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The Futas New Intern Parker and her close friend Tessa have both secured highly sought after internships at a high powered and mysterious company Tessa's on the upper floors with the executives while Parker's down in the IT department She couldn't be thrilled While some of her job may be boring tech support other parts are genuinely interesting coding For a self confessed nerd like Parker that's almost paradiseYet there are a few things she doesn't understand like the absurdly strict dress code In an all female company is it really necessary to specify the color of the interns' underwear And why are her panties blue while Tessa's are pinkBut when Parker uncovers some hidden and very dirty photos on a laptop she's updating her subseuent little indiscretion necessitates borrowing a change of clothes from her friend and will really open her eyes as to how much difference a color can makeThe company's female executives are all sporting shocking secrets beneath their suits enormous secrets with insatiable appetites and it's the duty of the interns in pink to keep them happy any way they wantAn abrupt field promotion will catapult Parker into a high powered world of corporate lust and submission that will rock her to her core at least it will if she can find a way to persuade the sticklers down in legal to chill out and let her join in all the fun

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