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Frat Boys Baby Preuel Frat Boys Baby #05 The introduction of the Frat Boys as they are before leaving school Greg and Brendan are the only established couple in Trust Fund Baby book one of the series and I really liked getting to know them Both men deeply love and care for the other Brendan wants to step in and fix everyone's problems but Greg knows that Brendan will once again set aside school to take care of him at the cost of his dreams There is no way Greg will allow that to happen I loved how the guys immediately rally together to help While this preuel isn't necessary to the rest of the books I'd highly recommend it as I found it enhanced my enjoyment The first book in series is Trust Fund Baby Greg and Brenden are in love and trying to do what is best for the other They find they should trust in each other and friends and family This is not one of my favorites It is okay though I usually love all his books As a preuel goes it is not the worst not the best A Ballet dancing omega hides his pregnancy and loss of dance scholarship via a long distance romance It is a little contrived The series in general seems good so don't judge the whole thing by one little novelette This is a sweet romance involving a paranormal pregnancy All relationships face hurdles but how you deal with them gives an indication of how strong your love is for your partner A great introduction to a group of men who will certainly steal your heart Greg has been dancing his whole life struggling to make up for his mother’s mistakes He’s managed to get a good position in a New York ballet school with the love and support of his high school sweetheart Brendan But a baby on the way could mean the end of not only his dreams but Brendan’s tooBrendan is only just getting back on track to medical school after giving up his life to take care of his little sister after his parents were killed After three years he was worried that Sigma Alpha Omega wouldn’t feel like home any but the bonds of brotherhood are stronger than everWhen Brendan finds out that Greg is pregnant he believes that the only answer is to drop everything Luckily for them there are than a few people willing to do whatever it takes to help them both and make them part of the family of the Brothers of Sigma Alpha OmegaIn this hot and steamy short two men struggle with adjusting to an unexpected pregnancy Can they learn the real meaning of family before it’s too late

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