The Fulfilments of Fate and Desire The Third Book of

The Fulfilments of Fate and Desire The Third Book of Wraeththu The third volume of Storm's original Wraeththu trilogy expanded and updated This final story is narrated by Cal one of the most complex and mysterious of all the Wraeththu characters Down on his luck and haunted by his uestionable past Cal comes to realise he cannot escape his destiny and that the har he once loved and believed dead is now ruler of all Wraeththu These notes were made in 1993 This last of the three Wraethtu books is told by Cal who has been a central figure in all three In this one through a flashback structure imposed over a uest journey we get explanations of the mysteries in Cal's past as well as the completion of his self acceptance In terms of structure I think this is the most satisfying of the three books although the actual climax a massive environmentalpsychic event in the capital city of Immanion which changes it from an ideal and rather impossibly beautiful place to a humane but rather wartish one like the process of self acceptance Cal has gone through did not move me as much as it was meant to I think As usual I found the erotic subtext very enjoyable and the various different kinds of symbolic landscape through which Cal moves a village on the edge of the unknown underground tunnels a massive repressive castle in a repressive land to be inventive and well worked out The resolution of the apparently impossible triangle Pellaz his consort Caeru and his true love Cal is perhaps a little wishful but then again in a fantasy land why not have a workable ménage à trois What I find interesting is that Constantine finally yielded to the inevitable and created a similar but separate race of female hermaphrodites to complement the male hermaphrodite Wraethtu The old patterns are too strong in the end I really did enjoy this trilogy just the right mix of sex imagination and cultural commentary Rating 3 of fiveWraeththu burst onto the barren LGBT science fiction scene in the late 1980s with a blaze of attention It was uniue Hermaphroditic men who fucked each other and made babies somehow I never really got with that part of the program They look like human men because they were human men until It HappenedAnd even though there are no single gender Wraeththu back come the women An old wordplay I used to use to piss off my sisters women are just woe men seemed to me les mots justes for this book It took me awhile to get around to this one as the narrator for this book is Cal who unfortunately is the hinge of the series it seems I say unfortunately as Cal is my least favorite character Like Lestat he seems to be one of those aristocratic and hedonistic assholes that certain female geek authors find appealing for no reason I can possibly understandSo it was slow going Luckily some interesting characters are introduced as well as interesting Wraeththru tribes and toward the end of the book a companion race to the Wraeththu a sort of barren girl har compensated for her barrenness by even psychic powers than the WraeththuThere's plot than previous books but that's not saying much As before they enjoyment is in the author's amazing and sumptuous descriptive abilities not the plot The plot is in essence Cal gets led around the nose mostly against his will by occult forces purifying him and allowing him to take his place as one of the leaders of the Wraeththu the dark to Pell's light Along the way nearly everyone falls in love with him for no discernable reason especially given what a selfish nasty manipulative twat he is and we finally find out part of what makes him so dark the oft referred to incident with his ex lover Zach which turns out naturally to be something one would think he'd have let go of a long time ago BleahSo I'd say it's about as good as the previous books and it ties up all previous plot threads which is good but it is marred by focusing so heavily on Cal I read the first edition of the Wraeththu Chronicles back in the day It was always one of my favorite stories I hadn't heard that Constantine had updated the books in the early 00s until recently and when I did learn of the updates I had to read themI'm not sure if my memory is just failing me this much or what but the updated versions seemed like completely different books to me Most of what was in the stories I didn't remember from my other two or three reads of the original version Very strange I felt like I was reading all new books not just updatesNeedless to say the updates make the story very enthralling I'm hoping someday someone will decide these need to be made into a TV series especially with the current concentration in our society with trans people and their struggles

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