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Raising a Screen Smart Kid For parents who didn't grow up with smartphones but can't let go of them now expert advice on raising kids in our constantly connected world Most kids get their first smartphone at the same time that they're experiencing major developmental changes Making mistakes has always been a part of growing up but how do parents help their kids navigate childhood and adolescence at a time when social media has the potential to magnify the conseuences of those mistakes Rather than spend all their time worrying about the worst case scenario readers get a bigger picture understanding of their kids' digital landscape Drawing on research and interviews with educators psychologists and kids themselves Raising a Screen Smart Kid offers practical advice on how parents can help their kids avoid the pitfalls and reap the benefits of the digital age by using social media to enhance connection with friends and family instead of following strangers and celebrities which is a predictor of loneliness and depression finding online support and community for conditions such as depression and eating disorders while avoiding potential triggers such as #Thinspiration Pinterest boards learning and developing life skills through technology for example by problem solving in online games while avoiding inappropriate contentWritten by a public health expert and the creator of the popular blog Rants from Mommyland this book shows parents how to help their kids navigate friendships bullying dating self esteem and online

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    This was a really well researched digestible book with actionable strategies for helping your kid navigate social media Although I'm a few years away with my kids I have some anxiety about what will happen when they get their own phones and this book gave me a totally different and much needed perspec

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    If you’ve ever wished you had a sensible friend with your best interest at heart AND the expertise to explain how teenage brains experience our digital world well now you do Thank you to the publisher for sending me an advance copy of this book It’s helped me to face The Fear I feel for my kids every time

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    Great book with solid practical advice for parents to help their kids navigate and stay safe in today's digital world

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    My son recently discovered Minecraft We have had a number of unnerving conversations about the various uses for rotten flesh He has built a hotel and enchanted a number of pigs He is 6 years old I was not prepared Three years ago I left my corporate job as a technical writer and became an instructor at a community college In al

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    This book is a MUST READ for parents today Not only is it practical and full of interesting social history but it's also hilarious I am definitely a member of the last analog dinosaurs While my little ones do not have phones yet I feel prepared now for when they doThank you Tarcher Perigee for providing me with an advanced copy It is a

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    Holy shit this book I'm so lucky to have scored an advance copy First? I don't feel judged Zero judgment How many parenting books can you say THAT about? Second? So engaging Julie mixes in witty anecdotes with all the factual statistical action so your eyes don't roll back in your head by the seventh bar graph Third? REAL ACTIONABLE ADVICE In su

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    I always have misgivings about rating a book when the author and I have overlapping social circles but there you go I do not know her but she's a local and FaceBook keeps suggesting her to me as a friend even before I checked out this book We have 3 or 4 mutual FB acuaintancesThe first 3 chapters of this book were hideously dull but it got better Honestl

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    This book is about how the digital age is affecting our kids and how to manage it as a parent I can’t even put well to words the sensation as I have been reading it It reminds me of the “Home Advisor” commercials where someone asks their neighbor for a home repair recommendation and then expects that person to do all the research and get back to them That i

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    While other books about technology and kids focus on all the bad things that could happen if you even have your child look at a screen Raising a Screen Smart Kid takes a much balanced approachAuthor Julianna Miner acknowledges that children use their phonesscreens for a reason and rather than forbid these technologies parents should rather inform themselves about these n

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    As many of these narratives in this book illustrate for tweens and teens there is no distinction between online life and in person life There are ways however for adults to “mentor” rather than “monitor” to help keep their kids safe happy and responsible Using a perfect blend of narratives hard research and welcome takeaways this book offers practical advice on how to help

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