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Trick Mirror Reflections on Self Delusion Trick Mirror is an enlightening unforgettable trip through the river of self delusion that surges just beneath the surface of our lives This is a book about the incentives that shape us and about how hard it is to see ourselves clearly in a culture that revolves around the self In each essay Jia writes about the cultural prisms that have shaped her the rise of the nightmare social internet; the American scammer as millennial hero; the literary heroine’s journey from brave to blank to bitter; the mandate that everything including our bodies should always be getting efficient and beautiful until we die

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    This is an outstanding rigorously researched and written collection of cultural criticism I really admired the depth of thought here I felt like each essay was a master class on how to write cultural criticism I was definitely taking notes Some of the essays ran too long and could use some tightening but that is a subjective opinion I was particularly interested in the essay about

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    I'd read Jia Tolentino's grocery lists if she let me

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    I feel awful terrible giving such a low review because i was so so so excited for this to the point where I refused to read any press so I could have a pure unmediated experience but only like 3 of the essays in here were good the ones where she reflects on her own life Which is funny because I used to get kind of annoyed at the way she would unnecessarily drop in details about her lif

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    45 starsI have to start this review by sharing that when I finished the last essay of Trick Mirror “I Thee Dread” I literally started clapping and whisper screaming “oh my god Jia really did that” and “ugh ueen of delivering a fatal blow to the capitalist patriarchal wedding industrial complex we stan a self aware icon” Mind you this fanboying took place while I sat alone on

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    I really enjoyed this actually even though any collection of essaysstories tends to be uneven I probably also enjoyed it since it said a lot of things that I already agree with or thought to begin with I tend to just like being reaffirmed in my view point what can I say? I really didn't enjoy the essay on drugs and religion and spiritualism very much I did enjoy the ones on feminism a lit

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    Here is who I recommend this book for Anyone who has been in a coma for the last ten to fifteen years; a person who just discovered the internet or perhaps only recently learned how to read; someone over the age of 70 or under the age of 10 who has a suddenly discovered interest in small and generally feminist happenings of recent yearsEveryone else you’re probably coveredThere is nothing

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    Lucid and enlightening the essays of Jia Tolentino’s debut collection Trick Mirror Reflections on Self Delusion consider what it means for Millennial women to navigate a culture of spectacle scam and oppression In sharp prose across nine essays Tolentino takes on everything from the troubling rise of athleisure to America’s obsession with reality television difficult women and weddings Ske

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    Recently my rad friend B and I got into it about Roxanne Gay's Bad Feminist which I loudly do not like B argued that it was wrong of me to judge it so harshly because I was not taking into account the deep biases I bring to my own reading I remain unrepentant because those essays are extremely bad but I do acknowledge that I am only a combination of my life's influences I grew up solidly middle

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    A bit of a mixed bag Highlights The first essay The I in Internet is excellent Always Be Optimizing had some great ideas but a bit circular and seemed to be holding something back The personal experience essays Reality TV Me and Ecstacy were diverting enough I enjoyed them DownsidesSome of the essays cover some really well worn ground at this point Often the context and asides are too heavy on res

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    Audiobook narrated by the author Jia TolentinoI really enjoyed listening to Jia read her book 9 essays She’s bluntly insightful about the times we are living in without being preachy I admire the way Jia formulates her thoughts—brilliantly I became so curious about this magnificent woman never knew of her until now that I spent time listening to her YouTube interviews I liked her even There is

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