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Vanara the legend of Baali Sugreeva and Tara Riveting and compelling Watch the detailed video review on my channel A pure fictionJust the base story of Bali and Sugreeva are taken and story is madeAuthor himself said in the beginning that this is not original story This is what could have beenhad i knew this before than i wouldn't have bought or read it coz if don't like original story to be changedThis book says that whatever stories we have heard about Indian Mythology which includes magic are not trueAll are made by poets and singersEverything that happens in this book is due to caste discriminationThere is nothing which has no explanationAll we were aware of story of Bali and Sugreeva Author has given voice to their thoughtsWhat they thought how they thought thatEvery character that we ever considered good is shown as bad one And vice a versaI knew i won't like the book when in first chapter itself it is shown that Ahalya is having a consensual affair with Indra We have heard two stories In one Ahalya knew about Indra's disguise and in another one she didn't know about the disguise But in this one he calls it an AffairHe says new generation will uestion things And he is giving them non magical answersWhat i think is if young generation is so much into fantasy then they can totally accept the mythologyI agree that there are few mistake were done by the good side but that doesn't mean you show all their thoughts and turn him into a bad person 😌 Basically he says when he writes from the perspective of Ravan all others are the rivals and hence the bad sideSame is shown hereWell the good thing was that i kind off liked Bali But that doesn't mean that i would hate all the other characters shown here Well again its a fiction within mythology I would prefer pure mythology or pure fiction Well it's totally my perspective many of you would have loved this bookBut i didn't Also i found few mistakes in it2 actually some mistake in story Baali is a heart wrenching love story that explores the grey areas of emotions Raw in its appeal it takes the reader to the era when the Vanaras lived Baali's philosophy towards God life and his high values and conditional love for his brother and wife has been portrayed so well You love his strength yet his vulnerability The book explores the heart of Tara her conflicting emotions her strength and her helplessness which makes the book so much women centric Totally loved itKudos again to Anand Neelkantan for making the book on Baali Sugreeva the characters who are not much debated in the Ramayan A very compelling intriguing and a must read by Anand Neelakantan Vanara a book deals not just with the love triangle and all the conspiracies you can hear but it also deals with the uprisings from the lowly and fulfilling the dream of building an empire Kishkindha the empire who never had that much attention in our mythology about how it was made and the values associated with The neglected vana nara and the struggles all that is bind with the dilemma of Tara and a twisting yet blending with emotions A definite and a must read Just read Asura so that you can have a better understanding the relationship between Bali and Ravana Not exactly literature #2019 #YearinBooks Book 43I love mythology and especially Indian mythology I've read the Ramayana and about the fight between Baali and Sugreeva in which Rama kills the former But that's all I have read about the Vanara brothers It was nice to read this book which expanded on the tale leading to that fightIn the novel the author shares the tale of how Kishkindha the kingdom of the Vanaras was built by Baali Sugreeva and Nala the architect It starts with a tale of brotherly love before the arrival of Tara the woman both brothers wantFantasymythology genre novels need to be engaging This book was I loved how the characters are sketched Each have their strengths and flaws Baali is painted as the hero instead of the villain and it worked At times it feels like the characters are black and white instead of grey but that's only after Tara comes into the picture For me that was understandable Loved the cover art too and I will reread Anand's narrative style continues to be incoherant and isnt the smooth flowing narrative style that a mythology based story telling should be Here Bali is painted in glorified hues while Sugreeva is almost like a bollywood villain The story line follows a known pattern from his previous novel Asura where the story is in pole apart from the conventional storylines that most of us have been brought up with and hence jarrs at times but the narrative style is pretty poor to be classed along with great storytellersInteresting plot but laborious read Disappointing once again Baali and Sugreeva of the Vana Nara tribe were orphan brothers who were born in abject poverty and grew up as slaves like most of their fellow tribesmen They were often mocked as the vanaras the monkey men Sandwiched between the never ending war between the Deva tribes in the north and the Asura tribes in the south the Vana Naras seemed to have lost all hope But Baali was determined not to die a slave Aided by his beloved brother Sugreeva Baali built a country for his people The capital city Kishkindha became a beacon of hope for emancipated slaves from across the world It was a city of the people by the people for the people where there was no discrimination based on caste creed language or the colour of skin For a brief period in history it seemed as if mankind had found its ideal hero in Baali But then fate intervened through the beautiful Tara the daughter of a tribal physician Loved by Baali and lusted after by Sugreeva Tara became the cause of a fraternal war that would change history for everThe love triangle between Baali Tara and Sugreeva is arguably the world's first Written by Anand Neelakantan who gave a voice to Ravana in Asura Duryodhana in the Ajaya series and Sivagami in the Baahubali series Vanara is a classic tale of love lust and betrayal Shakespearean in its tragic depth and epic in its sweep Vanara gives voice to the greatest warrior in the Ramayana Baali Is a fast paced book but to me seemed like bashing a particular community rather than retelling the mythology Neelakantan has tried making it resonate with today's generation but unfortunately has ended targeting certain communities and making it about current politics The book also has a lot of errors grammatical orthographic There are better versions out there about this section of Ramayana Wish Valmiki and Ved Vyas had copyrighted their works Amitav Ghosh Devdutt Patnaik and now this All conspiring to distort the epics and puranas A story can be adopted but distorting the original to suit your ends is not something I can think off

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