The Ultimate Evil The Truth about the Cult Murders Son of

The Ultimate Evil The Truth about the Cult Murders Son of Sam and Beyond On August 10 1977 the NYPD arrested David Berkowitz for the Son of Sam murders that had terrorized New York City for than 13 months Berkowitz confessed to being a lone murderer — one who had carried out eight senseless shooting with a44 caliber Bulldog revolver The case was officially closed Journalist Maury Terry was suspicious of Berkowitz's confession convinced as he gathered corroborating evidence throughout the years that Berkowitz did not act alone In this investigative story first published in 1987 Terry details the chilling events proving that Berkowitz was an affiliate of — and triggerman for — a Satanic cult known as the Process Church of the Final Judgment a far reaching organization that is connected to other ritual slayings across the country Updated wtih Berkowitz's recent confirmations from his prison cell Terry untangles the web of information and shocking extent of the Process Church's activities Includes black and white photographs Interesting and entertaining but at least some of what is put out and theorized here is bullshit People just love their spooky stories by the campfire Oh the good old days before DNA and real good forensics where one Fire Island obsessed NY reporter could toil away on a single story for decades Where a good juicy serial killer could make the career of a plucky young journalistWhen Terry is not recreating conversations between himself and police himself and District Attorneys or himself and other newspaper men he is retyping prison letters from inside snitches See here is the thing about this Berkowitz did it Alone Because he is a paranoid schizophrenic Probably tormented by his neighbors the Carrs The Carrs where bad dudes one was an active cocaine addict and the other former drug addict turned Scientologist To a paranoid like Berkowitz these two guys were into Satanism and all sorts of other depravity And what was the most depraved thing back in the 1970s? Homosexual bondage sex Mix all that together with a barking dog and you have the platform for uite a delusional systemI am sure the Carrs fucked with Berkie Teased and harassed him since he was a loner creep with obvious mental problems I am also convinced that Berkowitz knew them well enough to create his delusionsThe fact that both Carrs met with particularly messy ends is not surprising either being low level criminals and dullard thugsTerry gets great traction from the Carrs suspicious deaths But really a dug addict who is trying to break into selling drugs getting killed is not really the stuff of Satanic Conspiracies More like the plot of a cheap tv showThe fact that Terry gets traction from the letters articles and other highlighted books that Berkowitz mails around the country to various DAs is a bit naive I mean letter writing and strange mail was one of Berkowitz's Son Of Sam calling cards The fact he continued after arrest seems to prove his culpability than anything else Further the sending of articles and other texts to law enforcement continued to support Berkowitz's paranoid delusions showing others all the evidence that connects the scrambled world view of his mind Terry uses Berkowitz's interviews as proof I found the interviews to be entirely made up of leading uestions and Berkowitz playing a terribly obvious game of GO FISH His refusal to answer reads as ignorance and entertainment on his behalf not scared hintsTo even address the informant letters from Vinny is to admit that a prisoner who has a reporter on the hook someone who will actively visit him who will actively write him back is a prisoner with a lot of power They are bored beyond words so this sort of entertainment is invaluable In addition anything Vinny overheard any crime he could simply feed to Terry and attribute it to Berkowitz Which I think happened a lotPoor Maury Terry I am sure he misses the disco nights on Fire Island as well as the timely fascination of the Son of Sam case One of the most underrated books of our time The Ultimate Evil is a can't turn these GD pages fast enough romp through the most convoluted murder mystery of our time Was the Son of Sam merely a cover up for one of the most devious Satanic cults in the world? After reading Maury's long really long tale I'd say maybe? This is very creepy to read when you are alone I thought this was an excellent investigative book into the multiple killings in New York City in the late 70's by the 44 Cabiber Killer or the Son of Sam killer s Too much evidence suggests that this was in no way a one man job Even the cops investigating this case at the time always thought it was than one killer Every crime scene had a different description of the shootershooters The only reason this was all pinned on David Berkowitz is convenience the common theme in the American “Justice System” People were going to lose their jobs over this case The city was losing its mind with fear How could all of the NYPD and FBI not be able to locate the killer? There was than one killer Check the evidence Great book and there is than enough reasonable doubt and just flat out ignored evidence to re open this case Best Book EVAHH I've loaned this one out a few times and never seem to get it back One of great cult books of all time The dog didn't do it And Berkowitz probably only did some of it Read it and see The book drips purple prose which no doubt turns off some and gives skeptics ammunition to shout down Terry's theories And yet I wouldn't want it written any other way Terry raises some points that are hard to ignore The main one being that there were others involved with the killings I have finally finished this book It was fascinating I ended up liking it so much that I looked for the book that he was supposedly working on about the Lisa Steinberg murder; however it looks like this was the only book he has written This book was really scary and it really makes you wonder about unsolved murders and missing people Re read for 2016 Still one of my favorites this is an amazing piece of investigative journalism by author Maury Terry This is one I have to keep replacing I never get it back whenever anyone borrows it Compulsive read very scary implications BrilliantOne of my favorite book read it many times over

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