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Kevin Members From Money #39 A sexy accidental marriage romance by Katie Dowe of BWWM Club Now 13 longer After a night of drinking and partying Imani Duncan wakes up to the unthinkable She’s now married to someone she’s only met the night before To make things worse the man is no other than billionaire Kevin Thorpe of Thorpe Financials And they are forced to stay together to avoid a scandal As time goes on Kevin realizes that he is starting to feel something for the beautiful and vivacious Imani But Imani doesn’t want to settle down and is drifting further and further away from his grasp Can he convince Imani to stay with him Or will love find a way to convince her instead Find out in this emotional yet sexy romance by Katie Dowe of BWWM Club Suitable for over 18s only due to sex scenes so hot you'll start wishing for your own billionaire husband

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    Pleasant surpriseNot a surprise as far as the premise went; but a surprise in the development of this unlikely pairing The first few chapters had me busting up at the incredibly stupid antics of Imani Kevin Oh God I coul

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    Another Great ReadKevin and Imani was thrown together after a night of drinking and ended up married but didn't remember a thing They had to endure so much drama inside and outside their marriage From an ex not excepting t

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    Kevin Another great read from Katie Dowe in her series Men from Money Kevin and Imani meet in Vegas over drinks They wake up the next day married Kevin realizes he has put himself and his father's company in jeopardy if he t

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    Kevin An Accidental Marriage Romance Members From Money Book by Katie DoweKevin has an interesting story line two people meet at a party get drunk and get married Simple get a divorce but in the billionaire world easy said t

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    KevinI love Kevin and he should have been treated better Imaniwas all about herself and she has to menu issues but I loved Kevin is what women should look for in a man kind considerate devoted and loving I put him up there with

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    I liked Kevin and Imani's accidental marriage romance story It was interesting to read about the couple and the reasons as to why they continued with the marriage I liked how they progressed as a married couple the relationship wa

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    An accident turned into a fatefilled love relationshipThis story took me by surprise as Kevin and Imani found themselves married after a night of drinking and having fun To say their marriage was fraught with many challenges pains m

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    The relationship between Kevin and Imani was a story that was so realistic than any other movie or book I've read The ups and downs of their accidental love affair was so realistic that I thought I was listening to a friend talk about

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    39 and still going strongI have read all 39 books In the Members From Money series I have enjoyed all the stories some than others Katie Dowe takes the characters and the storyline and they become 3 D they are always jumping off the p

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    The plot was good but the story ran a bit slow and I do not know if it was my style of romance I found both of the characters were a bit too closed off and immature for my liking but I did like the fact that they showed how marriage is a

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