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The First Girl Child Five in the name Nordic kings gods mythological full of runes mystic lyrical powerful ghost ly starsAmy Harmon is one of the talented writers always knows how to take you journeys at different time zones from Irish Revolution to the middle of World War second and some unknown mystical kingdom doors She plays the words like instruments and creates amazing soul brushing heart healing compositions that you wanna read over and over again to feel joyful and delighted That’s how I felt as soon as I finish this wonderful compelling heroic encouraging Nordic fairy tale Characterization THERE IS NO ALBA WITHOUT BAYRBayr a giant strong tough carries an enormous beautiful heart that only belongs to AlbaAnd sweet brave loyal lovely Alba who also carries a genuine kind poignant heart only but forever belongs to BayrBayr was her keeper her guardian her best friend confidant first and last love It was amazing to read their growing up devotion unconditional connectionI also enjoy Dagmar and Ghost’s stories It is not fair to think them as supporting characters Their forbidden love story their affection and loyalty to Bayr and Alba were marvelous My heart broke for them Especially the parts that Ghost stands up for all the five girls who turned into gifted warriors and the way she puts her life at risk for her daughter was so worth to read I like to clap and shout as “Go Ghost Go” And Dagmar humble born and raised warrior who changed his way to be keeper did whatever it took to save Bayr from the danger of the enemiesPACE At first I thought it was slow but after few pages I realized it was not Not too slow or fast Understanding the whole journey we have to start from beginning So there are not a word is needed to be edit from this book Each one has its own magic and powerSTORY DEVELOPMENT Fasten your seat belts to take a memorable mythological journey including Norse magic and powerful blood runes This book is full of surprises make you smile curse cry like a baby You need to open your feelings to absorb each beautiful chapters like your life depends on themPLEASE DO NOT READ BOOKS WITH YOUR EYES READ IT WITH YOUR HEARTENDINGMy hands hurt but I applauded a lot This is an epic final I think you may consider this as one of the greatest book about power of women and their abilities strength and determination to do what it takesSUMMARYLOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE ITI’m one of the luckiest to grab my ARC COPY so special thanks to 47North and NetGalley for providing this amazing book to me as an exchange of my honest review I truly honestly enjoyed it This story fell flatter than Mariah Carey singing live This is a historical fantasy featuring Norse mythologyI am NOT a historical fiction fanI am rarely able to get into a fantasyAnd mythology is a real snoozefest for meBut this is Amy HarmonThis book is her first foray into the fantasy genreFive Star reviews dominate the ratings And it's a Kindle Unlimited as are all of her booksSo what hell right? I'll give it a goI still don't like historical fiction Fantasy is still a meh genre for meAs for mythology 😴💤💤💤I love Amy Harmon and although this book didn't work for me her prose is as beautiful as ever I've never not loved one of her books this one just wasn't for meI don't discourage anyone from reading this book and absolutely encourage everyone to read her other works25 Stars ⭐ wow i am just in awe amy harmon could be considered one of my favourite fantasy authors which is crazy because she doesnt primarily write fantasy stories i really think she should switch over completely because her writing is so enchanting and much lyrical than in her contemporary fiction novels it suits the world building perfectly and has such a magical feel that really speaks to mebefore i get too into this review i want to note that the synopsis is a little misleading at least it was for me i thought this was going to be a very romance dominated story set in a fantasy world while the bond between bayr and alba is important its not even romantic until the last uarter of the book there is 20 years worth of story that describes on how they grow up what is happening in the kingdom family relationships and a whole bunch of other side stories and because of that this does feel very slow much slower than your typical slow burn but i really enjoyed this the highlight for me is the relationship between bayr and dagmar i love how they saw themselves as father and son even though it wasnt the case its such a sweet and really emotionally compelling bond and their interactions are the best part of the book for me i highly recommend this as well as amy harmons other fantasy book ‘the bird and the blade’ both are stunningly phenomenal ↠ 45 stars I received this complimentary ARC from the publisher courtesy of NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewThis wasgood Just that Good I’ve read so many of Amy Harmon’s books before and am frankly slightly disappointed It didn’t have the spark that her other works have had in the past This might be due to the unbearably slow pace because of the story spanning twenty years I really had to push myself to finish it even though I liked it It just wasn’t holding my interest long enough for me to power through to the end I think the main problem is probably a “ me” problem Vikings just do not interest me that much And it didn’t help that the magic system remained rather unexplained and underutilised This definitively pales in comparison to The Bird and the Sword The story takes place in Saylok a land created by the Allfather Odin Loki’s actions caused the land to be separated into six different villages Adyar eagle Berne bear Ebba boar Dolphys wolf Joran horse and Leok lion As the book progresses the reader begins to see the commentary on misogynistic injustices that Harmon provides Bayr was my favourite character so strong and sweet Alba was brave and kind but often overshadowed by prominent figures in the novel Dagmar and Ghost were also lovely supporting characters both devoted to Bayr and Alba while having a forbidden romance of their own While this was a beautiful story its slow pace proved that it just wasn’t for me I wouldn’t dissuade you from reading it though because it truly was uite enjoyable I’d recommend it to fans of Sky in the Deep and Warrior of the Wild So good I cosplayed as Lagertha while filming this Watch the full review on YouTubeThanks so much to 47North for granting our ARC reuest of this on NetGalley It's still up if you want to grab an advanced copy of this stellar historical fantasy with romantic subplots Otherwise you get to wait until it releases in August Blog | FB | Twitter | IG | Pinterest | Tumblr | YouTube Spoilers maybeHmmI can't uite place my finger on what's missing Could it be a lack of urgency? As in1 the pacing was slow2 the magic system was largely unutilized3 the justification for the curse was flimsy at best 4 there were too many irrelevant scenes Ghost and the 3 marauders5 the love connection between Alba Bayr was tepid and unconvincing6 the plot twist of view spoilermarrying Alba off to the King of the Northmen was introduced too late hide spoiler A breathtaking fantasy of a cursed kingdom warring clans and unexpected salvation The First Girl Child a historical fantasy will be released in ebook paperback and audio on August 20 2019Available onKINDLE | PAPERBACK | AUDIO For as the woman is of the manEven so is the man also of the woman1 Corinthians 1122 Within the walls and behind the Temple doors lives an unexpected salvation—a girl She was framed by the light of the gray afternoon And in that moment he saw the woman and not the child You must promise me that when you are grown even if you are afraid even if you do not want to be king you will do what must be done Available onKINDLE | PAPERBACK | AUDIO Copyright © Amy Harmon WEBSITE | FACEBOOK | TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | | BOOKBUB | NEWSLETTER From ​the New York Times bestselling author comes a breathtaking fantasy of a cursed kingdom warring clans and unexpected salvationBayr of Saylok bastard son of a powerful and jealous chieftain is haunted by the curse once leveled by his dying mother Bartered abandoned and rarely loved she plagued the land with her words From this day forward there will be no daughters in SaylokRaised among the Keepers at Temple Hill Bayr is gifted with inhuman strength But he’s also blessed with an all too human heart that beats with one purpose to protect Alba the first girl child born in nearly two decades and the salvation for a country at riskNow the fate of Saylok lies with Alba and Bayr whose bond grows deeper with every whisper of coming chaos Charged with battling the enemies of their people both within and without Bayr is fueled further by the love of a girl who has defied the scourge of SaylokWhat Bayr and Alba don’t know is that they each threaten the king a greedy man who built his throne on lies murder and betrayal There is only one way to defend their land from the corruption that has overtaken it By breaking the curse they could defeat the kingbut they could also destroy themselves 4 45 STARSSuch a brilliant and uniue storyI love whatever genre she writes and I always go blind to her storiesI don't need a synopsis because I simply know it will be another fantastic readThe story line is interestingoriginal and captivatingEverything needed their time and their got itThis is a slow story in my opinion and this is what make me not give it 5 stars but still it was an unforgettable read I've come to believe that home is not a place Home is inside of us Home is the people we love Home is what we strive for     Genre FantasyType StandalonePOV Third PersonRating The day Bayr was born the kingdom of Saylok changed irrevocably Unbeknownst to the people a curse was unleashed that made them barren of female newborns As the years progressed and desperation mounted Alba became the first girl child to be born in Saylok But hope for her to be their salvation was shattered when the curse persisted He would do anything to protect her and neither of them had any idea how their fate intertwined with the survival of their kingdom Once in a while I started a book and I just knew it was going to be something special It happened rarely but this book is one of it For me the story was told subtly but made a deep impression internally not in your face but gut punched you to the floor “You are a protector Bayr And I believe you’ve been given power to defend this land—every clan You are not Bayr the Temple Boy You are not Bayr of Berne or Dolphys You are Bayr of Saylok and you must defend this land from her enemies within and without” The best thing about this book is the characters and the bonds they form with each other Blood played an important role in the story in than one way but it wasn’t the only thing that brought them together I loved the characters’ loyalty devotion and sacrifices I had a hard time picking a favorite because each of them was significant in their own way But Dagmar earned his place for the choices he made I love mythology so I enjoyed the Norse influences in the storyline The plot was engaging especially with the mystical and the religious aspect of the story To love was to be at the mercy of someone else To love was to be controlled The First Girl Child is a tale of love and heroism It would appeal to readers looking for a captivating Viking inspired fantasy ♦ ⚔ ♦ FBR With Twinsie CC Loyda ♦ ⚔ ♦ For reviewsrevealsgiveaways visit

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