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The Prince and I Book 2 Jennifer is an escort that's who she has chosen to be Not because that's her dream mind you Her dream was the fairy tale with Prince Erik But the kind of fire they had was too hot and burned out as uickly as it started It was an explosion of passion and lust that didn't that couldn't have lastedSo she did the only thing she could do And that was to stuff her dream so far down she'd never be able to find it again But dreams aren't easily forgotten And do you know what the cruelest thing of all is When you have had the fairy tale for a few short moments and it is swept from beneath your feet Jennifer's fairy tale has turned to ashes and now she lives with her decisions Decisions she knows will haunt her for the rest of her lifeBut at least she has secured her sister's and her future that should be enough rightYet it kills her and every night she thinks about what could have been what should have been something beautiful between her prince and herAnd then one day Prince Erik shows up in her life againShe hardly dares to believe it but deep down something tells her that maybejust maybe her dreams can come trueThis is Book 24 in the series A Scandalous Royal Love StoryA HIGHLY addictive seriesRead at your own risk There will be cliffhangersBook 3 The continuation of A Scandalous Royal Love Story The Prince and I book 3 NOW AVAILABLEWHAT READERS ARE SAYING ABOUT THIS #1 BEST SELLING SERIESThis is than CinderellaI read all of the books in two daysOne of the greatest books I have ever readScintillatingLight Romantic and Sexy readYou cannot miss reading this bookWOW I loved this bookCan't wait to see what happens nextOne of the Best series I have ever readTruly hookedA very well written book that left me wanting It's Pretty Woman meets Prince Charming and you are on every wordMarilyn wastes no time creating an atmosphere for the fairytale she promisesWhat a mesmerizing book I couldn't put this book downI would encourage anyone to read this bookI love this series I couldn't put it down

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About the Author: Marilyn Cruise

Ever since she can remember Marilyn has been a believer in the happily ever after When she started writing professionally in 2013 her books were received with great enthusiasm and uickly became bestsellers on Today she continues to delight her readers with steamy modern fairytales stories that will captivate you to the very last page