during the Great Depression Brown was given an honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from Texas Christian University She was named Thriller Master for 2008 the top award given by the International Thriller Writer’s Association Other awards and commendations include the 2007 Texas Medal of Arts Award for Literature and the Romance Writers of America’s Lifetime Achievement Award

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    325 ish starsDespite what the title may have hinted at Sandra Brown’s latest release failed to outfox this loyal reader Her signature plot trickery deployed to dupe readers—in only the best way possible of course—wasn’t up to snuff this go round No doubt a decent read overall but several rungs below what’s become her standard The harmonious counterbalance of suspense and romance Brown has excelled at in the past eradicated by a plot hole ridden investigationBrown’s name tops my romantic suspense leaderboard by leaps and bounds above others in the genre Game changing plot twists combined with potent doses of sexual tension from her love interests typically spell page turner  I would say that’s true here for the first half of the lengthy novel At the midway point things take a bit of a turn though—transitioning from intriguing to repetitive and theatrical Well except for the love part but on that in a bit Oozing charm and with a deep dimple to boot FBI agent Drex what a name Easton makes it easy to get wrapped up in his mission Driven by a blood oath and deep seated need for vengeance Drex has spent the entirety of his adulthood chasing a faceless man A chameleon responsible for the alleged disappearance of eight women and their sizable bank balances When Drex gets a lead on his mark's assumed identity and location he wastes no time planting himself in the rented garage apartment next door Selling himself as a struggling writer looking for color and context to beef up his debut he sets up surveillance Despite concrete evidence or the discovery of any bodies Drex intuitively knows Jasper Ford is his man What Drex couldn't plan for the connection he feels when he locks eyes with Talia Jasper's much younger wife  Which makes uncovering her role—accomplice or potential victim—pivotal The why driving the suspense is a tad murky Lost among the jurisdictional interferences the annoyance of Drex’s arch nemesis Rudkowski and the blatant lack of evidence Things get a touch overwrought and even downright messy at times And the mundane collection that provides the only link between the cases completely uninspired Drex and Talia's connection is an effortless scene stealer Threaded throughout are bouts of witty banter and an attraction so intense at times it's all consuming There are a few subtle clues—seasoned romance readers will likely pick up on—as to where things are headed for the newfound duo Nothing that detracts from their journey per se but with the potential to drag a reader's preferences into the euation Or maybe not In a surprise turn of events my typical loathing for the said scenario marked a no show The gaping hole instead filled by a healthy dose of unabashed glee An epilogue so stellar in fact it acted almost like a salve mitigating my disappointment with the other plot lines I couldn't have dreamt up a fitting end Thanks to Poisoned Pen and Sandra Brown for landing a personalized copy on my doorstep ♥

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    Outfox was a fantastic cat and mouse gameIt had many twists and turns therefore there was no chance for me getting bored As a matter of fact the chase which was the main focal point of Outfox was what I loved the most about this book Because if you boil it down to the basics it was a story about two very intelligent me

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    If you’ve read the book blurb I’m betting you’re already convinced to add this one to your TBR list You won’t be disappointed Anytime there’s a new release from Sandra Brown there’s cause for celebration She is one of the best romantic suspense writers on the scene and for years has been one of my favorite writ

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    Well that is hard to believe can barely shove the rating up to 3 but I will it was a 25 at best Honestly it did nothing for me I didn't like the characters I felt there was no real development with the relationship between Drex and Talia I mean you have seen my previous reviews of SB books I usually LOVE them They are re rea

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    Sun lake sailing hiking a week with family and a new Sandra Brown book Life just doesn't get any better than this and this was a perfect book to read on a long drive and any time I could steal away from everyone The romance tough to warm up to but the steam and charisma just oozed off the page once the heat turned up The suspe

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    As the book description points out Drex is sure he’s found Weston Graham now going by Jasper Ford a man he thinks is responsible for the disappearance of eight or wealthy women over the years Weston befriends them and then they along with their money disappear without a trace Jasper has married a rich younger woman Talia and

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    This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life in BooksThis was really good I have a long history with Sandra Brown I am not even sure how many years it has been since I first tried her work I haven't read them all yet but I have uite a few under my belt I have yet to be disappointed and look forward to getting my hands on

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    Tense twisty and suspensefulOutfox is a well executed tortuous tale that introduces us to the handsome driven FBI agent Drex Easton as he heads out on a hunt for his mother’s murderer and a predator who’s been preying on single rich women for than thirty yearsThe writing is tight and intense The characters are secretive cunning

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    35 stars and I have to be honest I waffled there for a while on whether to round up or down I usually love Sandra Brown’s books I didn’t hate this one but I didn’t love it either The plot was pretty good and I did enjoy the investigation and plan to catch a killer I just didn’t really care anything about anyone who was in it D

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    I do love reading any of Sandra Brown's books It brings me comfort to know ahead of time that I'll enjoy hours of entertainment Outfox is a suspense romance novel with a serial killer on the looseIn Outfox we have the main character FBI agent Drex Easton who's seeking justice He has made his life's work to hunt down the man responsible

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